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#1: watching the google multiplay matchers . tik Author: tungstun PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:39 pm
hi im hoping to get into a couple off multiplayer games at the moment i carnt .
couple off things ive noticed .
cc is a historically correct game , hence as said the germans equipment armour tends to be better
troops tend to improve if you can keep them alive they fight better , the following game or when their next reused
and they tend to tire out you carnt just constantly move troops fast , ie were representing a actual bloke running with full kit over perhaps rough terrain , b even contantly moving them / walking can  get individual squad members winded/
themaps tend to represent the area the battles were fought over , going through hedgerows can disable tanks because the hedgerows in normandy were massive , but moving a tank on crawl tends to work better at bursting through /
theirs a game were tik says whats he doing the tank / it twisted its way through aa stone wall i guess the tank driver was as such demolising the wall before driving over it so he dident get stuck on it ?
and i guess to win over all one has to fight over open ground to the next  village etc , im still a little rusty aas ive not played cc for a while .
i guess if one wants particulaqr maps their used to be a battle generator so i guess maps could be made to suit ???  
and if tik and otheirs manage to as such get a group off multi players going then , games can be picked to play using dice a d10 can represent 10 players and a d30 can represent 30 games , so if my player number was 5 the d5 plays d8 on d17 map , i guess it wouldent be too difficult to sort something out along those lines ??/
sorry for the long post all and hope to get back on for a couple off games with you all  Smile

#2: Re: watching the google multiplay matchers . tik Author: TejszdLocation: Canada PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:10 am
Stone walls like small hedges (and sometime large depending on the game/mod, can be driven over with a risk of becoming stuck.

CC3/COI allowed for individual maps to be added to the map directory then battles can be created using the new maps with the editor. A point system is used along with historical availability for the time period to limit what players can use.

While CC4/5 and WAR/TLD/LSA/etc. have a strategic layer and only maps used within the strategic layer can have battles created for them in the editor (if they do not already exist). Historical availability for a BG at the time of the battle depicted is used to limit what players can use. The Matrix releases WAR/TLD display the point value but do not enforce it while LSA has a full point system with enforcement as an option.

Edit: all the above games support operations in addition to single battles which allows for some of the experience, fatigue and the quantity of troops/vehicles to come into play while taking much less time than a full campaign.

#3: Re: watching the google multiplay matchers . tik Author: vobbnobb PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:24 am

Close Combat Series -> Art of Combat

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