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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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  The Tournament House Ladder
Posted by webmaster on Sun Feb 19, 2006 7:16 pm (Read More... | 15792 bytes more | comments? | Multiplayer | Score: 4)
Tournament House Close Combat Ladder Tournament House is the leading online ladder for Close Combat. To date over 75,000 games have been played on TH since its inception in 1999. Players are ranked according to their skill, not by the leapfrog system used by other ladders which is what makes TH the popular choice. A player's skill is raised or lowered according to the skill of their opponents. For each game a player plays, the skill of the gamers are compared. If your skill is much higher than your opponent, your opponent is theoretically not as good a player as you are and therefore should be easy to beat. You will not increase your skill rating much for beating "easy" players, however, you will lose a great deal if you lose.

General (1500+)

Colonel (1400-1499)

LtCol (1300-1399)

Major (1200-1299)

Captain (1100-1199)

1st Lt. (1000-1099)

2nd Lt. (999 or less)

100 games played

250 games played

500 games played

1000 games played

Tourney Win

5+ WinStreak

"T" Member

titanium.gif (883 bytes)

There are a number of ways to play and setup a game. In this article we will cover the Close Combat 5 ladder. There are a few core rules that each player must follow.

- Username on GameSpy/Power Lobbies must match your TH username,
- The host player shall give the joiner the opportunity to view both sides and have his pick at which side to play,
- The loser of the match reports the loss,
- The point system is 3pts for large VLs, 2 for medium and 1 for small, and
- Players must be good sports!

Here is the full list of the CC5 Ladder rules and regulations. The two most popular ways to play are Vice Versa and Single Match styles.

    Vice Versa
These games are setup so each player plays each side once. After both battles are completed, the grand total of all victory locations are added up, the player with the highest score is the winner. Generally these type of battles do not have to be made even. One side can heavily outgun the other. Since your opponent plays both sides that evens out the game. Settings for the battles are usually 15 to 20 minutes with morale and initiative off.

    Single Match
A single match game is simply one game, highest score wins. These battles do have to be setup evenly. If the host creates an unbalanced match, the opponent will naturally pick the easy side and easily clean up during battle. Generally single match games are 30minutes, morale and initiative are off.

Basically, all the two players must agree on are game settings and victory conditions to enter a ladder game. However, game disputes on TH will only be handled for the games styles listed above. If you want to sign up for the CC5 Ladder follow this link to the signup page. Read the instructions carefully, you will be emailed your registration with a hyperlink you are required to click to activate your account. Please check your junk/spam box incase its routed there.

Tournament House is unique for a few reasons. The administrators play on the ladder, ensure a level playing field and ensure that no cheating is going on. Members from the community volunteer to take care of game disputes, create the ladder icons and run the tournaments. Players can submit a battle to posted for download, and create news to be displayed on the ladder. Essentially, TH is run by the community.

Visit Tournament House & the TH Forums

Download 15 custom made ladder battles for CC5. You will need the mods GJS, Stalingrad and Utah to play them. Unzip them into your C:/Program Files/SSI/Invasion Normandy/Save folder or your equivelent.

Note: Version fran├žaise cliquez Read more..

  Ladder scenarios for GJS 4.4
Posted by ZAPPI4 on Sat May 21, 2005 1:08 am (Read More... | 4564 bytes more | 3 comments | Multiplayer | Score: 4.33)
Tournament House Close Combat Ladder Here is a GJS 4.4 Ladder Scenario pack. Currently there are 7 scenarios in it but it will grow over time. If you have any scenarios of your own you'd like added email us or post in the forums. Enjoy

Note: Click "read more" for scenario details and download pack.
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