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Troop Lift
Stacking BGs
Bridge Blowing


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Mod Installation - Kreta


Make a full install of Close Combat 4 Battel of the Bulge to your harddrive, into the default folder. (C:/Program Files/Close Combat IV)

Close Combat 5 Full Install


STEP 2 Download the following file from CCS:

  • CloseCombatIVPatch2.exe

    Run the 4.02 patch. Verify the patch installed correctly by opening the game and checking the upper left corner for 4.02.

    Close Combat 4 4.02


    STEP 3

    Download the following file from CCS:

    CfgIV27.zip - This is Config Manager v2.7. Its used to install plugins into Close Combat 4.

    Unzip CfgIV27.zip into "C:/Config Manager" If the folder does not already exist, create it. Refer to the image below to what Config Manager should look like on your harddrive after its unzipped.

    Config Manager Install Location


    STEP 4

    Download the following file from CCS:

  • CC4_Kreta_plugins_v1.0.zip

    These are the plugin files for Kreta 1.0. Unzip this files into "C:/Config Manager/plugins". Refer to the picture below for proper folder and file structure.

    Location of Kreta Plugins


    STEP 5

    Download the following file from CCS:

  • CC4_Kreta_mappack.zip 

    Unzip this files contents into "C:/Program Files/Close Combat IV/Maps". This file contains all 43 maps for Kreta..

    Location of Kreta maps after unzipping


    STEP 6

    You are now ready to install the mod using Config Manager 2.7. Run the file "C:/Config Manager/CfgIV27.exe". Once open you should see a number of plugins ready to install. The main plugin to get started right away is "CCIV Kreta v1.0." Right click that plaugin and select "install."

    Installing Kreta


    As long as you followed every step properly you will be ready to play Close Combat 4: Kreta.

    These optional files present may be installed only after installing the main plugin.

  • Greekvoices - This plugin changes the voices to the Greek language.

  • Creforce Vetmod - The Creforce AI has been modified to make the Creforce more difficult to attack .

  • German Vetmod - The German AI has been modified to make it more difficult to play as Creforce.

  • CCIV Kreta NO CD - This plugin will replace the CC4.exe file enabling you to play without the CD, you must read the instruction included in the main zip file before installing.

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    Published on: 2009-02-18 (6164 reads)

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