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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  Player's News: CC3 Valley of Tears
Posted on Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:04 am by webmaster
Close Combat 3 The Russian Front On May, 14, 1948, the United Nations proclaimed the foundation of the tiny Jewish state in Palestine - Israel. This very day, all Arabian countries announced a war to Israel till utter annihilation. Armies of Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon attacked Israel simultaneously from different directions. It seemed, Israel had no chances of rescue. And it seemed so many times again. Since then, during about 60 years war between Arabs and Israelis goes on in the Middle East. Each new armistice serves as a new war preparations. In wars 1948-1982 Middle East became testing area of the newest weapon. USSR, the Warsaw agreement, the Great Britain, the USA, Germany, France sold weapon to one or another side. And sometimes both to Arabs and Israel simultaneously. Despite of huge advantage of the Arabian enemies, Israel has managed to win, or, at least, not to lose in all these wars - in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982.

CC3 Valley of Tears Battle CC3 Valley of Tears Battle CC3 Valley of Tears Battle CC3 Valley of Tears Battle

Valley of Tears Stand Alone Install | Valley of Tears Forum | VoT Screenshot Gallery

The mod CC3 "Valley of Tears" (CC3VoT Beta), by Demiurg, is devoted to these particular battles. This mod is a stand alone install, which means you do not need CC3 installed in order to play it. In CC3VoT there are dozens of kinds of weapons and combat vehicles from the period 1948-1982. The combat vehicles and weapons in this game are made maximum authenticity. All Vehicles/Weapons have been carefully calculated. While working out the mod, the program code for Close Combat 3 has been changed! Due to this, CC3VoT works with huge maps - 1000x1000 meters ("RtB-size", 4800x4800pix)! Any other game of Close Combat series (CC1, 2, 3, 4, 5) does not allow fighting on such big maps. Some of the new weapons systems include heavy mortars, rockets, new airstrikes, helicopters, anti-tank missiles, recoilless guns, amphibious tanks and many other things. Having amphibious vehicles, you can easily cross water obstacles and attack an enemy on the opposite bank! Big maps allow bypassing the opponent imperceptibly from flank. Even AI does miss this opportunity! Demiurg's readme file contains everything you need to know.

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CC3 Valley of Tears

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