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All Access Pass To Every Mod
Date: Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:15 am
Topic: Close Combat Player's News

The full archive of all mods hosted here is now open to the public via FTP. For all our users who have had trouble downloading via the web, this is your answer. Downloads can now be done in parts as this server supports the Resume function. As of Aug 20, 2009 there are 3,773 files taking up 48.51Gb. Be warned though, there are no descriptions or helpful hints to install and operate these mods as there is on the website, just straight access to the entire archive! Have fun!

Username - ccmods
Password - A6WChQddXMm5rpd7

The account will stay open each month as long as the bandwidth lasts and nothing funny happens. Feel free to download everything and setup a mirror.


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