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#1: Update on CC6? Please! Author: BungarraLocation: Murchison region, West Australia PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:52 am
Now with The Longest day out and the bugs are just about patched

Are there any learned Gentleman out there that can give us even a sniff of the long anticipated CC6

Is it going to happen?

Time frame? Will it be in my life time? (Reckon 20 years if I behave myself, which is not likely  Laughing )

Atomic? or Matrix?

I wait with baited breathe  Razz

#2: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: ssa2204 PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:43 pm
I thought Close Combat Modern Tactics was CC6 wasn't it? Or is there an another unreleased title in the works beyond CCMT?

#3: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: mooxe PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:02 pm
If theres any CC6 in the works it has not gone past the planning and design phase. Other than rereleases with or without mods and patches there is nothing else solid in the pipe for us.

#4: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: schreckenLocation: Sydney, Australia PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:18 pm
CCMT was a commercial release of CCM.

CCM was only ever released to the Marines and a short run in the Maries gazette(??)

A lot of enthusiasts missed out on the CCM release so Matrix put together a commercial version (CCMT) and made it available to everyone.

#5: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: AjK PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:40 am
Is CC6 dead?

It was like 2 years ago I visited this site and discussion on the subject was very active .

And to be honest, in order to make it sell more than just to diehard CC fans they would have to update the engine in many respect. Graphics etc. There has not been dramatic improvement in last 15 years...

I bought COI but was dissapointed with it. I really couldn't find much new. It felt the same as before, less obvious flaws maybe. That's just not enough to light the feeling I had with original CC2 when I got it. I rate it one of the most groundbraking games ever. The atmosphere was overwhelming. I miss that feeling.  Confused

#6: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: MF_Church PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:49 pm
Nicely put.

I, like you, notice the 'falling short' of each ~ Though to be truthful, like the added improvements to the new Releases.

But the 'One' i thought would be closest to bringing back that Powerful Feeling, CloseCombatMODERNTACTICS, seem to offer the most, but fell, the furtherest.  Great FrameWork, but the public support never materialized.

A great FRAMEwork, for modern weapons Plus, MULTI-Player (up to 10 persons) and even a Mod. released of cc2.

oy + sigh.  


#7: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: dj PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:01 pm
Please let it be Slitherine's developers that take the lead on any new CC projects.  Slitherine's developer quality and resources seem to be substantially better than Matrix.  I don't know if they pay more or why it is...but their projects seem to be "real" legitimate productions.  Whereas Matrix tries to do everything on a shoestring bargain-basement budget with just one developer splitting his time with several other projects.  It's as if Matrix doesn't even want to spend a single penny on CC development resources.

#8: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: DAK_Legion PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:03 pm
agree! Wink  Wink

#9: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: platoon_michaelLocation: Right behind you PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:29 pm
With the re-release of CCIV which is now WAR that has many bugs/errors/crappy map codding/same old shitty game play/same old shitty graphics/same old shitty sounds/same old shitty sprites/an actually worse looking strat map/same old shitty online gaming support/same old shitty customer support/same old shitty feel/and basically just downright the same old Shit.(just more of it)

Why the "F__K" are you asking for a new game?

And did I mention the same old shit sells for $40-$50 ?

#10: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: Therion PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:17 am
Have you guys tried Armored Brigade? It could use some WWII mods.

There's a new version featuring real terrain:

It's free and updated very often. It has a heighmap, a line of sight tool, no "spot the tracer" metagaming, realistic mortar delay, vehicles sometimes losing turrets when destroyed, adjustable map sizes, etc.

Here's a list of changes done in 2011 alone:

==Version 0.715==

+ Custom height maps can be used by placing them to the \data\map\height folder, named height001.bmp, height002.bmp etc. Currently the location is selected randomly, based on the Battle Generator "Hilliness" setting

- The defending AI places some of its static AT units to forward slopes

- The AI dismount range, used when enemy units are detected, is randomized for each battle

- New sprites for all US vehicles, including winter camo (One more thank you to Capt Sam)

- Added a message about the mission objectives, and the objective locations blink for a while during the setup phase

- Adjusted the contour lines and elevation map mode colors

==Version 0.713==

* Fixed: : A potential array out of bounds error in map image generation

- Modified accuracy algorithm: Small targets, like hull-down vehicles, are easier to hit at close ranges

- Trees have higher LOS block values

- The maximum number of men per squad increased from 10 to 25

Thermal imaging:

- eras.xml: "thermalImagingMinRange" increased from 2000 to 3500 meters (vehicles with a weapon "nightVision" value equal or greater than this have a thermal imaging system)

- weapons.xml: "nightVision" 2000 increased to 3500 meters

- Adjusted the automatic cost calculator to match the new nightVision values

Map Generator:

- More trees in the random generated maps, depending on the Vegetation setting: Field edges can have tree lines, and some brush is replaced with trees

- Increased the number of fields

- Winter maps have empty spaces for the fields, possibly with tree lines

==Version 0.711==

* Fixed: A wrong dug-in symbol was used for the partly identified vehicles

==Version 0.710==

- When moving in a formation using the Quickest path mode, the units search the adjacent squares next to the waypoints, and move to the one with the best Trafficability

New variables in the database (see DATABASE.txt for more info):

- aircraft.xml: value

- eras.xml: artilleryTRPRadius, artilleryAdjustRadius, HQRadiusInfantry, HQRadiusVehicle, infantryVulnerability, thermalImagingMinRange, unknownArmorKE, unknownArmorCE, aircraftDelay, planeDelayRandom

