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#1: Small Maps/Back to Basics Mods In Development Author: FreeKing PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 5:03 pm
True to type on my other productions, I've started development of my small maps mod for The Longest Day. You guys already know the details about my design philosophy and changes on those. Expect the same treatment for Wacht am Rhein and Cross of Iron, as well.

The second announcement is a unit and gameplay mod for all of the games, excluding The Bloody First (honestly, I'm not much of a fan of that one, and I don't want to put in the effort to learning how to mod it, if it can even be modded on this level), where I'm going to be changing the elements, units and weapon data to better match the Close Combat 2 gameplay style, with historical accuracy, with the below as a focal point, and starting with The Longest Day:

    -Terrain Elements Data That Closely Resembles, and is Based On, A Bridge Too Far's Elements Data
    -Historical Squad and Vehicle Composition
    -Historical Division and Battlegroup Composition (Not necessarily what was actually in the field for those units, but based on historical unit organization and what an infantry platoon, for example, was outfitted with)
    -Historical Weapon Range and Penetration
    -Historical Vehicle Speed and Armor Thickness
    -Historical Blast Radius for All Explosives

I've discovered that A Bridge Too Far was the perfect storm of the small maps, the coding of the terrain elements and the weapons data. Obviously, a missing element was a much better designed soldier morale system (it didn't suffer from the whole girlie soldiers thing), so I suppose there isn't much I can do about that in the new games and re-releases. Back then, given the infancy of multiplayer, the game was designed with an emphasis on single player, a design focus that is not present with the new Close Combat titles and re-releases.

This has been my quest from the inception of the small maps mods - to redesign the Close Combat series and bring it back to its roots. A hectic, action packed firefight, and more importantly, bringing the singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay back to its predecessor, A Bridge Too Far, from which the holy grail of the series was achieved (All Hail A Bridge Too Far).

Until the next update,


#2: Re: Small Maps/Back to Basics Mods In Development Author: Bendit PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 2:58 am
Sounds fascinating FreeKing. Love what your small maps mods do for gameplay. I look forward to seeing what comes of this noble undertaking.

Close Combat Series -> Close Combat The Longest Day

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