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#1: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3.5 Author: CC_CO PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:23 pm
Why not fall a bit back from the start of the campaign, essentially moving your heavy German BGs out of the line, and deploying them in that famous AARF-Line (Alt Ranft - Autohahn East - Rudersdorf - Furstenwalde), while letting your infantry BGs fight to total depletion or total termination, on the best defensive maps in front of the line? I think the idea is worthwhile to try out.

In the following I will try to post my moves and battle-results, between the 16th to the 21th of April 1945.

Movements April 16th (first turn)

    Moving 606. Infantry Division from Neu Barnim to Alt Reetz where it will defend until the defensive area is too small for further successful defensive operations, or until the division has been terminated. The Führer has been informed that it is only a minor element of the BG, that has been withdrawn temporarily, in order to provide the newly soldiers with basic training. Conducting shooting training at the front would only invite more russian artillery-observers.

    Moving 9th Fallschirmjäger Division from Golzov to Platkov where it will defend until the defensive area is too small for further successful defensive operations, or until the division has been terminated. Again the Führer has been informed that this is only a minor element of the BG, having been withdrawn temporarily, in order to provide the soldiers necessary basic training.  

    Moving 25th PanzerGrenadier Division from Müncheberg to Rudersdorf

Battles on the 16th (turn 1)

These initial moves on the strategic map, result in only two battles to be fought on the southern front. Namely in Reitwein and at Seelöw Heights.

A short peek into the force-pool of 303. Infantry Division deployed in defence at Reitwein. As you can see, Vetmod 3.5 is not for beginners. Cause this is the start of the campaign and the force-pool is pretty much without force. However, according to the Führer him self, this final battle of the war will be won, not by manpower, but Germanic discipline and willpower. This battle will be the final Triumph of the will.

A glimpse of the battle. In the upper left corner, a russian tank faced a heroic German ambush. The tank is about to burn out. Russian infantry around the tank has been splatted out all over the place. German ammunition is proud ammunition.

303. Infantry Division performed well in this first battle, however, the only gun available in the division seem to have cowardly crew. The excuse seems to be the usual from these no-good cowards; "we faced overwhelming russian forces" - "we had no ammunition" and bla bla bla. The usual bullshit. So within the next few days, the shameful families to this cowardly gun-crew will receive a short but effective visit from Gestapo. Doing things this way will also restore the reputation of the otherwise proud 303. Infantry Division. Alles für Deutschland.

Reitwein Battle Result:

At Seelöw Heights the Panzerdivision Mucheberg hold the line. The picture shows the probably strongest BG force pool on the German side in Vetmod 3.5. And it is on April the 16th the force pool is as powerful as here. Cause in 3.5 you will eventually loose tanks regardless of these has been taken out by the Russians or not. I think they simply end up as damaged due to the overall lack of fuel. Also note the units from the Volksturm. In general they have no training and a bad moral. However, their proud party leaders, at the desk behind the front, they still believe in the final victory, and in the end, that's all you need to create the power of victory even when facing a defeat.

A glimpse from the heroic defence at Seelöw Heights. Tracers from Deutche Panzer waffen describe the outcome of this victory. Russian tanks and infantry shot to pieces. Burning tanks, bleeding and drowning infantry. A day at the front. Sadly the fuel seems to run out now. Several German panzers have to be abandoned, even though the Russians couldn't hit them. However, the remaining panzer-crews are to be formed in new and proud infantry formations. Alles für Deutschland.

Seelöw heights Battle Result:

Campaign Debrief from the 16th (first turn)

Movements April 16th (Second turn)
    Continue to move 25th PanzerGrenadier Division. This time from Ruderdorfs to Reicheberg where it will defend until the defensive area is too small for further successful defensive operations, or until the division has been terminated, or until the division is needed elsewhere on the front.

Battles on the 16th (turn 2)

The Russians have decided to follow my withdrawn BGs. The result is that four battles are to be fought. One at Alt Reetz, a second at Platkow, a third at Seelöw Heights and a fourth battle at Reitwein.

