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Close Combat Series -> CC5 Stalingrad

#101: Re: Angriff Author: Stwa PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:07 pm
Stwa wrote (View Post):
The options for the producers were as follows: Use smaller maps, re-code the AI, or attract multi players back to the CC franchise. Using smaller maps is not an option because in so doing you break the campaign game. But if you use large maps, that breaks the AI. So, the only solution left is more multi players.

So what about the third option: attract multi players back to the CC franchise.

So Matrix was not very active with option 1 and 2. Why? Because those options would cost them money. But with option 3, Matrix could do a lot and not spend a dime.

Here is a interesting topic, where Steve McClaire tells a fan that CC is not marketed to single players insinuating CC is not intended for single players. This is a good way to get more multi players, by just confusing single player wannabees with BS.  

I always play pc game single-player. The CC games are sold as single-player games. But I think they are not good single-player games. And so I feel that I waste my money (these games are not cheap). -CC single player fan

#102: Re: Angriff Author: dj PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:07 am
How does using smaller maps "break the campaign game"?

CC is expensive and is basically a waste of $ if you are expecting even a half-baked game vs AI.  It has kind of been lie for many years now with false promises of "improved AI" when the AI still sucks or sucks even worse than the prior release.  I just buy CC when it's on sale now.

#103: Re: Angriff Author: Stwa PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:58 am
Hey DJ,

Well, it is just a guess on my part.

But it seems some campaign games may rely on a larger map to produce a bottleneck or an area within the campaign to stall the advance of the attackers, and the attackers my spend several days attacking or battling back and forth on a single map.

With smaller maps, the AI might perform better, but the AI has no memory, so the human player might be able to roll the AI off the map, where the campaign expects there to be a protracted battle. This would probably make the campaign not so neat.

Close Combat Series -> CC5 Stalingrad

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