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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:43 am Post subject: TRSM v097 Reply with quote

grab it here:


1)Install GJS 4.4
2)Delete old TRSM pln (if u have any)
3)Install GJS_4.4_TRSM_v097
4)Extract content of bugfixer(if any available for current version).
4)Play it.

TRSM v097 (11.07.2008) (095,096 were never released).

Medium mortars have chance to KO guns now.

M10 - 2 less HE shells, 2 more AP.
Humber MkIV - 4" smoke dischargers work now.
Daimler MkI - 4" smoke dischargers work now.
Daimler MkI - got HE and Cannister shells.
Tetrarch I - 4" smoke dischargers work now.
Tetrarch I - got LJ for the 2pdr gun thus no HE but better penetration.
Pathfinder Secion is represented properly now.
Assault Section got FT now.
Mot.Rifle Section is 5men now (to represent availability of HTs).
Mot.Rifle Group is 6men now (to represent availability of HTs).
RMC Support SS - no Sten.
RMC Gun Group - NCO got No4 instead of Thomy.
RE Assault Section - lost BREN.
Pionierstosstrupp - lost FT and received MG.34.
Pioniertrupp - lost MG.34 and got FT.
Para Assault Section - got PIAT before reinf. and FT after reinf.
PLD leMGtrupp - got K98k for 2nd number.
Para SMG Section got Gammon Bomb.
Stuart - lost all HE and cannister shells.
Pznahkampftrupp - got 1 PzF and 1 Faust.
PLD Pionierhalbtrupp(FT) lost 1 PzF.
SS PG Stosstrupp lost PzF and got 1 Faust.
21Pz PzA.Halbgruppe lost PzF and got 1 Faust.
SS PzA Halbgruppe lost PzF and got 1 Faust.
21Pz/PLD PG PzA Halbgruppe has 4men now.
Most of 12.SS-PzD/21.PzD Infantry teams lost PzF.
PG Spahtrupp lost PzWM.
3inch was increased to 35.
8cm ammo was increased to 25.

50ID received 17pdr ATGs.
8/3ID (Cdn) got Sherman VDD.
PLD got RPzB in Gruppe(s).
PLD lost PzAbwehr trupp.
PLD got FlaK38.
PLD got SdKfz 250/9.
12.SS-PzD Panther BG lost SdKfz 250/7.
12.SS-PzD lost Panther D.
III./25./12.SS-PzD got SS-sPzAbt.101 attached.
I./726./716.ID replaced SS-sPzAbt.101.
716.ID got Pak97/40 instead of Pak40.
PzBGs of PzDs lost GrW Gruppe(s), now have only SdKfz 251/2.
43rd ID - got Churchills after reinforment on June 19th.
69/50 got 3 Sherman VC after reinf instead of 6.
153/51 received Assault Sections.
Para units lost all Uni Carriers.

Centaur AA wreck has been fixed.
Centaur AA pic has been fixed.
MMG Carrier pic has been fixed.
KdoWg 304(f) pic has been fixed.
sPzB.41 pic has been fixed.

SdKfz 250/1, 251/1 - MG fires 360deg now.
17-pdr MkIV RoF was decreased.
sPzB.41 RoF was increased.
KwK37 RoF was increased.
3inch mortar min ranges has been decreased to 200m (same as 8/8.1/8.2cm).

Added Churchill III/IV/V.

other changes.

TRSM Will now also include the GJS elements and GJS maps “adjustments” by AT_Stalky.
So far 23 maps have been recoded.

Maps recoded:

Abbey de Ardennes.
Gold Beach.
Juno Beach.
Lebesiy Woods.
Pegasus Bridge.
Sword Beach.

Known issues:
3 wrong BG icons in Editor.

TRSM v094

PzIVC - there was PzWurfMine(kz) in weapons - fixed.
Puma - got KwK39/1 instead of KwK39 - slower ROF.
Mot Gun Group - had K98k instead of BREN - fixed.
3.7/4.5/4.7cm Pak - HEAT ammo reduced to 1 (was 2).
Sherman VDD - got 2" bomb thrower instead of 2 4" smoke dischargers.
Crusader AA - got 2 20mm Polsten instead of 1 20mm Oerlikon.
Allied tank crew got Sten Mk.III instead of Sten Mk.II.
3" mortar min range was reduced to 230m (was 250m).
GC TRSM - any allied BG can land on any beach map from PEB to Ouisterham if its

default landing beach is occupied.
GC TRSM - all the beach maps give supply route.

