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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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Grand Campaign Guide

Close Combat 5 Grand Campaign Guide

Managing your operations and campaigns are almost as intense as the battles you will play. The strategic level to this game implements supply routes, weather conditions, available support and a number of other challenges to overcome. This guide is meant to be a general outline of how a campaign can be played successfully by using commonly accepted rules and settings as well as explaining the underlaying mechanics of how a campaign operates.

1. Where to play?

Close Combat 5's most popular avenue to meet players is GameRanger. Weekdays and weekends you will see anywhere between 5 and 25 people playing.

2. Choosing an Opponent

Grand campaigns take a considerable amount of time to finish. Weeks, months and sometimes a year or more is required to play a game through. Even to play a campaign to the point where a winner is obvious can take time. Choose your opponents by the level of commitment they offer. Also take into account how much time they may spend online, their time zone or country.

3. Deciding on the Rules

Rules are a very important part of this game. Rules must be set out in stone before playing the 1st match and are never up for review unless both parties agree. The following is a list of the most common rules for a campaign.

Actions After Game Crash

  1. Players will replay the entire battle.
  2. Players will reload the battle and recapture ground and VLs captured without engaging each other.Reccomended Rule
  3. Players will reload the battle and recapture ground and VLs captured and recreate each others losses. Losses must be agreed upon prior to starting the battle. Reccomended Rule
  4. Multiplayer Campaigns - Use any rule above with one exception. Players only get three chances to finish the battle. Reccomended Rule

Victory Location Deploy Rule

  1. Players can deploy anywhere on the map they wish.
  2. Units can only be deployed in areas which are connected to a Victory Location directly only. Diagonally connected deployment zones are considered out of bounds. See this example. Reccomended Rule
  3. Using rule two with the exception that diagonally connected squares are good to deploy in, as long as they connect back to a VL. When moving units diagonally during combat this is how terratory is naturally cleared. Reccomended Rule

Unit Limits

  1. No limits on any game units.Reccomended Rule
  2. Example Only - Vehicle limit of five points. Wheeled vehicles are 0.5 points, medium tanks one point and heavy tanks 1.5. Using this formula you can take a variety of units but their cost can not equal more than five points.


  1. No reinforcements for either side. (A game bug enables German reinforcement)
  2. One reinforcement per Allied Battlegroup. Battlegroups that are reinforced must be recorded. The best way to record them is to post them in a forum. If players have agreed to use the full disclosure rule, the Allied player should notify his opponent when he reinforces. Reccomended Rule
  3. Set limit on how many time you can reinforce. In certain mods and campaigns that are highly imbalanced this could be feasable. 

Full Disclosure

  1. Players may view each others battlegroup forcepools. The viewing must be done before any players clicks Next.Reccomended Rule
  2. No viewing of opposite forcepools permitted. Regular 5.01 and some mods do include a feature to measure your opponents firepower. This table is extracted from the manual.

    American and German Battle Groups also show a star or cross above them. The colour of this icon displays the approximate relative firepower of each Battle Group.

    Green Strong AT and AP
    Yellow Moderate AT and strong AP
    Orange Moderate AT and AP
    Red Weak AT and moderate AP
    Black Very weak AT and weak AP


4. Recommended Game Settings

  • 15 minute time limit
  • Morale Off
  • Never act on initiative
  • Two minute warning
  • After taking all victory location

5. Player's Pre & Post Battle Procedures

Saving Game & Continuing to Next Battle

  • The host shall save the game immediately after each battle. It is advised to save the game each time using incrementing numbers.
  • Following the battle after both players have viewed results, the host shall press Command. The Next button should never be used to continue to the next battle. Clicking next will corrupt forcepool data and is irreversible.
  • While proceeding through battle group movement, execution and next battle strategic screens, the host shall always wait for his opponent to catch up before advancing to the next phase.
  • After pressing Execute you must play the first battle before saving the game again. Saving the game after Execution to play at a later time will cause deployment errors to occur. Always play the first battle after execution!

6. Supply & Reinforcements, Road Network, Weather and Support

Supply & Reinforcements

  • Major Supply Depots (three barrel) provide reinforcements as well as supply to any Battlegroup connected by the road networks. Battlegroups not connected to a major supply depot will not be able to reinforce.
  • Supply will not travel through any contested map.
  • Minor Supply Depots (single barrel) provide ammunition and fuel only to the map it is located on. Captured single barrel supply depots only supply fuel to the unit occupying the map. Single Barrels do not work in some mods. Do not include these depots as objectives while playing mods without checking first to see if they are operational.
  • Road Network

  • Controlling the road network is the fastest way to complete victory. Battlegroups that have more maneuverability have a number of advantages to them. They can retreat to a map of their choice, they can encircle the enemy, have the ability to cut off supply routes and overall, whoever can move to more maps controls the battlefield. Your objectives should be more focused on the roads rather than the high point Victory Locations.
  • Weather

  • Weather must be taken into consideration when employing vehicles. Rainy weather will turn dirt roads into mud and make maneuvering very difficult.
  • Stormy weather will downgrade all Allied supply depots on the beach maps in Invasion Normandy 5.01.
  • Support can be affected by the weather. Clearer weather enables more support to be available.
  • Storms last three days. Take this into account if you monitoring your opponents use of support.
  • Support

  • Each morning all available support should be placed. Even if you don't think you will need it, place it anyway as insurance. If you end up not needing it do not use it and it will become available again for the afternoon round.
Reccomended GC Settings
Reccomended GC Settings
Invasion Normandy Strategic Map
Invasion Normandy Strategic Map
Gold Juno Sword Strategic Map
Gold Juno Sword Strategic Map
Stalingrad Strategic Map
Stalingrad Strategic Map
Afrika Strategic Map
Afrika Strategic Map
Firepower Indication
Firepower Strength Indication

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