Firefight - The Adventures of Captain Usagi Tsukino - Ep01
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#1: Firefight - The Adventures of Captain Usagi Tsukino - Ep01 Author: Therion PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:06 am
I decided to start a let's play of the vanilla version of Firefight to show how it looks. I picked the Japanese campaign decided to start in 1937. Any weird looking graphics stuff is because of Wine and converting the .pngs to an indexed 255 colour palette to decrease the file sizes.

Episode 1: Captain Usagi Tsukino Attacking Lion Orchard on 01.10.1937.

1. Deployment:

1 - HQ
Platoon I:
2, 3, 4 - Infantry Squads with LMG
5 - Infantry Squad with a Grenade Discharger
6 - Scouts

Platoon II:
7, 8, 9 - Infantry Squads with LMG
10 - Infantry Squad with a Grenade Discharger
11 - Scouts


12 - Chi-Ha tank
13 - HMG team
14, 15 - Scouts

2. I called artillery fire at the objective and ordered scouts to move forward.
I didn't have radio contact with squad 2, so I moved my command team to Hill 214
I moved teams 3 and 4 to an N edge of a wood N to them.

3. At 0:03:15 Scouts11 came under fire from Enemy on a Witch Hill and Fox farm.

I decided that have the Platoon I will slowly move towards the objective and Platoon II will capture the Witch Hill and then Fox Farm and assault the objective from the flank.

I ordered squad 7 to a nearby farm and suppress the enemy, squad 10 would stay where it is, providing suppressive fire with its knee mortar and 9 and 8 would move towards the Witch Hill by bounding overwatch.

At 0:05:20, team scouts6 spotted an enemy T26 tank on Hill 218. The tank started firing at Platoon II, slowing down its progress.
I ordered my tank forward, near the farm where squad 7 was hidden.

4. At 0:07, it turned out that there's a 37mm gun on Hill 218 which is also firing at Platoon II.
I called artillery support on Hill 218 which destroyed the gun with the first salvo at 0:10:22.
Meanwhile, scouts6 spotted an enemy FT-17 tank. My tank started firing at the enemy tanks when it had a line of sight, but kept missing.
Platoon II got stuck and the enemy arty started hitting squad7.
At 0:13:10, the FT-17 finally went out into the open and my tank destroyed it.

Then something weird happened. My tank didn't have a clear line of sight, so it couldn't fire at the enemy T26 but at the same time, it refused to go anywhere - tanks in Firefight usually freeze front towards the enemy tanks and fire at them until they are destroyed. If enemy fire gets intense, they tend to withdraw and refuse to go back until the threat is gone.
The problem was that while theoretically there was a line of sight, the tank couldn't attack that tank and it got stuck. Damn.

Anyway, after some thinking, I decided to simply destroy the enemy infantry and capture the objective and hope that the tank will go away or move to another position which would allow my tank to finally move and kill him (or get destroyed.)

5. At 0:18, Platoon II finally managed to evict the enemy from the Witches Hill and captured it.
Then I ordered Squad 3 and 4 to capture the Hill 218, hoping that it would get the enemy tank to move.

At 0:26, Platoon II captured the Fox Farm and was ready to attack the objective.
Meanwhile, squads 3 and 4 got stuck under small arms and tank fire.

At 0:31, Platoon II arrived to the Lion Orchard.
After a  destroyed the enemy HQ and captured the objective.

At 0:32, Squad9 covered by Squad8 attempted to capture the objective from the E.
It was stopped by the enemy HQ, losing one killed and a few wounded. Then it had to engage some enemy soldiers N of them.
At 0:33, I ordered Squad8 to assault the orchard from S and Squad10 to move to the previous position of Squad8.
At 0:34, Squad8 managed to capture the objective, which was recaptured by the enemy at 0:35.
At 0:36, I managed to finally capture the objective and to get Squad9 to Robin Farm just N of the objective, killing the enemy command team.
At 0:37:30, the remaining enemies started to withdraw, which finally freed my tank.

6. The battle was over at 0:38:29 before I got my tank to destroy the enemy T26.

Weird stuff. It was the first time that such a weird thing happened to my tank. Anyway, the enemy had pretty unbalanced defence - it was "strong", but most of the points seemed to be concentrated in a few fragile heavy units.
There were only about 2 enemy squads which got easily swept away by my big platoons after their heavy support was destroyed.

#2: Re: Firefight - The Adventures of Captain Usagi Tsukino - Ep Author: CSO_Talorgan PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:41 pm
This isn't the demo surely?

Didn't know there was a bought version.


#3: Re: Firefight - The Adventures of Captain Usagi Tsukino - Ep Author: Therion PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:23 am
CSO_Talorgan wrote (View Post):
This isn't the demo surely?

Didn't know there was a bought version.


There's a link to the store below game description on the Firefight page.

#4: Re: Firefight - The Adventures of Captain Usagi Tsukino - Ep Author: CSO_Talorgan PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:44 pm

Close Combat Series -> H2H Multiplayer

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