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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  Player's News: CC5: Wacht am Rhein
Posted on Fri Dec 31, 2004 7:34 am by webmaster
Close Combat 5 Invasion Normandy Platoon_Michael writes...

Hello fellow Close Combat fans,

I am pleased to announce that after playing around with the option of modding Close Combat for the better part of a year that both Pvt.Grunt and I are working on a new mod of putting Close Combat IV onto version V.

Pvt.Grunt is working on the maps and the strategic screen while I am working on the graphic files. I have also asked a few people to help me with the force pools should it be needed. We also have the ok to use some things created by a few other people that will receive credit when the mod is available for download. (I didn’t feel right about denying them the option to be the first to post or mention their hard work first)

While it’s a “not so new idea” to some, we have plans on creating all new screen graphics for the mod, as well as adding some new maps and/or expanding, recoding on some of the original CCIV maps, some of the files have already been done with work to continue well into the future. We have decided to follow in the footsteps of such great mods like GJS, SAS and Meuse by first getting the major part of the work done and then keep adding updates as time goes by. This is not to be confused as an update to any of the current conversions of CCIV to CCV but rather a whole new mod from the ground up.

The mod while in work is still a long way from being completed. It was our intentions that a few people might either want to join in helping or maybe just have some things they would like to share i.e. pictures, Ariel pictures, links, ideas or what not. And to just let people know that someone is working on it.


Platoon Michael a écrit….

Bonjour mes amis Fan de Close Combat,

Je suis heureux de vous annoncer qu’après avoir joué avec pas mal de Mod Close Combat pour la plus grande partie de l’année dernière Pvt_Grunt et moi-même travaillons sur un nouveau mod de Close Combat IV en Close Combat V.
Pvt_Grunt travaille sur les cartes et l’écran stratégique pendant que je travaille sur les graphiques. J’ai aussi demandé à certain joueur de m’aider avec les Groupes de batailles. Nous avons aussi reçus l’autorisation d’utiliser certaine chose faite pour d’autre Mod, personne que nous remercierons dans les « crédits » lors de la publication du Mod.

Pendant que c’est un « pas tant de nouveautés » pour certain, nous avons planifié de retravailler complètement les graphiques pour le Mod, aussi nous ajouterons quelques nouvelles cartes ainsi que des cartes CC IV existante et étendue. Certaine choses sont déjà terminées et nous continuons. Nous avons décidé de continuer sur les traces de certain excellent Mod déjà sortis comme GJS, SAS et Meuse en terminant les parties majeures du Mod et en le complètent au fur et à mesure des mise à jours. Ce Mod ne serra pas une mise à jours de Mod conversant CCIV en CCV qui pourrais être confus mais plus un tout nouveau Mod.

Le Mod est loin d’être terminé, mais quiconque désire apporter son aide en travaillant sur le Mod voire en apportant des idées qu’ils voudraient voire concrétiser sur ce Mod comme par exemple : Images, images aériennes, liens, idées quelconque, sont les bienvenus. Sachez juste que nous travaillons sur ce Mod.

Note: Version Française cliquez Read More

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Re: CCV: Wacht am Rhein (Score: 1)
by RedScorpion on Fri Dec 31, 2004 3:53 pm
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how will this mod differ from like Ardennes or VetBob which i thought were exactly CC4 on CC5 (Ardennes anyway)<br /> <br /> thx

Re: CCV: Wacht am Rhein (Score: 1)
by Nomada_Firefox on Fri Dec 31, 2004 5:14 pm
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Why do you not use the Ardennes Offensive 1.03 to it? It is as a CC4 with truegreen mod.<br /> If you need my help, you know where you can ask me.


