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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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  Close Combat Player's News - May 17th 2014
Posted by webmaster on Sat May 17, 2014 10:00 am (comments? | Player's News | Score: 1)
Close Combat Panthers in The Fog

Close Combat The bloody First Two screenshots of a the alpha version of The Bloody First have been let out. The images and a brief review appear over at Pocket Tactics. Slitherine development director Iain McNeil gives some insight on the problems with the original engine and why we are moving to 3D. The screenshots show two camera angles which will be the only two angles of view. The ability to zoom will also be there. We have started a discussion in the forums here.

The Bloody First The Bloody First

Gateway To Caen News Gateway to Caen has entered its beta phase. Many testers come right out of the community here and from Matrix Games. Release date is June 6th and it will be available via Steam.

Close Combat Wacht Am Rhein The Kharkov mod for The Longest Day that was released in March 2014 has a WAR version as well. Its completely identical but runs on TLD which is great for anyone who didn't buy WAR. You can read Drizzt's post on release about the WAR version here. Download the WAR_Kharkov_Mod_v2.2_installer.zip.

Close Combat Wacht Am Rhein A new soundmod for WaR has been released by vobbnobb. He has replaced most of the small arms sounds with softer more realistic samples. Download WAR_RealSounds_v1.0_installer.zip.

Close Combat Cross of Iron News Digs has modified a soundmod for Cross of Iron. This is mainly an update to RD_Deathdealer's soundmods released in 2009. The difference with Digs' mod is that he changed the deploy music, which in turn enabled him to combined both of RD_Deathdealer's soundmod plugins into one file. You get all same weapon sounds RD_Deathdealer added minus the deploy music and multiple plugins. Download COI_RealismSoundMod_Modified_by_Digs.zip here.

Modding News All of Mafi's tools have been updated to the latest versions in the downloads section. Eleven in total which are 5CC 1.22, BED9 1.09, CC2OvEdit.zip 1.02, CC2Spriter.zip 2.95, CCBmaker.zip 1.03, CCVehShEdit.zip 1.01, MyMookX_v3.zip 3.0 and RtBTool.zip 2.39. All these modding tools are available in the Toolbox section in the downloads area. For the absolute latest versions and updates from Mafi visit his CC2 Revival Site.

Multiplayer News TeamSpeak is hosted again on CCS. Download the TeamSpeak3 Client and connect to, leave port number blank.

Note: Close Combat Player's news is a short summary of major events, new and updated mods and anything noteworthy. Contact MOOXE is you'd like anything added.


  Panthers in the Fog 1.0.1 Patch Released
Posted by webmaster on Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:45 am (Read More... | 3 comments | Player's News | Score: 0)
Close Combat Panthers in The Fog

Matrix Games has released its first patch for Close Combat Panthers in the Fog. The current version is 1.0.1. Changes are not significant enough to warrant restarting any multiplayer campaigns you have started, although it may be advisable to avoid glitches. Download the PITF_Patch_v1.0.1.zip.

o Enhanced path-finding handles tight terrain better (bridges, tree / hedge-lined roads).
o Added a help dialog that displays when you first enter the multi-player screen.
o Added additional labels and a CHAT button to help clarify the UI on the multi-player screen.
o Multi-player connection between two players will now use a direct connection if possible. If prevented by firewall/router or other issue, an indirect connection via the lobby system will be used.
o AI tweaked to increase the chance the AI will choose to act aggressively.
o Added an option to turn off the fog visual effect in the General options.
o Ger map elevations corrected.
o Game font size no longer affected by Windows global font scaling.
o M8 HMC hull shadow fixed.
o Replacement animation for marker smoke (artillery, mortar support) added.
o Added some extra information to the Battle Group screen (selected unit type, weapon name tooltips).
o Fixed a bug where swapping battle groups could lead to multi-player sync issues on the strategic screen.
o Fixed a bug that could cause a vehicle to report 'We're Stuck' when moving on low cost terrain (like paved roads) when very close to the next internal waypoint.
o Fixed a case where vehicles would use reverse on a move involving multiple internal waypoints and then turn around at the destination to face as if they had move there going forwards.
o Fixed a case where movement orders for an infantry team would not complete even when the soldiers all considered themselves at the final destination. The order would eventually time out, and the soldiers would behave normally, but the order dot would still be sitting there.
o Multi-player chat on the Strategic Screen repositioned and area reduced.
o Fixed a case where a team with a damaged vehicle could re-appear in your roster with the name “Vehicle Crew”


  Close Combat Panthers in the Fog
Posted by webmaster on Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:34 am (Read More... | 5108 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 1)
Close Combat Panthers in The Fog

Panthers in the Fog was announced back in April 2012. Matrix Games has licensed Slitherine Games to develop this new version of Close Combat. This will also be the last version using the existing game engine. Panthers in the Fog (PiTF) will recreate the German counter attack named Operation Lüttich taking place between August 7 to the 13th in and around the town of Mortain. The counter attack was ordered to push the Americans back after thier gains made during Operation Cobra.

There is some new changes and rehashes of things we have learned to expect from these new versions. Some of the changes are open to wide interpretation until we can get some more information. I'll summarize what I feel are the most important good or bad changes and the continuations.

- You can control up to 21 units with up to 10 soldiers
- 32bit graphics which you can see the screenshot examples included below
- Non customizable force selection
- Intergrated multiplayer lobby
- Two player
- Fog can hide enemy units
- Holding high ground enables you to see distant troop movements

So theres a few things to hash out and hopefully gain some more details on soon. Visit the Panther in The Fog forum to discuss. There has been a public request for beta testers over at Matrix Games. It may not be too late, CCPiTF Beta Testers.

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