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Close Combat Series -> The Mess

#1: Help with mods/plugins Author: GeneralSauce PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:05 am
Guys its been a long time since I tried to mess with switching out plugins and mods and i just dont have time to mess around with my computer like i used to.  Can someone just give a plain and simple explanation for the meanest understanding of how to, for example, on LSA, make use of the explosions plugin from GTC?   Or just how to use the mod swap function? Im sure its pretty simple, but i can't figure it out and with 2 little ones any spare moment i get i want to play and not figure stuff out.   The only set up im familiar with was the old CC3/4/5 mod swap utility.  It doesn't seem like these new ones work that way.  

In LSA Theres a folder called LSA mod installer.   How do i use this?  Not of the exec files do anything

or in TLD, theres a folder that says "mods"  but if you put the GTC file in  there nothing happens.

Any help is appreciated.

Close Combat Series -> The Mess

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