US Elections 2016
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#281: Re: US Elections 2016 Author: sod98 PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:01 pm
mick_xe5 wrote (View Post):
It stands to reason that the Daily Mail is the only MSM outlet exempt from dishing 'outright propaganda'.

What distinguishes this story from the vast majority of fake news is how well it dovetails with known facts, chief among which are Trump's irrational refusals to publicly accept, before today, that Russia hacked (hijacked?) our election process. Toss in his ongoing Putin bromance, his NATO comments, discrediting the CIA, a SecState nominee with offshore Russian business ties, senior campaign staff with serious Russian connections, generally doubling down his pro-Russian stance since Nov. 8th... The Trump dossier Buzzfeed released has all the earmarks of plausibility, down to the point where "grab 'em by the pussy" and golden showers can be seen as flip sides of the same tarnished coin.

Even Trump's birtherism fits the profile of an agent intent on disrupting our democracy at Putin's behest. The cosmic irony lurking over the horizon is that the chief propagator of the spurious assertion Obama is a fake American may turn out to be the fakest American of all.

The story falls apart on issues like Trumps Aid's travel arrangements to a country he could prove he hadn't been to - Passport. The same Aid's father was meant to own property and assets in Russia - someone else with the same name. No tie in. This story has been made by people with a few dollars to spare and no investigative skills and a history of mistakes. Maybe someone that doesn't like Trump - Cocaine Import Agency ( CIA ) - only a 2nd choice behind George Soro's. Keeping in mind it's only my speculation. People must be very scared and desperate of a Trump Presidency to go to these lengths. A bit like when Kennedy was in power - not that either Trump or Kennedy are anything alike.

Daily Mail as it's English but they to aren't exempt from printing rubbish.

#282: Re: US Elections 2016 Author: mooxe PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:07 pm

Should we start an Election 2020 thread?

Close Combat Series -> The Mess

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