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Are abandoned vehicles and guns lost or captured?

Lost if Captured


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:13 am Post subject: Scenario Editor and Campaigns. Reply with quote

I'm able to set up battles and operations. I'm not sure though how to put operations together to create campaigns. Any help to do this would be wonderful. I've been able to overhaul CC3's sound, replace tank graphics and add in extra maps but I'd really like to be able to make a really long campaign. A fifteen day operation is good but a 180 day one would be better :D

Thanks in advance.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:35 am Post subject: Re: Scenario Editor and Campaigns. Reply with quote

Customizing the Grand Campaign

Its possible to edit the GC [or any of the smaller campaigns] a number of ways by either altering the original Ops, replacing them with custom Ops or add custom Ops to them.

To edit the original campaign -

Make a copy of the entire CC3/Data/Camp_ops folder and archive it somewhere [or zip all the files therein. These 105kb Camp_op files zip down to a handy 7kb] Then move the files in the

CC3/Data/Camp_ops folder:

Roads to Moscow
Moscow Retaliates
Second Battle of Kharkov
Counter Stroke at Kharkov
Rattenkrieg Stalingrad
Last Stand at Stalingrad
Operation Star
Back Hand Blow
Dog Fight at Kursk
Counter Blow at Prokhorovka
Closing the Korsun Pocket
Relieving the Korsun Pocket
Bridgehead on the Vistula
Hermann Goring Attacks

to your CC3/Games/Battles folder. Open any of these and edit in the Scenario Editor to modify any/all of the parameters you normally would in SE [maps, map sequence, battle mode, barrage, rank, ammo levels, rarity, points per map, points per day, forces etc]. When finished, save as the default name, which will be the same as the original file name . When youre finished editing any/all
of the Camp Ops move them back to the CC3/Data/Camp_ops folder. Start a GC and play. Note this will affect any GCs you currently have underway. These can either be completed with the edited Ops or played in std fashion by reinstating the original set of CC3/Data/Camp_ops folder files you archived.

To add a custom Op to the GC - create the Op in Scenario Editor. Take care to set the parameters of the op to match the time period you'd like to the Op to model. Use the History button to view a timeline of the Grand Campaign. Name the new Op as desired. Save and move it from the CC3/Games/Battles folder to the CC3/Data/Camp_ops folder. Open the CC3/Data/Campaign/Grand Campaign
file in Notepad. Place the cursor immediately to the right of the standard Op youd like your custom Op to follow and hit the Return key to create a new line. Type in the name of your new Op, save the file and play. Again any GC in progress will be affected by these changes.

The shorter campaigns can be modified in much the same manner, only instead of adding a new Op name to the CC3/Data/Campaign/Grand Campaign file youll add it using Notepad to open that particular short Camp file.

Due to the amount of time it takes to test these edits I dont know how many new Ops can be added to the GC or even if there is a limit. Please advise if you happen to determine any limits or other twists to the method. This technique will be most welcome when we start adding new maps.

Close Combat's most infamous SOB
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Rep: 24.2
votes: 22

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:37 am Post subject: Re: Scenario Editor and Campaigns. Reply with quote


With credit due to Mick (xe5) and others who found out how the Campaign Editing works, here are basic techniques for editing your own campaigns.

The Folders of CC3

The Games/Battles folder contains the operations made with Scenario Editor, and show up in the CC3 screens as Custom Scenarios.  Any custom operation downloaded (as when you join an internet custom game) also shows up in this folder.

The Data/Camp_ops folder contains the operations used in the campaigns.  Originally, it contains the 16 historical operations that make up the Grand Campaign.  The other campaigns also use the same operations in varying amounts.  Any operation in this folder can be accessed by any campaign, including custom operations that are moved in by a Windows Explorer file tool.  Any change to an operation will affect any campaign that uses that operation. The operations used in campaigns have important differences from the operations accessible in "historical operations" play.  There are no assigned forces in campaign play, and the map points and the daily points are adjusted.  Usually, the first map has greatly increased points, enought to buy teams like the ones in the "historical operation."  (Of course, there is no way to make the AI buy those same teams.  Or is there...?)  Many more operations can fit in with the original 16, in my experience, without any problem, even if the operation is not currently part of a campaign.

