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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  Topic: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy full version released!

Replies: 32
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PostForum: The Mess   Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:25 am   Subject: Re: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Demo is out!
I've played both CC and CM1 and CM2 all Shock Force versions - a lot. I can't wait for the Canadians et al in the next mod of CM2. For what it's worth here are my observations to some comments.

Dima wrote (View Post):
The more units one the map the harder to control them in real time. Sometimes I have problems to control 10.

that depends on skill, you know Wink.

Remember the Pause button - it is your friend ! I used to have an absolutely awful time with that same problem until I mastered the Pause button. Makes a HUGE difference - try it and see. Use the pause, review the areas you are concerned about, hit GO. It may change your opinion entirely.
Or else play the "We Go" version if it's hard for you to play rt with large groups of troops. Real life span of control is only about 1 leader to 5 troops/cops/firefighters/etc, which is why fire team leaders and section/squad/platoon 2 i/c's exist. I used to play nothing but the WeGo. It's great in the bigger scenarios with lots of troops - and it's pretty cool and useful to watch the units do their thing from different camera angles. It helps you to find which camera angle you find the one you like best too.

But the limit is not so unrealistic! Its realistic! In real life most of soldiers route or don't want to shoot at the emeny, so casualties in 2 hours battles are close to those "15 vs 15" in CC:) or the numbers are even less.

in ww2 times infantry battalion had like 500m front of attack. In CC we attack on 500m with companies maximum - that's not realistic and one of the reasons why we have so big casualties Smile.

The CC 15 a side limit does impose some ahistorical limits for its scale. So what ? It's a fun game anyhow and if it's scaled appropriately in the scenarios it works well enough, history and doctrine aside when playing DIY stuff.
CM2 does a better job of putting all of the troops on the ground but it's a much newer product and has more rough edges with it's editors. Over time, given the necessary support it'll be pretty good at doing what we as gamers want.

You cant in CMBN.

ahh, that's bad. I was referring to the old CMs.

Haven't done it lately so I can't comment.

And watch how your soldiers get slaughtered while trying to find the door and knock knock
well, i believe it was worse in old CMs and is definetly worse in LSA Smile.

Agreed with Dima entirely but you're far from wrong for new players.
It's very much a matter of working the tutorials. I got hammered several times using what I thought should work best. Practice helps, imagine that  Shocked  
My issue is and was the way the guys clear the rooms, especially in the early days of CMSF. I had guys potted in the back by bad guys I knew would be close to my entry point. Solution ? Pound the stuffing out of the entry side of the building first to ensure they are suppressed and sweep the room right after. Just like I was taught to do it live anyhow.

The fascinating thing is that new Combat Missions fans only write comments about the graphics. Its like their simple brains are reduced to watching 3d tanks models and nothing else  
Battlefront forum is depressing read lately. Almost no comments on gameplay, mechanics! Thats not the community I used to know when I was a CMx1 player. Things change they say.

i must say, that till now i generally liked what i've seen in demo - spotting, suppression and maneuvre works just fine Smile.

I accept that a lot of the players get caught up in the graphics but what I really like are the more realistic ways that things happen in the CM series. The graphics help you to accept the abstraction of time in the game system for things to happen. I like being able to shift teams around and redistribute ammo. I like sending a scout team instead of sacrificing an entire section or squad. I like the 3D environment instead of dragging a mouse around to see what is available for great cover. All that said, there will always be a place in my heart for the simplicity of a good scenario for CC, especially when time and tiredness preclude even thinking of a medium size CM2.

Btw, given that the old CM1 had the Cats vs Crocs (Panthers & ? vs Churchill Crocodiles) scenario available I strongly suspect that flamethrowers will become available at some point !
  Topic: A strange weapon?

Replies: 5
Views: 4921

PostForum: Modding Workshop   Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:18 am   Subject: Re: A strange weapon?
I think it's something quite a bit heavier than a 50mm guys.

Have a look at the 17th Sept log entry about para 7 starting with "as the 9th  Company". It specifically talks about the Bns' mixed mortar section and then specifically speaks of "the Hvy Trench Mortar". Given that the regular mortars are not referred to as "trench" mortars and a 50 mm is anything but heavy I think it must have been a WW 1 leftover put back into service. It also refers to the Hvy Trench mortar bombs ripping into the 3rd paras - not quite how most writers describe light mortar fire. It is possible it was one of the monsters though 7A_Woulf.


  Topic: Battle of the Scheldt has been released

Replies: 80
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PostForum: CC5 Battle of the Scheldt   Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:08 am   Subject: Re: Battle of the Scheldt has been released
Awesome ! I've been checking for this for ages. Thanks guys, very much appreciated.
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