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  Boot Camp #5 Disbanding Part One
Posted by webmaster on Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:40 am (comments? | Boot Camp | Score: 0)
Boot Camp


May 13th, 1940, morning. Mouzon is a French Major Supply Depot. Reinforcements will spawn in the bottom left corner. Currently the French 5eRDP BG (AI) pinned down by PzRgt.1/1Pz on in that small corner. Morale is on and the battles are set at 15 minutes. You own all the commanding features including the two story house next to thier deploy zone. You have full LOS everywhere.

Mouzon Strategic Overview Mouzon Deployment Mouzon Tactical View

The Plan

Keep the battlegroup pinned in the corner. The AI can have the bridge, but not the North end of it. The two story house is a bonus, but you don't need it. Take some some armour or anti tank guns to cover the North end of the bridge from vehicles. You will be mostly static in this fight. The units you should focus on bringing are mortars, MG34s, only two command teams (left & right flank), an anti tank or inf gun and remainder riflemen.

Disband or not?

Keep in mind this battle is vs the AI with morale on. To disband this unit you will not need to capture the VLs. A straight up firefight across the river will drop his morale significantly enough to push the AI off the map. The bonuses to this are not in your favour except the fact he loses all 15 units. Next reinforcement phase he will regain the full attack square deployment box. You will be pushed back beyond some of the houses covering the bridge.

On this particular map, keeping him on the map whittling his forces down piecemeal every battle is in your favour. Your forces get to stay in cover all the time, while he has to march forward on pavement. You only have to concentrate on covering the North end of the bridge. You may have to capture the bridge VL to push his deploy back every now and then. Doing this you have to be careful of his morale. Keeping your men on ambush the entire time and only opening fire on the men coming to the North end of the bridge is key.

If this battle was vs a human opponent your tactics will have some changes. First of all morale will most likely be off, so to disband him you will have to capture the VLs or destroy every last man. This is also not in your favour. In this example, its only day two of the entire campaign. You have to let your unit sit and eventually die (due to attrition) on this map to hold him in that corner. This tactic could also force your opponent to disband his unit at the strategic phase in order to get a better start when a new unit spawns. Manually disbanding works out in your opponents favour in this case.

In Disbanding Part Two, we'll go over the differences in disband rules from CC5 to TLD and the best ways to make disbanding work for you throughout a campaign. There are major differences due to this rule being fixed for The Longest Day.


  Boot Camp #4 Indirect Fire
Posted by webmaster on Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:56 am (Read More... | 4423 bytes more | comments? | Boot Camp | Score: 4.5)
Boot Camp Indirect fire to Close Combat is equally as important as directed fire. All weapons that fire HE rounds have a blast radius, which means near misses cause injuries and death. Armour piercing rounds also result in near miss kills but the effect is minimized. Indirect fire comes in most useful when you see where an enemy is, but you cannot target him yet either by blocked LOS or your men just haven’t spotted them yet. High explosives will do the job, and at the very least they will suppress your opponent and force him to move. Let’s go over a few ways you can provide indirect fire...

Flame tanks need only to score near misses to inflict casualties. A massive morale drop is also inflicted on survivors. Flame attacks can be followed up on very quickly by infantry assaults. The flame attacks put the opponent’s soldiers in a state of shock, unable to move quick enough to counter any attack. The flame tank alone driving to your opponent’s position will most likely make him relocate.

For the two man flame teams, it’s wise to leave them on ambush if not confronting the enemy at the beginning of the game, and I mean at the 1st second! If you do suspect a large concentration of enemy soldiers in a particular spot upon the timer starting, have your flamers force fire into that direction, keep a command team within its radius to give the team a boost. Flamers within engineer sections do not work as well with this technique. If you force fire an engineer team they will also lob a bundle of dynamite, suppressing and even killing your own men at close range.

Note: Click read more for entire article

  Boot Camp #3 Fine Tune Your Game 3
Posted by webmaster on Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:28 am (comments? | Boot Camp | Score: 0)
Boot Camp After your mortars have completed a smoke mission, have them reload HE. Do this by giving them a fire command to anywhere on the map, wait for them to show you they are reloading, then place the unit back into ambush mode. This will save you valuable time if you catch enemy units moving fast.

During the setup phase, have your dismounted and mounted mortars facing the most likely direction of attack. This will save your team time turning the mortar to that direction. Your rounds will be down range much quicker. For mounted mortars, ensure these vehicles are stationed way back out of sight. If they are disabled they will only be able to fire in the direction they are pointed, just like a Stug when it’s immobilized. Be careful about firing your mortars with direct line of sight. It’s best to keep these teams hidden, if they have line of sight they may start firing their rifles as well, or just switch to rifles instead of using the mortar. This tends to change depending on what mod or game you are playing.

Some mods or versions have large machine gun sections. When placing these in buildings or hedgerows make sure the actual machine gun is pointed where you want it. This may take a few tries. Failing to have the gun properly sited, the gunner will just tell you he can't see the target. The gunner will not attempt to reposition.

Keep your mortar and machine gun teams on ambush. When these teams have been placed on defend they may try to move around the area seeking more cover. This means they will have spend time settings up their weapons again. Having them on ambush ensures they do not move. After any fire orders are complete press m to go back on ambush.

Some battles can be fought and won without a full complement of 15 units. When this is the case, estimate what you need to win and fill the extra slots up with units that have low experience and low morale. During the setup phase place them in the rear areas, or next to the most important exit VL, plan on not using these teams at all. At the end of the engagement, they will have gained some experience and morale and will be more suited to fight the next battle.

When an enemy command team is spotted, focus your efforts on destroying it. Loss of command during an engagement will result in poorer performance and quicker defeat of your opponent. This generally goes for all support teams. Machine guns, mortars, AT and engineers. A battlegroup without sufficient support teams will be easier to destroy.

During the daytime strategic phase always assign all support. This will ensure you have it if there’s a massive upset in game. If you do not need it, don't use it. During the final phase of the day use all remaining support, it will be not carried over to the next day.

In the strategic phase, rest all battlegroups that are not moving or not in battle. Make it a standard so you will never forget. During each rest period the battlegroup’s cohesion raises slightly. Having good cohesion can help your battlegroup survive an onslaught.

Before entering a battle during an campaign or operation, take note of which exit roads give you supply. Defend them accordingly.

  Boot Camp #2 - Fine Tune Your Game Part 2
Posted by webmaster on Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:41 am (Read More... | 3729 bytes more | comments? | Boot Camp | Score: 5)
Boot Camp Fine tuning your game can tip the balance in your favour. These small and often overlooked tips when used together can give your opponent a fight for his life. Many games you will play depend on your use of indirect fire, ambushing and keeping a tally of what you are up against, this is where my fine tuning tips originate from.

Avoid naming your teams based on accomplishments or other values. Your opponent can see these names, if they give away your units experience he may give them more attention then you'd like for a veteran team. Alternatively, giving them false names may confuse your opponent.

Trenches can be easily spotted at the beginning of battles making them somewhat useless. Some trenches do stay on the map for continued battles. You will only get one chance to make the trenches usually so do it! At the beginning of battle place some of your men on ambush where you think you may need cover in the coming battles. Once the battle starts move them out. You now have trenches you can use throughout the battles. If you have no choice but to place men in open fields at the beginning of a battle, and you do not want to make trenches, give them a very short sneak command, then place them on ambush. This technique wont let the game construct a trench thus giving away your position.

Note: Click read more for more game winning tips!

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