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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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 Kreta - Maleme & Chania Sector 
   Individual Maps 
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 Rebellion on the Ardennes Nomada Firefox's Rebellion on the Ardennes mod. Based on a fictional idea of a rebellion among the german forces in the Ardennes after a total Nazi victory in the battle of the Bugle; a new campaign is set between January 1st to 16th of 1945 where former allies are pitted against each other.
 True Green The goal of True Green is to provide the maximum number of different units and teams, and to increase the games enjoyability, in a historically accurate fashion. Thus, there are more Tigers, King Tigers, and Jagdpanthers. Also, heavy mortars, Jagdtigers, Sturmtigers, hetzerflammen, wurframen, and flame Shermans have been put in at Veteran and below. I have edited the min.ranges and other data to try to make their employment as historically correct as possible.
 VetBoB The very popular VetBob mod for CC4 by TT, all versions included!
   Sub Mods 
 Winter War Winter War mod for CC4 by Moloch & Luer. In focus of this mod, the final days of the Winter war of 1940. New maps, new data - find everything you need here!
   Individual Maps 
   Sub Mods 
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