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#1: A great new venue for CC multiplayer!.. "Tunngle" Author: Pzt_CrackwiseLocation: Switzerland PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:43 pm
Here I will show a new method for multiplayer CC gaming (all CC games except PitF and GtC, i.e. those with TCP/IP connection option can be played with this method)

But first, just an overview of what we have now and the associated problems:

For those people who don't have router issues, Gameranger launches vanilla (umodded) games fine, but it fails to launch the modded games (e.g. Meuse mod for TLD). For people like me who are behind routers and have issues, Gameranger doesn't work at all and Hamachi was the only option until now, since it creates virtual IPs by simulating a LAN network connection. But I see now that the Hamachi software has become commercial, so that option is gone.

The solution:

I was looking for a free Hamachi-like gaming thing, which would allow us to bypass any firewall/router poblem and also let us play any mod in any CC game. And I came across Tunngle for that purpose! We have been playing with Pzt_Decoy (Barre), Ronson and Troger already on Tunngle for some time and it is actually quite convenient, we haven't had any connection issues so far and mods can be played as well!

Another nice thing about Tunngle is that it provides a lobby to chat with the players on it, and you can add friends to your friend list. The only downside is that it has lots of crappy ads and an overall annoying layout in its free version. But at the end, it does work better than all the other methods available that I know of.

Let me illustrate how you can play CC with Tunngle step by step:

1. You download and install the Tunngle software from their website:   http://www.tunngle.net/en/

2. You click the register button and create an account with your username (your CC nickname) and a valid email.

3. Log in to Tunngle.

4. In our case, we discovered that the lobby for Close Combat: First to Fight (a stupid FPS spin-off) is always empty and nobody else uses it other than us. So we use this lobby as our venue. To join it, write Close Combat in the Network Search box and enter. Double click the CC First to Fight lobby to join it.

5. Tunngle works like Hamachi in the sense that it allows people who are in the same game lobby to be connected as if they are on a LAN network. Thus, it makes it possible to use TCP/IP connection with the virtual Tunngle IPs.  You will see your virtual IP on the bottom left as shown in the example. You can get the IP of your opponent by right clicking their name and choosing the copy IP option.

6. Both you and your opponent launch the CC game manually. (In this example TLD) Go to the multiplayer screen and select Internet TCP option. When you host, you will see the IP address recognized by CC. If it is the same as your virtual Tunngle IP, you are good to go! The joiner will join the host's game by entering his Tunngle IP and then searching for games.

The host:

The joiner:

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#2: Re: A great new venue for CC multiplayer!.. "Tunngle&qu Author: mooxe PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:42 pm
Looks easier than Hamachi. Thanks for posting this.

#3: Re: A great new venue for CC multiplayer!.. "Tunngle&qu Author: ronsonLocation: England PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:09 pm
A great new way to play and it means that all the new mods for TLD etc. can be played easily, in fact once you get used to the site its probably as easy to play on Tunngle as it is via TCP. Plus it has a chat room so you can met new players and there's no hassle with firewalls etc.

Well done to Pzt_Crackwise for this brilliant find. Smile  so simple even I could manage it  Laughing


#4: Re: A great new venue for CC multiplayer!.. "Tunngle&qu Author: Pzt_CrackwiseLocation: Switzerland PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:18 pm
Guys I have moved to my new home in Germany and still could not manage to get internet connected. Hence, my absence the last couple of weeks. I hope we can catch up and continue the ongoing campaigns soon (once I have internet). Cheers!.. Wink

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