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Close Combat for iPad

Great idea!
Not for me


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Thank you for taking an interest in contributing to CCS. The creators of this site are dedicated to supporting the Close Combat community. Specifically, our primary goal is to promote and facilitate more players to play Close Combat on and offline. We do this by creating guides, participating in forums and providing a place to download Close Combat mods. Since the sites inception, we have had over 15,000 players and modders join up from over 90 countries. Please be assured that this site is in no way donation dependant, nor will it ever be. It is privately sponsored by members in the community. Your donation is simply a way to say thank you for our services, and to the community for thier contributions. The donations are applied fully and directly to the bill that we pay every year.!

Sincerely, MOOXE

In August of 2004, Zappi, Homba, Bambam887, RedScorpion and MOOXE all pitched
in to create this Close Combat site. I would to thank all the people who have visited and
found this site to thier liking. I hope you had time to check out some of the great Close Combat
mods and our forums. I'd also like to thank all the members of our volunteer staff that have
helped over the years, and all our users that contributed to this site!