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Pzt Missions Pack event:
Date: Fri Dec 24, 2004 11:42 am
Topic: PzT Close Combat Clan

Panzertruppen Close Combat Gruppe will soon be embarking on their latest Gruppe endeavour. The Pzt Missions Pack, by Pzt_Wruff and Pzt_Mac.
Read more inside and see the Missions Pack players guide website:

Panzertruppen CC Gruppe is geared up for this event, along with some of our freinds from Luft clan who are also joining Pzt for this fun event. Once we're finished fighting these missions, the Missions Pack will be available for download to anyone who wants to have fun with these objective specific missions. 7 carefully designed and thuroughly tested missions which follow an overall story line. We'll be fighting one mission per week for 7 weeks. The Missions Pack will then be added to the CCS downloads section for everyone to enjoy. Accompanied by this website which includes a players guide, overviews, allied and german orders, and rules and regulations. I look forward to releasing the Missions Pack for everyone to enjoy once Pzt is finished with them.

Click on the Panzertruppen Missions Pack link here on our main site and have a look:
Pzt Missions Pack (This link is now dead - MOOXE Sept 2010)

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