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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Rep: 2.3

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:17 am Post subject: Re: Finished CC2 GC Reply with quote

Hahaha... Comparing the masterpiece that is CC2 to Matrix's rehashed bulls**t. I don't know whats funnier, you checking wikipedia to find out how Market Garden ended or STWA still having entire conversations with himself about his wacky map creations. Oh how I wish someone would do an overhaul of this game... someone from the community that is.
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Rep: 73
votes: 6

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:16 pm Post subject: Re: Finished CC2 GC Reply with quote

Well how was it? Did you patch it up to 2.0b? I played as the allies and I didn't beat it the first time around, tried again and did.

My WW2 CC Series TimeLine
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Rep: 0.1

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:02 pm Post subject: Re: Finished CC2 GC Reply with quote

TheImperatorKnight wrote (View Post):
But Stwa, you can't play the original campaign like that!

I've never looked into it but does anyone know the difference between Veteran and Hero difficulty in CC2? Does it make the AI "fearless" or anything like that, or does it just like the number of requisition points for the player?

I see this thread is 4 years old, but since I still play Close Combat games today, so I'll try to answer that question about Hero mode. Actually it is Hero mode, where you feel that the game wasn't playtested properly (the same feeling, which haunts all later Close Combat games unfortunately).

Without further ado: Hero mode is a complete bullshit, which makes the game unplayable. Major changes:
-you get 1/4 or 1/3 of the original requisition point per sector (e.g.: you would get 40 point for bridge control normally, you get 10 points in Hero mode), the enemy starts with bonus.
- you start the game with fewer req points, the enemy has a bonus.
- you start with fewer units, which have lower morale and experience than in any other game mode, the enemy has a bonus. You start with fewer ammunition.
- yes, enemy is "fearless" meaning that they are rushing you hard on every map with all of their units (even when they are on a defense). They can be smoked, pinned and suppressed.
- with the combination of these facts, if you plan using only infantry - bad idea: see below why - you will be pounded by 3-4 mortar teams, and eventually will run out of ammunition even in first turn battles due to enemy numbers.

What does this mean to the gameplay? Some examples playing as the Germans:

First Day: Imagine a Son sector, where you start with 5 operation and 4 sector points. You have 1 mg42 team. Counting the enemy's units it starts around with 80 req points. Go and have fun, when you are spotted and fired upon by 3-4 different mortar teams. On the first day the only thing you can do is to flee immediately on every map to preserve your team and points for another day. The only 3 areas what you hold with sweating blood and reloading like hell (CTRL+A will be your best friend, believe me) is Groosbeek, Osterbeek, and Arnhem. How fun pushing the flee button like 10 times on day 1. Fortunately, even with these odds, the computer is stupid enough to request a 4 hour truce in Son sector, so you can blow the bridge on the first day easily. It really doesn't matter if you try and kill some enemies in the southern sectors or just flee immediately, because of the ridiculous bonus the enemy gets for req points. And remember, you get 1/3 to 1/4 of the points for holding highlighted areas, so you get 10 point for holding groosbeek heights LZ instead of the regular 40. What idiots made this difficulty mode?

Second Day: mostly, you will have 20-25 operation points to work with the enemy will have around 100-150 points, and panzer reinforcements will be available in some sectors. And you need them hard, because if you take infantry you will be annihilated fast. "Why" you ask? The enemy works with 100+ req points, and mostly has 3-4 mortar teams, which will eradicate your infantry on every map, while 6-10 infantry teams and a flamethrower guy rush you in the face. So, if you want to survive, the best thing you can do is to invest in armor, as enemy sucks at using AT infantry and never uses AT guns. So, most of the time you will command 1 (not kidding) infantry team, and 1 panzer unit (usually a Pz IVH.) But be cautious: if they locate your infantry, the enemy will rush it with everything, so hard, that your tank doesn't even have the time to gun them down. When this happens: the events too watch are priceless: your tank constantly spinning like an idiot while it tries to fire upon all the rushing infantry, enemy AT and flamethrower infantry doesn't care about your tank bypasses it and rushes for your infantry. So, most of the time you will commander only your tank, and hunt the enemy units one-by-one (starting with mortar teams) on the map to force a surrender, praying for the grenades and AT weapons to miss. Unfortunately, the enemy is hiding like cockroaches, so you will see them only when they're very close - so have fun reloading all the time when loosing your only armor. This goes over and over again on every map - one infantry unit unused, or static and one armor hunting. The only exception is Nijmegen bridge, which is hard, but can be held after a few reloads - of course on day 3 the enemy will have 100+ req points, and you will have no chance. OH and I forgot: since your ammunition is reduced more drastically, most of the time you will simply run out of ammunition with your infantry. I had occasions, when I run out of ammunitiion for my PZ IVH, and was forced to run over mortar teams and capture all victory location to win the map. I felt like playing Death Rally combined with Pacman. So that's it_: imagine the fun factor of Hero mode. Now go, and try it yourself, and prepare to curse the developers for their shitty work. And don't try to find excuses - their's no excuse for not playtesting the 1/3 of the game.
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