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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:15 am Post subject: workiing on a submod for pacific Reply with quote

Ive posted this on facebook and discord cc room so some have already seen what im about too post

Im working on a project involving the pacific mod and the idea came about because i wanted to create a campaign to play against the ai that would feel historical. The biggest problem is that CC will always pick a tank heavy force. I really wish the CC 3/ COI editor would have been designed with some of the elements of the Combat Mission battle editor so you can further shape what the ai can choose. My solution was to make several of the more late war jap tanks unavailable and make the ones I choose to keep,rare. I set the rarity at 1 for tanks and vehicles I decided to keep,..

below is a current change log and is proving to be promising thus far. I just started work on it this week so I havent done much

1) All Japanese command tanks, command armored cars ,or command half tracks have been made unavailable
2) Several models of tank, armored cars, and half-tracks have been made unavailable. The only Japanese vehicles available are the ones listed below. These tanks and vehicles have a rarity value of 1 out of a possible 6, which should curtail the ai  from picking a tank heavy force.
--light tank--
79 Shiki Ko-Gata Keninsha
94 Shiki Tokushu Keninsha
95 Shiki Keisensha Ha-Go
Shiki Keisensha Ke-Nu
--medium tanks--
97 Shiki Chusensha Chi-Ha
97 Shiki Chusensha Shinhoto
Chusensha SS
--armored cars--
98 Shiki Soko-Umppansha So-Da
92 Shiki Sokosha
25 Kata Sokosha Dowa
--half-tracks/other vehicles--
94 Shiki Taikuusha Ho-Ki
M3 Hoheisha

Here is my todo list:
-snipers make more accurate and lethal(longer PB and short range, increased hit prob to 99.5%, slightly increased lethality,no bayonet)
-add 1 fighter-bomber and possibly one bomber. make the rarity 3 up to spring 43 then 2 after that
-hero (double ammo,better accuracy,moral,experience,armor,decreased weight). might or might not be commanders.. possible multiple variants with different weapons
-make low quality jap troops more rare
-make regular line troops less rare
-add banzai troops and give them a rarity of 2 or 3 and an SAI of HT
-add more variations to suicide teams/squads
-tweak rarity of weapons pits and mg/atg bunker
-change turrets to support instead of armor(unsure)
-Make pillboxes support instead of infantry (unsure)
-make ALL SNLF troops more rare
-Add jap paras but make them rare

-snipers make more accurate and lethal(longer PB and short range, increased hit prob to 99.5%, slightly increased lethality,no bayonet)
-create the M1C Garand weapon
- add a sniper armed with a M1C Garand.set rarity for june 44
-add another air observers.. a fighter-bomber and increase the rarity value up to 3 or 4 for the existing air observer
-add special command soldier with increase ammo load,moral,armor,experience, and no weight with single man as well as team variants. (i.e. personal commander)
-increase availability of all troops except para's, demolition and engineers
-tweak moral and experience of us army soldiers.us army surrenders too easily
-hero (double ammo,better accuracy,moral,experience,armor,decreased weight). might or might not be commanders.possible multiple variants with different weapons
-make AB rare..
-add marines and increase experience and moral compared to army troops. Change soldier color for the USMC
-add specific graphics for marine and army (ranks,etc)
-Examine command teams to verify they have the correct values. Something isnt right with one of them (2 assistant leaders?)
-Incorrect wreck for Stuart.. (BT-7?)
-mortar fire rate too fast
-fix set-up on map 1,2nd ops. possibly change the 1st map on Ops 2

Increase ammo across the board by 40%
hex editing of .exe and .dll messages.. (key words:moscow,berlin, german, russian)
-(possible)change artillery and air observers type from command to infantry or in lieu of that, make observer part of a command team which seems more likely

If i stay motivated enough to finish. ill use an idea I had for GtC to make a submod of a submod . i will call it Imperial Zombies. I still might implement the idea in GtC but for now I think It would be kool to add this idea to pacific as a fun modification. Nothing to elaborate.. A few new soldiers, teams, weapons and making all the vehicles unavailable for the Japanese and perhaps a few for the americans too
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Rep: 128.1
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 12:30 am Post subject: Re: workiing on a submod for pacific Reply with quote

KG_Brandenburg, did you get this COI mod completed and released?
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