- units.xml: enableTurretScanning, infantryVulnerability, value

==Version 0.708==

* Fixed: Planes could sometimes circle endlessly over the target area

==Version 0.707==

+ Vehicles are affected by the morale rules, and can be abandoned. HQ contact reduces the chance. Damage, suppression, seeing friendly units retreating/destroyed etc reduce morale

- The morale and training values affect the purchase costs, 75 being the average value

- When moving in a formation using the Covered path mode, the units search the adjacent squares next to the waypoints, and move to the one with the best Cover

- Vehicles displace themselves if there's terrain fire in the same location

- Map Generator: Steep terrain (The slopes greater than about 30 degrees) is replaced with Rough ground


- The formations and flights can have morale and training modifiers

- USSR Combat Power modifier is set to zero

Added hotkeys:

- Covered path, Ctrl+"C"

- Quickest path, Ctrl+"Q"

- Shortest path, Ctrl+"S"

Remapped hotkeys:

- Custom fast compression, Shift+"C"

- Smoke generator on, "Q"

- Smoke generator off, Shift+"Q"

- Create a smoke screen, Ctrl+"W"

==Version 0.706==

- Non-retreating HQ and radio units can act as artillery and mortar observers, making the fire more accurate. HQ units are the best spotters

- Added a "free" formation, hotkey shift+F9, where the units advance without regrouping

==Version 0.705a==

+ Helicopters have two battle positions

- Units can be ordered to use effective ranges (accuracyRange) in the SOP menu

- Ctrl+"X" clears all range settings

- The unit sprite, or a photo if available, is shown when the unit name is clicked in the purchase phase


- An optional photo can be added (spritePhoto. units.xml, aircraft.xml). The photo (or the sprite) is shown when clicking the unit in the purchase phase



- AA-Accuracy spreadsheet updated

==Version 0.703==

* Fixed: The scenario generation could freeze if the number of objectives was set to one

+ New accuracy equation: "accuracyRange" in Ammunition.xml defines the range where accuracy is half of "accuracyBase". The docs folder includes an Excel spreadsheet that provides an overview how accuracyBase and accuracyRange interact

Game Mechanics:

- Improved fire distribution between units/aircraft, usually between at least two equal targets

- Low Training has more effect on accuracy, while it doesn't increase the delay before first shot at all

- Command Delay can be set to increase between the first three waypoints (armies.xml, commandDelayMod)

- The minimum morale level to become routed has been increased

- Infantry is a bit more vulnerable to direct fire

- The aircraft spotting capability is affected by the Training level


- The time-of-day slider is now centered

- Time and objectives are shown in the AAR replay

- The event messages have a timestamp

- Nationality flags are shown in the Battle Generator and AAR


- Desert camo sprites for the US vehicles (Thanks to Capt Sam)

- The top-attack capability is less expensive

==Version 0.701==

* Fixed: The Battle Generator nationality settings were not saved/loaded

==Version 0.700==

+ The game data is moved into external XML files (data\xml folder), and can be modified with any text editor. See DATABASE.txt (docs folder) for notes

+ Time of day is now dynamic. The length of twilight and day can be set in the Battle Generator. During the action there's a "sun" indicator, representing the current level of illumination

Game Mechanics:

- Added a new level of enemy identification between fully identified and unknown (Tracked, wheeled and half-tracked vehicles only)

- Aircraft are affected by the training and morale rules. A low training value reduces weapon accuracy, and low morale aircraft escape more often

- Morale, instead of Training, affects the suppression recovery (about 20-60 seconds). Morale is used to calculate how long it takes to recover from the buttoned-up state after a vehicle is no longer suppressed (from 15 seconds to about 10 minutes)

- The default armor value for unidentified targets is now 15mm instead of 40mm, so the unidentified units are engaged with less powerful weapons too

- The AI opponent is less eager to call air support


- Enemy units, as well as friendly aircraft, can be clicked for some info. During the AAR the friendly ground units can be clicked also

- Detected guided missiles have a small symbol (green = friendly, red = hostile)

- The Battle Generator settings can be saved and loaded

#11: Re: Update on CC6? Please! Author: ssa2204 PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:48 pm
platoon_michael wrote (View Post):
With the re-release of CCIV which is now WAR that has many bugs/errors/crappy map codding/same old shitty game play/same old shitty graphics/same old shitty sounds/same old shitty sprites/an actually worse looking strat map/same old shitty online gaming support/same old shitty customer support/same old shitty feel/and basically just downright the same old Shit.(just more of it)

Why the "F__K" are you asking for a new game?

And did I mention the same old shit sells for $40-$50 ?

Been a long time since I was last here, and just happened to stop by this site to see if anything was new. Completely forgot about CC6. Anyways saw this thread, and this post made me chuckle. One of the very reasons I took a long LONG break from my favorite all time game was because I got so sick and tired of those craptastically bad Matrix versions. Yes ultimately it was my stupid fault for getting them, but what a waste. Never could play through any of their versions completely. Either at some point a the game would just fail completely to continue on with a campaign, or worse the game would just cause my computer to slow down and eventually lock up or crash. Did not matter what computer, laptop, OS, etc., they are all just poorly modified versions of the original. Sure there was some unique and interesting additions, but in hindsight none were all that great.

So sad that we can't get a Close Combat game with 2012+ technology. Think about what they could do with graphics now. Think about that the graphics in these games were not that bad considering how old they are, then think about the possibility of what they could do with today's Nvidia or AMD chips. Think almost near photo-realistic tanks and maps, buildings that explode and crumble, etc.. Think about the advancements we could have with tank optics and sighting enemy.

I honestly believe if done right someone could make a new updated Close Combat game fit for today's market that would sell. Sadly I don't think we will ever see it. Instead it will be continuously worse RTS games that are really fit for children.

Close Combat Series -> The Mess

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