Re: CCV: Wacht am Rhein (Score: 1)
by platoon_michael on Fri Dec 31, 2004 6:35 pm
(User Info | Send a Message)
This mod will be different from those done previously by correcting several issues, Most noticeably will be the strategic map where units will no longer be on the opposite side and with deployment on the maps being more correct in relation to the strategic map.<br /> The reason we decided to just do a whole new mod rather than improve on an existing one was two fold.<br /> 1) We didn’t want the mod to be confused with current versions out there; I personally feel that TT has done a wonderful job with CCIV and VETBoB and did not want to take away from that. While Firefox’s A.O. mod is equally nice it is still a VETBoB conversion to CCV rather than a whole new mod dedicated to the BOB Theater. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that it is a CCIV to CCV conversion but rather a mod totally dedicated to the BOB Theater, but we will be using some of the original maps from CCIV as well as some new ones.<br /> 2) The second reason for creating a new mod was to gain the experience in modding Close Combat with the hopes or creating a “How to Guide” for modding Close Combat after the mod is finished. It would be a step by step instruction list for every aspect of the changes made. And it just happened to be the one theater that both Pvt.Grunt and I were interested in working on.<br /> <br />

Re: CCV: Wacht am Rhein (Score: 1)
by Nomada_Firefox on Fri Dec 31, 2004 11:49 pm
(User Info | Send a Message)
I must say that I go to release on a near future a new A.O version with a new strategic map and some corrections more.<br /> If you want more information about this new version, please Michael ask with me on messenger, to other the all players I will do a new strategic map with a correct map from other game as Operational of the War, it is the same game where I took the map to the Invasion Normandy 1946 mod and 1944 submod. <br /> The AO upgrade probably will be release as the other AO versions, on April.


Re: CC5: Wacht am Rhein (Score: 1)
by CSO_Jaywol on Thu Feb 03, 2005 8:36 am
(User Info | Send a Message)
Why don't you guys team up with CSO_Linebacker who has allready made considerable progress with his Race to Bastogne mod with very impressive results. It seems that you could save each other some work and time. Regards Jaywol.

Re: CC5: Wacht am Rhein (Score: 1)
by KGPeiper on Sat Mar 17, 2007 4:31 pm
(User Info | Send a Message)
I am really looking for this guys, cos I'm big fan of things that've happened between 16 December 1944 and, let's say, 1 January 1945 in Ardennes area ;-) I've played original CC4 and VetBoB mod for CC5 but there are some things that annoying me a bit. First; I think German, if you're playing them, have little too big handicap as they almost steamrolled through American lines and, for example, GC is ending far too early. Maybe You can do something with this. Maybe Germans should have less Panzers, maybe capacity of a single German squads should be reduced( as we remembered it's almost end of a War end Germans resources, both human and in "materiel" are almost depleted) ? Second, I have "strange" impression that maps are too small and in many cases are too open. Often, especially when Germans fielded many Panzers, battle ends before it really starts. Maybe there should be more obstacles in LOS? Hils, trees, houses? Original "Weiler" map is, I think, good example of how should look map from Ardennes. Of course I know that maps should be variuos because it could be boring to play at the same map only with different name but Weiler map have lots of potential ;-) that could be used somehow.And naturally I know that making new maps will take lots of time but maybe it'll be worth it? Third; I have small wish: when I'm playing on German side it's really rare that soldiers become "Fanatic" or "Berserk" ( I can hardly remember when that have happened). Could You do something with that? OK, that's all from me. I'll be proud if You use any of my advices :D I'm really looking forward to see results of this project! Good luck! <br /> Cheers from Poland!<br /> PS. Sorry for my English, I haven't use it for a while :P

Berserk! (Score: 1)
by niki_nahkampf on Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:28 am
(User Info | Send a Message)
Hallo, <br /> I`m a big fan of bulge events either, and I confirm with you in guessing the Germans` Battlegroups as too strong so far. <br /> Another point is the beloved Berserk. I can remember it (as regarding to the German soldiers), but it happened only three times within five years. Some of us like berserking very much, for this reaction indicates another face of real human behaviour. Besides, the player (originally speaking for myself) gets more excited while playing the game. You just feel for your soldiers! And referring to this, I must sadly remark that no one ever (who was german) on Close Combat yelled something what could have been identified as `true german`. The new modders should change that! My proposal is for instance a citation from "Die Brücke": "Diese Schweine!" Greetings from Germanyl


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