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Date: Thu May 19, 2005 4:49 am
Topic: Close Combat Player's News

ANZAC_Lord4War's Reg Xtra 3.2 mod has been released. Tons of changes which include a different selection of original CC5 and custom made CC5 maps. (sorry no more personalized VLs)...

Plugin | Maps Pack | Forum

ZCharles has been working on his new mod, Warhammer 40k. If you dont know what Warhammer is click this link! ZCharles is looking for help and has posted info on this unique CC5 mod here, here and here. Recently hes sent us some screenshots of ingame footage and pregame selection phases...

Nembo has released a new version of his Close Combat 2 1945 mod. The mod comes wrapped in a self installing EXE file which will overwrite your original installation. A more detailed set of installation instructions and mod changes are included in the EXE file. Sorry no screenshots yet. Here it is,

Walganger has released a German Vetmod submod for CC5: Battle Of Berlin. Some of the changes are more powerful mortar and artillery support, Soviet AI is more agressive, increased Soviet infantry teams and decreased German forcepools.

Cobalth-77 has done some detailed bunker recon of the GJS maps. Heres all known bunkers so far.

The Close Combat Series CC3 Custom Maps section has now been updated! Every custom map listing has a clickable thumbnail image to show you the a larger sized image of the map you can download. We have a total of 763 custom made CC3 maps plus another 97 original CC2/4/5 converted maps. All double listings, corrupt and incomplete files have been pruned to give you an extremely accurate resource of every available CC3 map there is. Also scattered in the section are some custom made CC5 maps converted to CC3, namely GJS maps.

AT_Dima has released his Close Combat 5: Utah mod. This is a straight modification of the original version of CC5, no new maps are needed. Dima is known for his extreme attention to detail, forcepools, weapon and armour data are his specialty. Heres the forum and the screenshot gallery.

So whats upcoming for the CC community? Andima's CC3 Greece mod is due out next month. The mod has been done for a couple years now. Andima recently uploaded it to CCS and we are constructing the plugin and download section on this site. CC5 Stalingrad is rumoured to ready for sometime in June. We are all waiting for this one, check out some screenshots in the meantime. Last but not least we are still working on the CC2 custom maps section. In total theres about 140-160 maps and we hope to get them all thumbnailed.

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