GC TRSM - 5/6Para(at Pegasus from start) can cause CC5 bug - if it moves at first turn and captures Benouville, 9/3 Brit will enter Ouiserham from

Benouville instead of sea.
I can c only 2 solutions for now:
1)don't move 5/3Para at turn 1.
2)german player should intercept 5/3Para with 192/21pz at turn 1.

TRSM v092 (21.09.07)

-new GC.
-GJS 4.3 Basly map replaced GJS 4.4 Lebisey Woods map.
-new soundmod.
-all the data was revisited.
-some new weapon icons.
-most of maps have VLs replaced and new ones added.
-virtually all the inf teams were revisited to be more historical.
-inf teams were organized as close to their historical training manuals and tactical

employment as possible in CC5.
-many new teams.
-most of the team names were chnged to be more historical.
-all the vehicles and guns were revisited.
-many new vehicles and guns added.
-some vehciles and guns were removed.
-all the FPs were revisited and reorganized.
-7 BGs were changed for Germans.
-3 BGs were changed for allies.
-all the open-tops are much less vulnerable to mortars.
-alot of new weapons added.
-3th Cdn ID has it's own diferences from british IDs.
-various surprises.
-much more.


-Hvy ACs/Open top TDs/AA tanx r invulnerable to small arms.
-Hvy guns/Field Guns don't fit houses/bunkers.
-Guns in open don't dig gun-pit (useless thing in CC).
-8cm/8.1cm/8.2cm/3-inch mortars are grouped in pairs.
-Inf-held AT weapons r not that effective vs tanx frontal armor, try to get flank/rear

-RPzB/PIAT is able to engage any target (inf/area/vehicles)
-PzF/Faust is able to engage vehicles only.
-Crocodile is virtually invulnerable from frontal projection.
-Tiger/Panther is virtually invulnerable from frontal projection.
-Tiger/Panther/Firefly have v slow ROF (like 2 times slower than

-AT guns have faster ROF than tanx - think twice when u r to engage ATG with tank Smile.
-Cdn and Para Bgs dont have APDS (SP) for their 6-pdr.
-CDn units don't have 17-pdr.
-german Armored BGs r v hvy on tanx - they really need it Wink.
-german and UK Armd BGs have v few large inf teams (6+men) so use them wisely.
-AL Bg gets Cromwells instead of Tetrarchs if u reinforce on 20th June onwards.
-Para Bgs get some armd support if u reinforce on 7-8th onwards.
-Para Bgs have diferent composition before and after reinforcement.
-some Para and Commandos teams have squad integrated 2" mortar - works like SB but

with min range of 50m.
-all brit built tanx/conversions as well as unis have 2" bomb throwers that fires

smoke bombs.
-ask, ask.


-Med mortars - min range - 200-250m depending on type of mortar and shell.
-2" mortar - min range -50m, max range - 460m.
-5cm mortar -min range - 50m, max range - 800m.
-PzF30 - min range -5m, max range - 35m.
-Faust - min range -5m, max range 30m.
-GzB39 - max range - 100m (HEAT), 280m (HE).
-SB - max range - 30m(HEAT), 250 (HE).
-EY - max range -200m.
-RPzB.43/54 - min range -25m, max range - 160m.
-PIAT - max range - 100m.
-4"/9.1cm smoke dischargers - max range - 30m.
-2" bomb throwers - min range -20m, max - 137m.
-FlW.41 - max range 30m.
-1.4cm FlW - max range -40m.
-Lifebouy Mk2 - max range 30m
-Wasp - max range - 50m.
-Crocodile - max range - 75m.
-290mm Spigot - min range - 40m, max range - 120m.
-US 37mm guns fire cannister shells at up to 150m.
-3.7cm/4.5cm/4.7cm pak fire HEAT mine at up to 200m.
-ask if i forgot to mention any.

Known issues:

-SdKfz 222 has misplaced turret.
-SdKfz 221 has wrong and misplaced turret.
-Staghound AA has wrong turret.
-many new teams have 'old' pics.
-most of new vehicles have shared wrecks with 'old' vehicles.
-report on CCS other

Thanks go to:

All who made CC moding tools
mooxe and CCS team
All of u who was waiting, supporting and pushing on me Very Happy(w/o u i wouldn't release it in public for much longer time).

Last edited by Dima on Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:23 am; edited 1 time in total
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Rep: 47.8
votes: 5

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:08 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Do you plan on creating Vetmods in the future?. The A.I. is a complete pushover without it. Sad
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:45 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Do you plan on creating Vetmods in the future?.


The A.I. is a complete pushover without it

i don't care about AI as i haven't played vs AI since like 1998.
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