Alt Reetz defended by 606. Infantry Division

Alt Reetz first Battle Result:

Platkow defended by 9th Fallschirmjäger Division

Platkow first Battle Result:

Reitwein defended by the 303. Infantry Division and Seelöw Heights defended by Panzerdivision Müncheberg

A glimpse from the second battle of Reitwein. 303. Infantry Division learn the lesson the hard way; regaining the divisional honour through toughening the divisional morale. Strength through blood.
Five times since the first fine battle-result at Reitwein, had the core commander argued to withdraw the 303th units from the farm-area, to behind the nearby ridge-line just west of the farm. And five times had the army-commander refereed to a party-decision stating that the 303. Infantry Division was to not withdraw a single meter of holy German soil. The Divisional BG must stay and fight where it has been deployed. Regardless of these nonsense tactical arguments. Cause only discipline will win this final battle. Alles für Deutschland. Ende.

The result can be seen on the picture. Russian tanks and infantry has already identified the German positions and so the slaughter begins. However, as a party-member noted after having read the battle-report; any normal person frequently listening to Wagner would understand how important it was to order the 303th to stay in those doomed positions.

Reitwein Battle Result (2nd battle):

A glimpse from the second battle at Seelöw Heights. Once again Deutche Waffen rules the battlefield. A well-done heroic defence conducted by the Panzerdivision Müncheberg. These positive frontline-news makes no doubt that the Führes geniality must never be underestimated. The month-old rumours about Berlin having been planned by the Führer him self, as to become a gigantic panzer-trap terminating the Russian armies, seems more and more clear everyday now. There is no doubt any more, Germany will win this war.

Seelöw Heights Battle Result (2nd battle):

Campaign Debrief from the 16th (second turn)

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#2: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: dgfredLocation: N.C., USA PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:31 pm
Thanks for the AAR and pics  Cool .

#3: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: CC_CO PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:50 pm
My pleasure. I should probably do the next day-report in a new post. Too image-heavy. Its actually a bit strange that even after all these years, no newer CC game has implemented a report-system for web-forums? I mean thinking of all those AARs throughout the years. Surely that would be a bonus feature to somehow be able to "print" a web-file or PDF file-report.

Ah well, perhaps in a future version?

Hey does anyone know if I get all those damaged tanks back in my force pool? Not one of them have been taken out by fire, but "only" lack of fuel. Would be nice to have at least some tanks left in the AARF-line.

#4: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: CC_CO PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:57 pm
Movements April 17th (turn 1)
    Moving Panzerdivision Müncheberg from Seelöw Heights to Seelöw and replacing it with 169. Infantry Division.

    Although the 18th Panzer Grenadier Divison now has entered the campaign at Spandau, no further movements, except pulling out Panzerdivision Müncheberg from Seellöw Heights and replacing it with 169. Infantry Division, are to be made in this turn. My hope is that the amount of BGs not moving will somehow increase the reinforcements to them. I desperately need more troops in their already depleted force pools.

Battles on the 17th (turn 1)

These few moves on the strategic map, still result in five battles to be fought along the whole front. Namely in Alt Reetz, Platkov, Werbig, Seelöw Heights and Reitwein.

A short peek into the force pool of 303. Infantry Division, having been severely depleted after the previous 3 battles on the Reitwein map.

A glimpse from the fourth battle of Reitwein. Forward elements of the Russian BG face a heroic ambush by strong Wehrmacht forces.

Reitwein Battle Results. Total defeat. 303. Infantry Division has been forced to disband. The Division has been terminated. HQ views this as a military disaster, but several party-leaders claim that the outcome is a huge victory for both the morale and willpower of the German people.

note: from now on, most of the images should be able to zoom up by clicking on them.

A short peek into the force pool of 169. Inf Div, now moving into the Seelöw Heights. As you can see this BG is in fact in full supply.

A glimpse from the third battle at Seelöw Heights. A huge detonation shatters the whole battlefield, when a special stone-fence mine take out a russian tank and its nearby advancing infantry.

