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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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Rep: 7.9

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2016 8:56 pm Post subject: mod conversion to LSA Reply with quote

is anbody planing on porting these great mods to LSA? I just loce the new accurace mechanics implemented there. plus the strategic options are supirior!
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Rep: 26.9

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 2:27 pm Post subject: Re: mod conversion to LSA Reply with quote

I'm thinking of doing at least one in LSA, taking advantage of the Bridge situations...

Otherwise, I don't see much reason to convert from TLD, which is the gold standard right now, IMO.

I don't like Pitf, and I've been holding off on Gwtc... ugh
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Rep: 7.9

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 4:01 pm Post subject: Re: mod conversion to LSA Reply with quote

I think the gold standard needs to be thought over again. imho allone this fact makes LSA the better game:

Something different in LSA from previous versions is how suppression affects accuracy.

here is a quote from Steve (at Matrix) explaining the difference:

"Prior to LSA, base accuracy was generally quite high and almost every shot any soldier took was a hit of some sort. This was compensated for by jacking up the terrain protection values so that the terrain would protect the target from most hits unless the accuracy of the hit was high (what is called 'critical' or 'good' in the notes above).

The main change in LSA (and on into future versions) is that aiming is now the main factor in accuracy. Troops that are suppressed (or worse) will tend not to aim (or lose their aim if they come under fire) resulting in low chance to hit beyond point blank range. This means that shots actually miss now, and terrain protection values can be dialed back to realistic levels since it no longer has to compensate for unrealistic accuracy ratings."

And another of Steve's quotes: "The chance to hit is lower in LSA and subsequent titles since aiming and soldier skill are more important factors than the inherent weapon accuracy from weapons.txt."


in my opttion this makes combat a lot more realistic and fun!

Also, the startegic options have increased in LSA as well. you now can have 2 battle groups per map, whcih opens up totoally new strategies and movemnt tacticsm

Dont hofd off GtC its a great close comabt. just a littel boring because it has not been modded yet. i wish some of the modders would dedicate more time to this title. i heard it was harder to modd. but just modding more unit diversity and balancing some states would make GtC stand out. trust me i have played all CC games and the GtC has a lot of potential. in fact i think PiTF also has potential.
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Rep: 26.9

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:41 am Post subject: Re: mod conversion to LSA Reply with quote

Years later,

PITF seemed like it was a developer's experiment. "Hey guys, let's make a bunch of insignificant changes, update some functionality, create a sleek new interface, and throw in a gimmick feature (fog)...and then we'll see if they buy it!". I found it to be mediocre and boring. And not just because it follows the stale trend being set in France 1944. It just felt like a fancy, tank-heavy mod; not a new game.

Now, Gateway to Caen was a refined experience. It actually felt like a game with improved AI and a challenging strat map, though the choice of setting was largely derivative, especially if you consider the popularity of the GJS mod among the CC community. The overlap between the two is hard to miss.

As for your points about LSA and suppression/accuracy, I haven't noticed much of what Steve stated. I have noticed that soldiers seem safer in certain types of cover and don't get slaughtered as easily (in GJS and Rhineland 45), but I didn't notice it so much in LSA. The CC experience really comes down to how one manipulates the data. There is only so much that can be done with the base game engine, as I think Steve and the devs have found out. That's partly why mods are so important to this game.

I think LSA is an excellent game, and a worthy CC title. I agree that stacking BGs and using one to supplement the other is a nice strategic option. But overall I consider TLD a better standard for porting and creating mods on. It's simply much more stable. Besides, there are excellent mods for CC5 and CC4 classic that have never been ported or updated. Some players write them off simply because they were created on an older version of the game. That's unfortunate. With a good GC, I find a mod like Afrika 40-41 to be just as entertaining as Gateway to Caen or LSA (though blowing up bridges is really cool).
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Rep: 100.3
votes: 15

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:28 am Post subject: Re: mod conversion to LSA Reply with quote

LSA is better than TLD from a features perspective but there are some real challenges to moving a mod from CC5/WAR/TLD to LSA.

The graphic files were cleaned up and old unused images removed. Sounds good on the surface but those images were in the older mod files and removing them/renumbering all the graphic file reference in the data files is a lot of work.

The data file for the BG force pool was completely changed requiring every BG force pool to be redone. Also the size of the force pool in LSA determines how many units a BG can field thus a small force pool in a previous mod did not have an immediate impact but does in LSA affecting play balance.
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