LSA Vehicle repair - does it work?
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#1: LSA Vehicle repair - does it work? Author: GameRat PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:17 pm
Recently playing the "Breakout" Operation in LSA GJS 9.4 ... and can confirm 100 percent for sure that the Vehicle repair feature does work.

During a battle ... I had a Tiger II immobilized on a road by a 17 pdr ATG. The Tiger II and 17 pdr exchanged a few more rounds each, but the Tiger II prevailed ... knocking out the 17 pdr.
Over the course of the same, above mentioned, battle ... I also had a Tiger I immobilized while "Moving" through a treed area.

Looking at this Battle Group next turn ... the Tiger II was repaired and came back, but the Tiger I didn't get repaired and was removed from the Force Pool.

Steiner and I were pretty sure it worked, but the above example is proof that the "repair vehicle" feature works in the latest Matrix patch for LSA, version 6.00.02


#2: Re: LSA Vehicle repair - does it work? Author: mooxe PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 6:45 pm
Tanks that have been damaged are able to make some repairs in the field. All damaged tanks are assigned
for field repair after each battle. 40% of damaged tanks can be made functional, but the rest
are either too damaged for repair or are scrapped for parts to repair the 40% that survive.

Battle Groups out of supply have reduced chance of repairing damaged vehicles.

40% chance with supply...

Chance reduced when out of supply...

Chance reduced with lower cohesion.

The function of repairing vehicles does work. Does the function work within these parameters?

Some more observations...

In the TLD Meuse GC no units are healing cohesion, even with multiple days of rest. If I take the GC save file, and play it vs AI, I can heal cohesion. If I take the same save file and play between two computers in my home from start to end of turn, I can heal cohesion.

When we trade the file around, we cannot heal cohesion.

Could this be the same case for the LSA GJS GC? I kept track of tank losses starting half way through. The only tanks ever to survive damage were two (Axis) that were simply "damaged" but otherwise fully functioning. Any tank immo'd or main gun out were essentially a KO. Maybe this had something to do with cohesion lessening the chances of repair also.

#3: Re: LSA Vehicle repair - does it work? Author: GameRat PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 4:30 pm
Hi Mooxe,
interesting observations about the TLD Meuse GC ... strange about the cohesion not being regained after resting BG's.

As for LSA GJS multiplayer ... I think BG's regained cohesion when taken out of the fight.

#4: Re: LSA Vehicle repair - does it work? Author: stienerLocation: Gibsons B.C. canada PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:38 pm
yes...interesting observations mooxe. it did appear in the GJS group GC that repair was minimal at best ...and like you i did see 2 or 3 axis vehicles and 1 or 2 allied that were damaged come back but they didnt come back as much as in GR and i's H2H GC's that we have had.....IMO in those it appears that the 40% come back works.

im wondering in GJS too ....because supply ...and what is supposed to be in supply and not in supply....the supply function in LSA is wonky and particularly in GJS...that were seeing this in the repair % ....seeing a lower % repaired even tho we see the BG in supply. does that make sense?

cohesion in the group GC worked IMO...the german doesnt get to rest his BG's as much in a GJS GC so when we was noticeable.

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