The Data/Campaigns folder contains the 15 campaigns.  The names of these campaigns cannot be changed, as the exe. of the game looks for them when starting.  Also, no names can be deleted, nor additional campaign files introduced.  All campaigns are actually exactly alike in how they work.  They all take up to 16 operations.  Each file can be opened with Notepad.  After the title, year and subtitle, the operations are listed in chronological order.  If new operations are available in the Data/Camp_ops, entering the names in a campaign notepad will cause that campaign to use it.

   Example:  The campaign, "Achtung Panzer!" originally has just 2 operations, Second Battle of Kharkov and Counter Stroke at Kharkov.    (These show up in the Grand Campaign after Moscow Relatliates and before Rattenkrieg Stalingrad.)   Use Scenario Editor to produce a 1942 operation entitled, "Inside Kharkov," that will be used in between the originals. (You may use any map, original or custom)   Do not assign forces to this operation, only map points or daily points (for multi-day operation).  Assigning victory locations, barrage, 1st deployment zones, etc. would be the same as for any custom operation.  Design the operation keeping in mind that forces from the 1st operation will carry over into this one.  Then, exit CC3 and call up Windows Explorer.  Open the Games/Battle folder, copy or move the "Inside Kharkov"  file into the Data/Camp-ops folder.  Then select the Data/Campaigns folder, right-click on Achtung Panzer!, and "open with" Notepad.   After the line, "Second Battle of Kharkov" return and type "Inside Kharkov."  Save and exit.  Go back to CC3 and choose play a game, historical campaigns.  When you choose Achtung Panzer! it should now say 3 operations.  Playing the campaign will reveal the operation.

   Other Notes:

   Although the 16 operation limit can be exceeded, it is not advisable to go past 18.  It crashed on 20, and there seemed to be some problems  before then.   Only brief experimenting was done, and I do not know about the stats (kills, medals) and how that translates.

   Operations can be added to an ongoing campaign.   If the current operation is not finished, then it is possible to  add an operation at the end, otherwise it must be after the next one.  (Ex: In above edited Achtung Panzer!, you finish Second Battle of Kharkov and start playing Inside Kharkov.  You may still add an operation after Inside K and before Counter Stroke.  However, if you finish Inside K, you must add after Counter Stroke.)

   If an operation with assigned forces is moved and used by a campaign, the forces will not show up on the requisition screen, only requisition points.  The exact points available are dependent upon the famous formula (expected forces, map points, difficulty, etc).

   Of course, all maps (including custom maps) must be installed to be used.  Any map that works with the game may be used in an operation for a campaign with this method.

   The Free Deploy operations only work as single-day.  The borders revert back after the first truce.  However, using them as single-day operations in a campaign works very well.  (Ex: A series of Free Deploy operations can simulate the repeated infiltration and reclaiming of territory in Stalingrad.  The fighting over and over moved back and forth in history, and can be simulated by stringing together different small deployment zones.)

   Only the first operation is assured of applying the map pts of the 1st day.  If expected force strength is exceeded, the player only receives the 50 points for operation start.  The map points are used in the calculation of points awarded on subsequent days, however, and care must be taken when assigning them.

   A "set-up" operation may be used in the start of a campaign to save assigned forces by initiating the campaign over a connection and having the other player pick forces designated.  Then the saved campaign can be continued solo-play with the desired enemy forces.

I hope this is a help, as campaign play is much better than single operations.  Also, all those custom maps can be used this way.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.
Your comrade,

Close Combat's most infamous SOB
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Rep: 31.6
votes: 2

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:44 am Post subject: Re: Scenario Editor and Campaigns. Reply with quote

Wonderful! Thank you very much!

I'll have to have an experiment with this tomorrow :)

Thank you again for such a detailed explanation.
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Rep: 31.6
votes: 2

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:19 pm Post subject: Re: Scenario Editor and Campaigns. Reply with quote

It worked nicely!

Thank you again for the detailed explanation.
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