After the loss of both a tank and infantry, the Russians send out a scouting vehicle. Aber a proud unit of Hitler Jugend, manage to ambush it with their AT-rocket.  

The Russians reply to this ambush with massive aggressive artillery fire.

Alarm! Russian infantry has moved into the vicinity of Strong Point Erik.

After some intense fire fights, Strong Point Erik remains on German hands. However, the bunker location up north though cannot be reached due to the constant russian artillery fire.

Seelöw heights Battle Result:

A peek into the force pool of 20 PzGr Div defending Werbig. This BG still has a reasonable level of supply and even has a Panzer IV available. Perhaps even with fuel. A very optimistic situation for the defending German forces.

Werbig April 17th Battle results - Disaster! - the entire German BG has been forced to disband. Sadly the Mark IV had no fuel and the 88 ATG only took out 1 heavy Russian tank before Russian infantry had spotted it and taken it under fire. This defeat was not part of the Führes otherwise brilliant defensive plan.

A peek at 9 FJ Div before the second battle of Platkow. Still a few useful units in the force pool, but not enough to replace any major defeat. Every man counts now.

Platkow April 17th Battle 2 Result:

606. Infantry Division before the second battle of Alt Reetz - the BG has almost no forces left.

Alt Reetz April 17th Battle Result. The entire BG has been annihilated. Total Russian Victory.

Campaign Debrief from the 17th (turn 1)

    Movements April 17th (turn 2)

    Moving Panzerdivision Müncheberg to Müncheberg.

Battles on the 17th (turn 2)

The restricted movement of a single BG result in five battles to be fought along the whole front. Namely in Wriezen, Kundersdorf, Platkov, Seelöw Heights and Dierdersdorf.

Wriezen April 17th Battle Result:

Kundersdorf April 17th Battle Result:

Platkov April 17th Battle 3 Result:

Seelöw Heights April 17th Battle 4 Result:

Dierdersdorf April 17th Battle Result:

Campaign Debrief from the 17th (turn 2)

April 18th
Moving Panzerdivision Müncheberg from Müncheberg to Rudersdorf (This move has been cancelled)

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#5: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: CC_CO PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:47 am
    Movements April 18th (turn 1)

    I decide not to move any BG on the 18th anyhow. The plan was to move Panzerdivision Müncheberg to Rudersdorf, but I am unable to do so now, since such a move would create a gap in the front, risking to cut off 169. Infantry still fighting at Seelöw Heights. Also I find it too risky to redirect Pz Div Müncheberg towards Gusow. Rudersdorf is still the best map for this BG, where it should be able to make use of its panzerguns much better than on the Gusow map.

    So I stay where I am. Also, it seems the more the BGs stay put, the better equipment they receive? Not sure if this is a CC5 or 3.5 Vetmod feature?

    The 9th Para Division still putting up a fight in Platkow has now been cut off.

    18th PzGr Div seems to have received more 7.5 PAK and perhaps lost a Mark IV? It had two Mark IVs when it arrived. Anyhow, Still it stays put for this turn at least.

    This is the image of the 18th PzGr Div at its arrival one day ago. You can also check out this image at movements April the 17th.

    11. SS - 23. PzGr Norge has entered the campaign

    11. SS - 24. PzGr Danmark has entered the campaign

Battles on the 18th (turn 1)

The complete lack of any German movement, and the continuously movement of Russian BGs, result in six battles to be fought along the front. Namely in Wriezen, Kundersdorf, Platkov, Reicenberg, Seelöw Heights and Dierdersdorf.

The force pool of 5. Jäger Division before the second battle of Wriezen.

Wriezen 18th April Battle 2 Result:

Kundersdorf 18th April Battle 2 Result:

9 FJ Para at Platkow, running out of everything; men ammo and supply. However, the BGs has a sehr strong will to fight to the end. This last unit of the Green Devils is not only fighting for Germany but also the reputation of the proud Deutche Fallschirmjager. This is also why the 9th Para tried to cut of the Russian BG in last battle; to show the Russians that they are Deutche Fallschirmjagers.

