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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Rep: 46.8

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 2:57 am Post subject: Berlin Operation Game Reply with quote

Commander dgfred's situation report:

April 23rd
At first movement I moved Pz 'Muncheberg' to Moabit. I also withdrew the
11th SS/24thPzGr 'Danmark' to Reighstag (gave up Mitte) and the 11th SS/
23rdPzGr 'Norge' to Schonberg (gave up Tempelhof).

After 2nd Rd battles situation is as follows in the sectors:
1.Charlottenburg- (18thPZGR) The Russians are pinned (sort of) around the Freienwalde VL. Top small bridge VL taken by Russians. University and Cathedral VLs under German control. Park area in northeast map is also under G control. Heavy shelling of any unit firing or moving. Be careful especially 1st Rd battles due to very heavy shelling by air and arty.

2.Moltke Bridge- (9thFJ) Russians overwelmed the German forces a bit with
the lower Moltke Bridge and Diplomatic Quarters VLs both being lost. G still
hold onto the Observation Post and Railstation VLs. FJ forces very weak.

3.Schonberg- (11th SS PZGR Norge) Not such a heavy attack here by Russians. Only Russian VL is the Tempelhop one. Schonberg, SE House and
to Reichstag VL all under German control for now.

4.Dahlhem- (20thPZGR) Russians bottled up around to Mariendorf VL between the rows of building and on the streets. Germans have captured
the Dahlhem and East Houses VLs and have panzers waiting for any units
trying to exit or move on steet.

PZ KG Muncheberg is in Moabit. 11th SS PZGR Danmark is in Reichstag.

German- KIA 64 WIA 81
2 Armor
2 Vehicles
2 Guns

Russian- KIA 79 WIA 97
10 Armor
5 Vehicles
0 Guns

*No movement by German units at start of Day 2. Hold your positions men.

Commander dgfred out.

Sports Freak/ CC Commander/ Panzerblitz Commander
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Rep: 46.8

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 8:35 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Commander Sector Reports after R1 battles on Day 2:

1.Charlottenburg- 18th PZGR vs 12GTK- Russians still bottled up around the
Freienwalde VL and the top small bridge VL. Russians still not trying to really
cross on the small bridge, but suffer heavy fire if they move onto bridge. PZSchrecks and AT Guns have been very effective here. Holding firm.

2.Moabit- PZ KG Muncheberg vs 9GTK- Russians grouped around the to Freienwalde VL and the nearby small bridge VL, but any movement elsewhere is met with heavy fire from the KG and it has been a slaughter
for the Russians with few German casualties. Should hold easily.

3.Moltke Bridge- 9FJ vs 26GSK- This has been the most difficult sector with
Russian tanks everywhere and only one armor unit available for the FJs. FJs
have fought hard and captured back the Diplomatic Quarters VL and the
area around the nearby shops. The Russians still hold the lower Moltke Bridge VL, but they are basically in a shooting gallery there and unable to
advance on the FJs bunkered in the buildings. The FJs capture of the Railstation VL has seemed to throw a wrench into the Russian tactics, and
they are unsure how to continue. Planning counterattack, but happy with
holding onto present locations.

4.Schonberg- 11th SS PZGR (Norge) vs 29GSK- Only one VL remains in Russian possession at the moment, but no real way to capture it by the
Germans. Any Russian movement forward is met with heavy fire and casualties. Taking out as many tanks as possible with close infantry attacks,
and hitting the Russian Infantry with mortars (2) and long range MG fire.
Holding firm.

5.Dahlhem- 20th PZGR vs 7GTK- Russians pinned between buildings and on the street around the Mariendorf VL. Destruction of the battle forces is quite easy, but taking that last VL is difficult and infantry casualties will be
very high to do so. I am considering going all out and knock the Russians
off this map, but then I would have to decide where/or what to do with
this battlegroup if they don't just stay in Dahlhem. Holding easily.

KIA 131
WIA 132

KIA 197
WIA 193

*The 11thSS PZGR (Danmark) is in the Reichstag Sector.

Sports Freak/ CC Commander/ Panzerblitz Commander
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Rep: 46.8

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:43 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Game on hold for now, playing S.O.C. nightly.

Sports Freak/ CC Commander/ Panzerblitz Commander
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Rep: 46.8

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:20 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Switched to a Grand Campaign 11-15-08. Using German vetmod.

Currently Day 4-am (April 19th)

606 ID barely holding onto Neu Barnim.

303 ID 'Doberitz' switched in place of PzDiv Muncheberg and still holding Seelow Hgts.

309 ID barely holding onto Kundersdorf vs 12 Guards Shock/3 Ukrainian Army.

25 PzGr holding solid at Reichenberg against 26 Guards Shock/5 Guard Army.

20 PzGr fighting hard in Gusow against 32 Shock/5 Ukrainian Army.

German losses: 147 KIA 126 WIA Armor 14/ Vehicles 0/ Guns 7
Russian losses: 440 KIA 414 WIA Armor 57/ Vehicles 3/ Guns 3

*Pulled 9thFJ, PzDiv Mucheberg and PzGr Reinforcements as Reserves for now, using Infantry Divisions to hold line as long as possible.

Sports Freak/ CC Commander/ Panzerblitz Commander
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