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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  Terrain Challenge: Terrain Challenge #80 Solved by cphilippe!
Posted on Sat May 31, 2014 7:46 am by webmaster
Terrain Challenge Submitted by Lestayo. WW2.

"Terrain Challenge #80 Solved by cphilippe!" | Login/Create an Account | 8 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by Lestayo on Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:47 pm
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Hint 1 - Red Army - Werhmacht

Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by cphilippe on Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:41 pm
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This is not a great tip, most of us already deduced this.
I have noticed the airfield (east-west oriented) in the south of the right town but it didn't help.
Give us a year or something else :p

Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by Lestayo on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:26 pm
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Hint 2: 1944

Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by Lestayo on Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:42 pm
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Hint 3: Not Russia - Not Poland

Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by mooxe on Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:47 am
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.closecombatseries.net
This one is pretty hard.


Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by cphilippe on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:12 pm
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OK, these are Ia?i and Chi?in?u (Moldavia) !!

Wahooo, really hard to get them :p

The First Jassy–Kishinev Offensive, named after the two major cities (Ia?i and Chi?in?u) in the area, was fought between 8 April and 6 June 1944 by the Soviets and Axis powers of World War II. The offensive was actually a coordinated invasion of Romania conducted by Red Army's 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts, in accordance with Joseph Stalin's strategy of projecting Soviet military power and political influence into the Balkans.

According to the plans of the Main Command of the Soviet Military (Stavka), the two Soviet fronts would cut off vital Axis defensive lines in Northern Romania, facilitating a subsequent advance by the Red Army into the entire Balkan region. The Soviet attack commenced with the First Battle of Târgu Frumos and the Battle of Podu Iloaiei, and culminated with the Second Battle of Târgu Frumos. Soviet forces failed to overcome German defenses in the region and the offensive operation ultimately failed, mainly due to the poor combat performance of Soviet troops and the effectiveness of German defensive preparations.


Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by cphilippe on Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:06 am
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Re: Terrain Challenge #80 (Score: 1)
by mooxe on Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:09 am
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.closecombatseries.net
How did you get this one? Lestayo comes and goes so he may be gone and not able to verify your answer. I looked it up and verified it anyways and it looks good, ofcourse.

This one was very difficult with very little clues. I did spend some time trying to figure it out. Stay tuned for next one!


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