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#1: Steam Release & New Version 5.50.20 Author: TejszdLocation: Canada PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 4:39 pm
On the Matrix forum they have announced that TLD is now available on Steam;

They do have note for those who do not want the Steam version; "Important note for Matrix users. Close Combat: The Longest Day Matrix version will need to be uninstalled and installed again to get the improvements working."

While they do not mention any changes/features my guess is that this release includes the scaling options already available in LSA and WAR.

I'll try to the install later today once I get all the mods copied out. The full release package is labelled v5.50.20 and is smaller than the original. I assume that, like WAR, they removed the classic version so copy that somewhere before doing the uninstall.

#2: Re: Steam Release & New Version 5.50.20 Author: TejszdLocation: Canada PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 10:54 pm
After uninstalling and reinstalling TLD you copy the ClassicCC5 directory back under TLD and create a shortcut.

To create a shortcut do the following;
Start Windows Explorer
Go to your TLD installation directory
Right click on the right side of Windows Explorer and select New / Shortcut
Click Browse, point at the file CCE.EXE and click the OK button
Type in your shortcut name and click on the Finish button
Right click on the newly created shortcut file with the name you typed in above
Select Properties
Click on the Target entry field and add at the end " /D" along with the mods folder " classicCC5"

Note: I renamed the ClassicCC5 folder/directory to Mod_CC5Classic before setting up the shortcut and taking the image below;

Shortcut Properties.jpg
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Shortcut Properties.jpg

#3: Re: Steam Release & New Version 5.50.20 Author: chessmasterLocation: Antwerp and Ghent PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:44 pm
What is that scaling option anyway?

And no bug or game improvements?

#4: Re: Steam Release & New Version 5.50.20 Author: TejszdLocation: Canada PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 8:39 am
The scaling options help on resolution monitors;

Scale UI (in battle)
• Turns on User Interface graphic scaling when in battle (squad pictures, support icons, etc.) by 2.0 x the original size

Scale Front End
• This option increases/scales the front end user interfaces (Main Screen, BG Screen, Scenario Editor, etc. all which do not have a map background) by 1.5 x the original size. This makes them bigger on screen but hurts image quality slightly as every 2 dots must be merged to add 1 new dot that is not in the original image.

Obey DPI
• this is a Windows setting to scale things based on the Dots Per Inch. 100% means 1 to 1, 200% means each graphic image dot would use 2 dots on the monitor/screen doubling its size. Haven't tested this so I do not know what in the game scales based on DPI. Note: since this is a Windows setting everything in Windows that obeys DPI will have its size changed. To make it work in game you must change the Windows setting from 100% to something else and turn on the Obey DPI option.

There is no mention of any other changes.


Lock Mouse
- if you run a in window the mouse will be locked to the app/screen and scroll the map screen when you move to the edge instead of switching to Windows or another app.

Close Combat Series -> Close Combat The Longest Day

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