Capturing the Hill 1 on Mars
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#1: Capturing the Hill 1 on Mars Author: Therion PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 2:57 pm
It's an AAR from my Mars 2050 mod for Armored Brigade - a freeware tactical-level RTSim.

Enemy forces are holding the area. The objective is to capture objectives Hill 1 and Obj1.

Friendly forces:
2xinfantry battalion (-MG company, -infantry gun battery), 2x small monitor squadron, 1xpre-dreadnought HQ, 1xartillery battalion, 1xRocketship flight CAS

Enemy forces:
1xinfantry battalion, guns, fortifications

I decided to concentrate my forces and capture the Hill 1 first and then see what will be my situation.

Scout teams make contact with the enemy. I call heavy artillery support against the enemy position on the north and order a small monitor squadron to move to firing positions against the enemies on the south.

Small monitors firing their 37mm cannons and machineguns.

A group of enemy fortifications is spotted on the north. I call airstrikes on them, which arrive after 10 minutes.

The right flank of the first infantry battalion came into contact with dug-in enemy infantry. They took heavy losses.
I ordered monitor squadron to move there and provide fire support, but due to order delays (they have no radios) they arrived too late to save the soldiers from the first battalion.
Unlike in Close Combat where soldiers follow orders instantly, in Armored Brigade, there are delays which get longer if units don't have radios.

Heavy fighting on the objective Hill 1.

Hill 1 is finally captured. Suddenly, the small monitor starts receiving deadly gunfire.

An enemy gun is spotted. I order mortars to fire at it and the remains of the first infantry battalion and a scout team to move to its location. The gun is silenced with a hail of mortar bombs. I lose 3 small monitors. A pre-dreadnought is heavily damaged.

Meanwhile, another air-strike against the enemy fortification arrives. After strafing the forts, it strafes some targets deep in the enemy territory.

The first infantry battalion spots and destroys a second gun when it fires at another monitor. It turns out to be a 100mm heavy anti-ship gun.

Another monitor is destroyed by an enemy gun. I order mortars to destroy it and I send the remains of the first infantry battalion to find and destroy the second enemy gun.

The second enemy gun turns out to be a 75mm infantry gun. After destroying it (and an encounter with a dug-in enemy squad on the way to it), the first infantry battalion is unable to continue to fight.

General situation. Due to high losses and mortars running out of ammo and lack of TRPs for rest of enemy territories, I decide to end the attack.


Heavy losses taken when capturing the hill.

Enemy positions around the objective Obj 1. There's an infantry company that has left its trenches, probably to counter-attack.
I think it was starting a counter-attack but changed its mind after getting strafed by 2 rocket ships as two of its squads have lost over 50% soldiers.

Close Combat Series -> H2H Multiplayer

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