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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Category: Main -> Close Combat Cross Of Iron -> Mods
 Battle of the Scheldt 
 Commonwealth Summer Commonwealth Summer (CS) focuses on the British 21st Army Group's fighting in Normandy from D-Day (June 6) until the closing of the Falaise Gap in late August, 1944. CS features British, Canadian and Polish forces in a bitter struggle against the German Panzer divisions of Normandy.
 Der Ost Front 2 All DOF operations are based on actual historical operations fought in different seasons of WW2. The 41 DOF Campaign Operations use 115 maps including all the original CC3 maps. 36 operations are attacked both ways on 18 map sets. DOF Campaign OPs are ALL 15 day, 5 map Operations. In a DOF style campaign I recently finished playing against a friend, there were over 9,000 dead and wounded and over 400 tanks destroyed in the combined German and Russian losses.
 Finland Mod 
 Great War 
 Greece Mod This is a mod that drops you into the struggle of the Italians vs the Greeks. This mod was contructed by Andima a few years ago but never released. Special thanks to Nikits72 for doing the voice acting.
 Grossdeutschland Now you to fight the campaign on the Eastern Front as a single unit, the infamous Grossdeutschland. Lead your Battle Group starting as a Regiment in the Barbarossa invasion of 1941, to the bitter end, as a Panzer Korps at Balga-Kahlholz.
 Kharkov The Kharkov – The Last German Victory campaign starts with the German troops enter Kharkov, the second largest city in the Ukraine, which had changed hands several times in the battle between the Russians and the invading German forces, and ends in 1943 with the Russians re-take and keep the battle beaten city for the final time later that summer. Kharkov – The Last German Victory is based on TT’s vetmod v1.2 and Grossdeutschland with new uniforms, sounds and explosions. Play with hero setting, timer set to 9 min and 100% players realism rating, the campaign can be played 1 player and H2H with both German and Russian teams.
 Poland 39 Great mod that changes everything in COI to the campaign in Poland in 1939. All new teams, graphics, and a great feel without the heavy tanks. Mod made by 7tpSul, and plugin made by Leaf1971.
 Real Romanians Romania had the biggest contingent of fighting troops of all German Allies on the Eastern front (as well as the biggest share of casualties) and was the only Axis Ally that managed to carry out operations independently. Additionally, Romanian troops were present in some areas of the South-Eastern front (e.g. Crimea, Kuban) in high percentages of all Axis troops. Romania changed sides in August 44 , which is due to game limitations not possible simulate. This mod lets you play those troops.
 West Front This mod depicts the Western Front conflict from June 1944 to May 1945. The mod replaces all Russian teams with British and U.S. forces. As well, German units have been altered to reflect the composition of Western Front forces. Many new German troops and vehicles have been added. There is one WF campaign called Assault on Europe.
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