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#1: Modding newbi questions Author: 7A_WoulfLocation: Sweden PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:50 am
Hi folks!  Smile

Have just started my modding carrier with a purchase of TLD and have some questions before I get the grip of it...

* Anyone used to work with "Excel tool to mod fpools" by triarius? Running the Excel 2003 version without macros (the macros pukes on my comp...  Crying or Very sad ) My prob is that I really don't get the grip of everything in it, found out how I do but I don't really get all the info it provides...

Some examples: the "Role" of soldiers, the function and meaning of the different values that goes into "alsteams" and "axsteams", the soldier codes (are they the only type of soldier there is?) an so on...

* There is a 25 posts limit in the FP of every BG, but is there a maximum number of units that can be put in "alsteams" or "axsteams", and how do I create all new units and number them?

* If I got it right I can change the FP depending on the date of the game, but does this affect units that survived earlier battles and already is in the active rooster?

* I would like to include forward observers in the FP of some BG's (hwy artillery, Neberwerfers and some kick-ass naval barrages) It's been done to CC5, but how do I do it?

Thanks for any help I can get. Smile

Close Combat Series -> Modding Workshop

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