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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Rep: 10.9

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:19 am Post subject: Operation Red Crown - Pzt_kevin_dtn vs Pzt_Chewy Reply with quote

Operation Red Crown

Hauptmann Pzt_Chewy and I are testing out a custom op for the Karelia2 Mod for use in a future war.

The entire string of AAR's for BOTH sides can be found at the following site


Pzt_Kevin_dtn - Finns
Pzt_Chewy -Russians

Below are the settings used as well as the initial delpoy and reinforcement settings.
Please note that this Op is in beta right now and will be adjusted to better accomodate balance for h2h play.

Settings this Operation:
Finn - Recruit
Russian - Elite
Morale Off
No Initiative
15 min Battle
2 min warning

Special Rules:
Russians are only allowed to take 2 tanks unless engaged by a Finnish Armored BG

Operational Makeup
12 Day Op
20 Maps
Russian Offensive
8 Russian BG's
12 Finnish BG's + 1 Depleted BG (i.e. it will only last 1-2 battles)
The reason for so many Finnish BG's is due to the fact that the Russian BG's are stacked in numbers and,
with the exception of the 3 Finnish Armored BG's, the Russians have about triple the number of units.

Opening of Battle
Make note of the Yellow Arrow for a ONE WAY ROAD

Day 2 Reinforcements

Day 3 Reinforcements

Day 4 Reinforcements - Note - The Red BG (122nd) in the north is actually a GERMAN BG allied with the Finns

Following is one of the highlight battles for the Finnish Command fought the afternoon of Day 2

Strategic Setting - Day 2 Afternoon

The Russians advanced from Walkjarvi to Kotrola. The remainder of the front remained engaged at Kyrola, Perkojarvi and Summa

Day 2 - Afternoon cont.


Well last battle here I lost control of the central buildings that serve as the dominating position on this map.
But I still held a portion of the center and made a concious decision that I would take them back.
Finnish pride demanded that we take back our homes here.

The battle started off with a heated volley from both sides with mortar shells falling everywhere. I had a flamethrower
positioned in the eastern building of the central complex and started laying down streams of area flame into the Russian position.
I had no LOS but could see the tracers coming out of the building. I also made an initial push but was quickly beaten back.

Opening Volley

I made an attempt to charge across the open ground with a Platoon leader to press the rear of the Russians and
shifted my flame thrower over to attack the Russians positioned in the northern building.
At this time Chewy was rushing up reinforements from the southwest and he started an assault with two inf units from the southeast of my position.
He was successful in killing my Platoon leader and running over and eliminating my flame throwing unit.
The tide was turning towards a Russian advantage.

Russian Push

At this point my troops are standing fast and fighting furiously. I decide to commit reinforcements from
the north and west of the central position. Chewy then brings up a T-34 to support his attack but I have a
well placed ATG sitting in ambush that is able to dispatch the T-34 in 2 shots.

I now have my troops in position and start to press a counterattack. I can feel the Russians starting to break and push forward.
Some Russians start to break and surrender. I bring up another unit down from the hills and help push the advantage.
My Finns are able to kill more and force others to surrender. Eventually I am able to clear the buildings and press southward.

Finnish Counterattack

Meanwhile another battle is brewing on the Northeast corner of the map. I have a lone Platoon Leader sitting in ambush and
he is engaged against two Russian units. But I am able to hold and then overrun the Russians killing them all.
I then take this unit and retake the bridge, the south railroad crossing and the building next to the crossroads.

In the meantime, Chewy has moved a Hvy MG unit up onto the central ridge and attempt to move one unit north on a flanking run.
Time expires before any more ground can be taken by either side. But as can be seen on the results,
the Finns were able to hold and dish out some serious damage on the Russian horde.


Remaining Russians

Battle Heroes

Again a more complete string of AAR's surrounding this ongoing OP can be found at the follow site.



Pzt CC Gruppe


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Rep: 28.3

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:54 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Very interesting!

dehm. thx!
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Rep: 51.9
votes: 1

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:01 pm Post subject: Re: Operation Red Crown - Pzt_kevin_dtn vs Pzt_Chewy Reply with quote

Pzt_Kevin_dtn wrote:
Make note of the Yellow Arrow for a ONE WAY ROAD

Why the one way road?
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Rep: 10.9

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:35 am Post subject: Re: Operation Red Crown - Pzt_kevin_dtn vs Pzt_Chewy Reply with quote

CSO_Talorgan wrote:
Pzt_Kevin_dtn wrote:
Make note of the Yellow Arrow for a ONE WAY ROAD

Why the one way road?

I have no idea why its that way. All I know is even though there is a VL going north to Kotrola you can't move north between the maps but you can go south from Kotrola to Kyrola.

I have since found another One way going north between Kaukjarvi and Perkojarvi. In this case there is NO VL in Perkojarvi leading south.
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Rep: 7

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:13 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Kevin, that sounds to me like there are UNUSED entries in the Map BTD files part way down the entry list. All of the UNUSED entries should be after the last location. What happens is that the exe reads the BTD until it hits the first UNUSED entry and ignores any VLs after that point.

I discovered that the hard way making my stratmap, wondering why I would get trapped on some maps. BTD munger doesn't have a feature to select the order of the entries so you need to manually replicate each one starting just below the unused entry and move them up.

Its possible that Sapa did that intentionally to make the campaign more interesting. Only he would know for sure.

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Rep: 17.4
votes: 1

PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:07 am Post subject: Reply with quote

The one-way-roads aren't uncommon in various mods. I can't imagine that this one's intentional.
Creating the next team war here and thought of using Stalingrad, though I don't remember every single one-way-road on that strat map and would hate for one to crop up in a war if missed during the op design phase.

Great to see these reports. Been following them closely. I see that Chewy's back now and updated this AAR over at Pzt forums last night. Good stuff.
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