Platkow 18th April Battle 5 Result:

A look at the force pool of 25 PzGr Division before the first battle of Reichenberg.

There are no pictures from the battle or its result-screen, since I forgot to save those. However, the battle was a great success. 5 - 6 Russian tanks destroyed by both my well-positioned 88 PAKs. Sadly those 88s soon ran out of ammo, so they couldn't take on the Russian infantry, being pinned down on the western slope of the south-east ridge. My sniper pinned several Russian squads down, for a while, until they spotted him. So a very frustrating situation, now I finally had a perfect chance to inflict heavy casualties on the Russian AI. Also my Panther panzer had no fuel, and was therefore listed as damaged after the battle, however, it still seems to be part of the BG, or if not then it has to be a reinforcement-panzer? Anyhow, German losses was very light in this battle, since I kept my main force far away from the Russian area. The Russians lost most if not all their tanks, but sadly not much of its exposed infantry. Therefore the Russians were still able to expand their area at the end of the battle. I wish I had fuel so I could at least counter-attack a bit.

In regard to German losses, I lost my sniper, an AT-truppe and a Aufklaretruppe, thus i total 6 men.

88-PAK is really nice to have on a map like this. Great distances, lots of bush and trees, making it difficult for any advancing force to spot out those deadly and precise guns.

Seelöw Heights 18th April Battle 5 Result:

A glimpse from the ´battle´of Dierdersdorf. The map is once again saved from Russian occupation, due to the well-known AI problems finding a path - on the road - towards the VL.

Dierdersdorf 18th April Battle 2 Result:

There is no Campaign-Debrief picture from April the 18th (turn 1), since I forgot to save it.

    Movements April 18th (turn 2)

    Beginning to move 18th PzGr to the south of Berlin, as where it will function as reserve formation. Also moving the 11. SS (Norge and Danmark) formations into the northern part of the AARF-line.

    Withdrawing the 309. Infantry Division to Kundersdorf. I don't feel I am able to hold the present positions. These woods dont offer much defence against all those tanks. It has been arranged that the Führer will not be notified about this movement to the West, yet.

    Moving Panzerdivision Müncheberg to Gusow.

    These movements result in Panzerdivision Müncheberg cutting off a Russian BG. However Gusow is not the best map for the Pz Div, so eventually I will have to find a BG that can replace it here, or withdraw it after the first few battles, hopefully being successfully battles to German arms.

Battles on the 18th (turn 2)

5 Battles are to be fought on Turn 2. Namely in Wriezen, Platkov, Reicenberg, Seelöw Heights and Dierdersdorf

Wriezen 18th April Battle 3 Result:

Three short glimpses from the sixth battle at Seelöw Heights. Russian Artillery now seems more deadly than previously. German troops are under constant artillery fire. Many of the newcomers are scared as hell. This was not what they expected war to be like; no fighting, only constantly artillery. Where the hell is the Luftwaffe! We need to take out those Russian artillery guns! Diesen scheisse krieg!

Seelöw Heights 18th April Battle 6 Result:

Picture taken within the first 60 seconds of the last battle of Platkow. The tiny deployment area left for the proud German forces, result in a tight situation from the very start of the battle. Russians are as close as they can be. They have everything up front. So a short intense fight instantly breaks out and soon the Russian artillery join the battle, hitting both German as Russian forces. Hell breaks loose. A true ending for the last Deutsche Fallschirmjägers. The last remains of the once so strong Green Devils, goes under in a carnage of explosive blood from splattered out bodies, thrown into the air again and again. The Russian artillery formations in the hinter has a good day today.  

Platkow 18th April Battle 6 Result - 9th Para Div has been terminated. The battle lasted less than 4 minutes. It was intense from start to end, basically being one massive artillery assault. I wish I had artillery just once.

The beginning of the second battle of Reichenberg. Lots of Russian tank wrecks from the first battle stand left on the ridge. My Panther is around 420 meters away from the ridge, and as you can see it only has a few rounds left, but more importantly, no fuel. This will eventually get it knocked out in the upcoming fire duels.

