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DECLARATION OF WAR! der Panzertruppen Gruppe at war with the 7A Clan.
Date: Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:08 am
Topic: PzT Close Combat Clan


Pzt called home their ambassador today after he stormed out of peace talks early this morning, effectively slaming the door on any hopes for a peaceful resolution to what many are calling the illegal occupation of Pzt territories by 7A forces.

Within an hour of recalling their ambassador the Pzt CC Gruppe made a declaration of war against 7A. It now appears that war is imminent.

Pzt armees have reportedly already assembled their finest Panzertruppen Divisions to repel the lawless invasion of the 7A armies. Territories which were already rightfully and lawfully conquered by Pzt in previous campaigns.

Stories of attrocities are already comming out of the areas of the 7A occupation. Schools have been boarded up and millions of people accross 7A occupied territories do not leave their homes for fear of harsh reprisals for breaking strict curfews ordered by the 7A leadership.

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The Panzertruppen press secretary released a statement today which reads "The democratic Pzt nation only wants peace for the people of germany, europe, and the world."

Pzt_Wruff said today in an address to the world "All we ask for in our boundless generousity and loving kindness is that we have what is ours. Everything.
Outlaws get out of our country or you will be destroyed."

When asked about recent developments Pzt_CommanderNemesis only replied "We shall crush them under our Boot heels. They are so going down.
Soldats of the 11th Let me hear and see your war face and our 11th Pz Div Crest/Flag shall be the first risen after the first glorious vitory on the feild of Battle!"

Diplomats were reportedly packing their bags and heading home. Bringing with them the grim news that the world will once again be thrown into world war.

June 2006



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