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Preferred Map Size

Small - (A Bridge Too Far)
Medium - (GJS)
Large - (Modern Tactics)


Votes 793
Comments: 10

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Bazookajoe - $25.00

Pete - $25.00

Anonymous - $10.00

m2carbine - $20.00

Dima - $25.00

mikwarleo - $20.00

0202243 - $10.00

tycoon1969 - $10.00

Anonymous - $10.00

spudweasel - $5.00

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Current Poll Results

Preferred Map Size

Small - (A Bridge Too Far)23 %23 %23 % 23.20% (184)
Medium - (GJS)48 %48 %48 % 48.80% (387)
Large - (Modern Tactics)27 %27 %27 % 27.99% (222)

Total Votes: 793

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"Preferred Map Size" | Login/Create an Account | 10 comments
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Re: Preferred Map Size (Score: 1)
by RedScorpion on Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:22 pm
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I really like smaller maps too, but for a grand campaign to be any interesting the allies need to be held off some turns on each map. Too small maps arent really helpful in that case. As far as really large maps are concerned I'd really love to play on such, but then I also think 30 units or more are needed. Its my dream to play on huge maps with 60min battles or so. But lets get the source code first so we can twink the number of units.

Re: Preferred Map Size (Score: 1)
by CSO_Sbufkle (CSO_Sbufkle@closecombat.org) on Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:50 pm
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Smaller maps tand to make better AI, and while we all know H2H is best, most games of CC are vs AI. while there are some great medium maps and a couple of big ones (Ghazwah is only big map thats not boring IMHO) just because if small size and inproved ai, if one was to randomly get assigned any map to play on, if it was a small one, the percentage of it being a good play woudl be higher than medium or large. Hell, just take any generic medium map, slice a portion of it to say 2040 x 2040 and youll normally have a better map... (that Mafi and his map slicing tool! ;) )

Re: Preferred Map Size (Score: 1)
by schrecken on Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:48 am
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.closecombatwar.com/Overlord.html

Larger maps for me both H2H and v the AI The AI as well as the human player has room for maneouver instead of just butting your heads up against each other *(though that can be fun too)

Re: Preferred Map Size (Score: 1)
by schrecken on Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:21 am
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.closecombatwar.com/Overlord.html

WoW 80 % for GJS sizes and bigger. That clearly favours larger sized over the CC2 sized mini maps. Obviously people like to play the game of movement and counter movement rather than stake all their money on their initial deployment choices. Obviously a place for smaller maps in this game but just like the very largest maps (for a different reason) they should be reserved for special case scenarios where a rumble is called for. Interesting stats and one of the best polls CCS has offered.

Re: Preferred Map Size (Score: 1)
by Privateryan1 on Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:01 am
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The AI performs much better on a small or medium map and you really have to think and act fast on a smaller map . I keep all my own custom maps small and they are terrific to fight on.

Re: Preferred Map Size (Score: 1)
by chessmaster on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:50 pm
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i think maps like BEEK near nijmijgen in LSA are perfect.. its not small and big enough to try and do everything... so not very large either it has different landscapes in one.. some forrest, buildings, countryside, 2 fourstory belltowers, bocage and roads.. and its actually a big town not a countryside map and everywhere you enter the map, you have plenty of cover and some buildings

Re: Preferred Map Size (Score: 1)
by Slyguy3129 on Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:49 am
(User Info | Send a Message)

Medium to Large size map all the way. I hate spending 2-3 minutes in a battle so small, even if I loved CC2, which I do. The maps need to be large enough to employ a maneuver fight between the BGs. Being able to keep your opponent guessing is the best tactic. Small maps leads to Call of Duty syndrome (everybody goes this way because everybody goes this way.) leading to singular dimension attacks, defenses, and game play. Large maps make room for different styles of play. If your attention span isn't long enough to handle the larger maps, I really don't think the CC series is good for you(or you good for it).

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