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Close Combat Series -> CC5 Stalingrad Der Kessel

#1: Panzerjäger mods: The Future Author: pzjagerLocation: Paris PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:48 pm
Hi to you all

I still receive a lot of PM's on my box on the CCS website.

1) Obviously, I am glad and honored to see so many friends giving me their frienly support since this terrible crash in august.

2) However, I don't connect on CCS anymore (except today!) and most of these PM's are nor read and will simply not be read in the future.

3) Can I kindly ask you to stop posting me PM's and contact me on my EMail adress pzjager [at] hotmail [dot] fr.

4) In return, I will send you the link where you will be able to download my future mods/maps/updates including SDKDK (will be released very soon), SDK 2.0, Bir Hakeim and Cobra/La Poche de Falaise

Thanks in advance

Close Combat Series -> CC5 Stalingrad Der Kessel

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