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  Player's News: CC5: GJS 4.4 Released!
Posted on Tue Mar 08, 2005 4:46 am by webmaster
Close Combat 5 Invasion Normandy This, last, version of Gold Juno Sword has been in the making for almost as long as the original mod. The main emphasis of this new version is on new maps. GJS version 4.1 had 19 new maps, v4.3 had 2 more, and for this final version 21 more were made, leaving only 2 stock CC5 maps. Three maps that were in the previous release; Colombelles, Tourmaville and Basly, have been left out, and one, Hill 112, got another position.

GJS 4.4 Plugin (patched) | GJS 4.4 Map Pack (patched) | GJS 4.4 Individual Maps (patched)

Installation Guide | French Guide

->extracted from readme.doc<-

One of the most eye-catching innovations is probably the new strategic map. While it looks completely different from the old version, under the hood the changes are minimal. The location of the individual maps has remained the same for the most part, here and there a few connections were added or changed.

Last but not least we took the opportunity to iron out glitches, made some changes to the data and graphics. A number of new weapons and teams were added to the files, some of which you’ll encounter in the Grand Campaign, some will only be available in custom games. Custom Vetmods are now also part of the package.

The Gold Juno Sword team wishes you a lot of gaming-pleasure!

Strategic Map

While the new strategic map does look very different from the previous one, the maps and connections between the maps remained largely the same. The new strategic map is essentially a birds-eye view of the battlefield, map thumbnails were used to create it. You might recognize the individual maps in the image of the strategic map.

The main goal I had in mind when creating the new strategic map image was to create an unobstructed view of the battlefield that gives the player a visual clue as to what kind of terrain he can expect in the various regions of the Gold Juno Sword strategic area.

A few important points on the new strategic map;

1) No more ownership-flags on the strategic map. Mainly an aesthetic decision. It might take a second or two more to get an image of the overall situation this way. The bright green (Allied) and bright red (German) colours do give away the position of the frontline.

2) No more white boundary-lines around the individual maps. Also mainly an aesthetic decision. I’m pretty certain this will get me some flak. Leaving out the boundary-lines creates a much more coherent view of the overall strategic map. And after all, in reality a battlefield is not chopped up in easily manageable parts either.

3) Not all the existing connections are indicated by an arrow when you try to move a battlegroup to another map. The reason is that there were not enough arrows to go around. Instead of limiting the number of connections, I thought it better to add those connections nevertheless.

The best way to check if a connection exists between map, is to right-click on the battlegroup you want to move. All the adjoining maps where it can move to will appear with a yellow outline. So if you see the yellow outline, but not the movement arrow, you can move your battlegroup to that map!

Another visual clue to whether or not there is a connection is the road network. Most connections that do not have an arrow linked to them, are visible as dirt roads on the strategic map image.

4) Watch the terrain! The brighter green areas at the bottom of the strategic map indicate more open terrain. Perfect for your dreaded ‘88’s! The darker green areas at the top of the strategic map indicate bocage. You’ll also see where there are build-up areas, rivers, small towns, marshes and so on.

5) Watch the roads! The road network visible on the strategic map is there for a reason! Having a careful look at where the roads go will tell you where connections between maps are, and also where you will enter a specific map when you move a battlegroup to it!

List of new maps

The total number of non-stock maps used in GJSv4.4 is 42. Only 2 stock maps remain.

Maps new in GJSv4.4:

Bois du Bavent
Cagny (new version)
Colombelles (new version)
Hill 112 (north)
Hill 112 (south)
Lebisey Woods
Lion sur Mer
Periers Ridge

Maps from GJSv4.3 left out in GJSv4.4:


Stock Close Combat 5 maps used:


Download the plugin to read the rest!

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Re: CC5: GJS4.4 Released! (Score: 1)
by easmit on Tue Mar 08, 2005 11:37 pm
(User Info | Send a Message)
Help!!<br /> Old shooter trying to re-enlist !!<br /> How do I access the forums?<br /> Where & how can I play on line?<br /> I think I screwed up the activation,<br /> where can I edit and reup?<br /> <br /> easmitt@hotmail.com

Re: CC5: GJS4.4 Released! (Score: 1)
by ZAPPI4 on Wed Mar 09, 2005 12:56 am
(User Info | Send a Message) http://users.skynet.be/at_clan/start.html
U can re subscrive with valid email or contact one of the admin to fix that


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