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Same basic idea as a Recoiless Rifle.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 3:26 pm Post subject: ”Special” Swedish weapons

I will here try to list the”Special or unlike or Odd” weapons that was used in Sweden in 1944. I will try to add some weapons now and then.

First we have the Swedish AT Rifle, its named Pvg m/42 20mm.
The rifle is used by the gunner much in the same way as a bazooka, placed on the shoulder.
The Pvg m/42 is NOT a rocket weapon as the Germans and Americans bazooka type version.
This is a hand held canon, yes sort of a canon, it has a large cartridge and to reduce the recoil, 2/3 (66%) of the energy went out the breach, and 1/3 of the force propelled the projectile. This give the weapon a ZERO recoil. The sound when the 2/3 of the cartridge energy blow out backwards is huge, totally impossible to replicate in a computer, in the mod I have the 17 Pdr sound to “replicate” it. The weapon is maybe the best “at rifle” during WW2, but the armour penetration was not sufficient for mid-late tanks improved protection.
The penetration is 40mm at 100 meters. The velocity is 950 m/s.


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