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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  Player's News: CC5 Battle of the Scheldt mod completed!
Posted on Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:06 pm by webmaster
Close Combat 5 Invasion Normandy

The Battle of the Scheldt mod for Close Combat Invasion Normandy attempts to recreate the World War 2 battle for the Scheldt estuary which is the seaway from the North Sea to the port of Antwerp, Belgium. This battle took place in October and November of 1944 in the aftermath of the Market Garden offensive. While Market Garden was a partial success for the Allied forces it left the High Command with a thus far underestimated problem: quenching the supply thirsty Allied forces. Finally it was recognized that the supply lines to the front were too long to keep the offensive going. The Canadian First Army was ordered to clear both sides of the Scheldt estuary of the German defenders.

The Battle of the Scheldt mod was started back in 2004. At the time Buck_Compton was to mod making as he was to the military on his first day: clueless, overwhelmed and lost. With help of Close Combat community members he has come a long way since. The final result is impressive with an all new strategic map and 44 maps created from scratch. All maps were hand drawn after aerial reconnaissance photographs of the actual battlefields.

Buck_Compton would like to thank in particular: JimRM2 for putting up with his endless list of questions and for the beautifully drawn sea water, Tejszd, Atilla for their help on so many things, Manoi and Dodam for their gorgeous Photoshop textures and their help on Photoshop, Norden for his unparalleled German bunker drawings, plus a variety of other textures, PT for advice and critique on mapmaking, Mopa for vintage photos of Canadian troops, CCS and MOOXE for hosting the download files and the dedicated forum, 7A Clan for play testing and Pete for comments on the map designs, unit and data research, game data (with Dima’s TRSM as starting point), play testing, mental support and so on. Furthermore we would both like to thank anyone else who has offered any sort of help and the CCS forum members for their interest in the mod.


CC Pete
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

CC5_BattleoftheScheldt_v1.0_plugin.zip | CC5_BattleoftheScheldt_v1.0_mappack.zip | Scheldt Forum | Screenshot Gallery | Installation Guide

P.S. We have already started a new project…


Map Design: Buck_Compton
Data: Pete
Map Texture: Norden / Atilla/ Dodam/Manoi
Map Advice: JimRM2 (RD_Odball)/ Pete /Norden / Tjeszd /Manoi
Map Coding : Buck_Compton / Roshana
Map sources: Pete/ the Netherlands’ Kadaster (Land register)
Map Btd’s: Buck_Compton
Graphs: Buck_Compton
Historical Research: Buck_Compton / Pete
Tools: Mafi/ Cplfilth/ Sgt_Wilson/ Dredead88/ The Blood/ Zonbie / TinTin
General adivice: Jimrm2 (RD_Odball), Pete, Tjeszd, Atilla
Website Hosting: MOOXE
Video: Buck_Compton

Note: read more for credits

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