Glimpse from the second battle of Reichenberg. In my attempt to destroy the advancing Russian tanks I sadly loose my Panther in a duel with a T34/85 which I destroy, however, not its partner, a Josef Stalin tank. However, my beautiful 88 PAK manage to immobilise and kill several crew members in that specific Josef Stalin tank.

Reicenberg Battle 2 Result:

Glimpse from Dierdersdorf battle 3 - The patient waiting PAK 5, having fired more than 6 shoots straight in between the tower and the hull, is finally spotted and completely destroyed. If we only had an 88, but that wasn't to be. The MG team also seems silent. They have to be dead by now. Now the remaining defence is up to us three officers. We will FIGHT!

Die Russen send in more tanks and infantry. Scheisse! Unmöglich situation! But as officers Die deutsche Wehrmacht, we MUST defend our position.

Lots of counter fire and smoke. Hölle! In this time of moment, in all that battle noise, we decide to sing the Horst Wessel Song together, but it doesn't calm us. The song somehow seems empty to sing now. Germany will loose this war, we know it, but nobody dare to say it loud. How did things come to this??! Scheisse Hitler!

Dierdersdorf 18th April Battle 3 Result not available, since the messenger sadly was hit by Russian artillery.

Campaign Debrief April the 18th

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#6: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: TejszdLocation: Canada PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:47 pm
Thanks for the AAR!

#7: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: Panzermayer PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:19 pm
Great AAR!

Your strategy is interesting. I would not do the same but its your battlefield Wink
I also have an old AAR, check it out and mabey you will be inspired: http://www.closecombatseries.net/CCS/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=58356&highlight=#58356

#8: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: CC_CO PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:39 pm
Glad you like it. Thanks.

Yes looking back their are several things I would redo, however, I haven't played 3.5 this far yet, and certainly not while taking pictures and making comments all along. So hopefully I will learn a bit until I reach the 21st of April, in where I probably intend to stop this GC, since I am playing it on the hard level, leaving out room for any real counter-attacking. Not sure if you tried to play the campaign on this level, but to me it is just very hard; close to no ammo, no fuel, close to no units, no support and then most of the units have a bad morale and basic combat training only, or no training at all. Its a tuff Vetmod.

Your guide is inspiring, thanks for sharing. Yes I haven't really commented on my tactical setups like you seem to do. Ill check out your guide.

I love this picture from your guide :-)


This is actually the feeling I have now, playing 3.5. I have nothing useful to stop the overpowered Russian armies with.

#9: Re: Possible winner strategy playing German side in vetmod 3 Author: CC_CO PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:22 pm
Movements April 19th (turn 1)

Movements Northwest hinter the AARF-line

169. Infantry Division has on its own moved West, out of the heights and towards Seelöw. Nach Seelow! Nicht nach Küstrin. Disaster!!

So far, nobody dares to inform the Führer about this cowardly movement. In HQ it is widely agreed a scape-goat has to be found. Surely the CO of the 169th has to take the full responsibility. Thus all his previously requests for air and artillery-support are being burned, so they wont be helping him in his upcoming defence. And the local Gestapo has also got involved. An interrogation of the commanding officer and his family is being prepared. Just in case the Führer gets one of his famous negative moments. Gestapo is to find out whether the CO of the 169th and his family perhaps has been infiltrated by communists.

Southern part of the AARF-line - moving two PZGr BGs into the line.

Battles on the 19th (turn 1)

These movements on the strategic map, result in four battles to be fought. Namely in Wriezen, Strausberg, Reichenberg and Dierdersdorf

Wriezen Battle 4 Result:

Strausberg Battle 1 Result:

Glimpse from third battle of Reichenberg. Massive Russian Air-support takes out one of my beautiful PAK 88s. Where is the Luftwaffe?

Reichenberg Battle 3 Results:

Dierdersdorf Battle 4 Result:

Campaign Debrief at the end of April 19th Turn 1:

April 19th Turn 2:

Glimpse from Seelöw battle 1

Close Combat Series -> CC5 Battle of Berlin

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