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CC5 Battle of the Scheldt mod updated
Date: Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:23 am
Topic: Close Combat 5 Invasion Normandy

As previously announced we would release an update to fix reported bugs found in Scheldt mod version 1.0. Scheldt mod v1.1.2 is a small update over version 1.0. It addresses some minor issues in graphics and data.

    * Assault fire off for bolt action rifles, squad MG's and PzFausts.
    * Weapons - minimum distances decreased.
    * Minor changes in spelling and denomination.
    * Minor changes in teams and soldiers.
    * Command teams - Highest rank in infantry command teams is now Leader.
    * Some guns coded to be bigger.
    * Some changes in elements file.
    * Soldier styles amended.
    * Soldier Ranks amended.
    * Allied star has been changed to Canadian Maple Leaf.
    * Height numbers added to several church towers.
    * Revision of certain dike heights.
    * Trees on Putte fixed.
    * Several mistakes in map elements fixed.
    * StuG IV image fixed.
    * Not fixed - turret misalignment and perhaps some other things.
  • Scheldt Plugin v1.1 | Scheldt Maps v1.1

    Furthermore we would like to make two other announcements. The revival of the Ortona '43 mod for CC5. As some of you might know PT commenced work on the Ortona '43 mod years ago. He shared images of his beautifully drawn maps with us as far back as 2005 and has kept us wanting to play this mod since. However there had not been any news about its progress for years. Several months before the Scheldt mod was finished Buck Compton contacted PT about the status of the mod. When it turned out that real life obligations would not allow PT to finish the mod we proposed to finish it for him and he agreed. Nearly all maps had been drawn (one map has been done by Buck) so that most of the work will be in coding, stratmap, the roof files and data. We expect to finish it this year.

    At the same time we have commenced another project, a mod for Close Combat The Longest Day. Thinking about which theatre of operations would be interesting for a mod we realized that there were hardly any mods dealing with battles on German soil. We again looked close to home and went for a Battle of the Rhineland mod. More specifically operations Blockbuster, Veritable and Grenade. Given the size and shape of the area we decided that the CC TLD stratmap was what we needed. We have a firm idea of what this mod should look like but have not made any definite decisions about which areas to include. This is definitely going to be a 64-map mod with a variety of nations and units. ETA: ask again in 3 years!

    Cheers, Buck_Compton and Pete

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