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Unit Guide - German Hetzer


Battlegroup Name: Light Tank Killer
Turret Class: Closed Top
Turret Type: Fixed
Crew: 4
Speed: 25 mph (40 km/h)
Weight: 32,000 ln. (14,545 kg)
Engine: 6 cyliner Praga, 150 hp, gasoline
Schürzen: No

The Hetzer was built primarily in response to the ever-increasing number of Soviet tanks. The design for this new light tank destroyer drew heavily upon its cousin the Marder III. The Hetzer was built with a fully enclosed turret, but emphasizing a low slung silhouette left little room for the crew. By the end of the war over 2,500 had been manufactured.
The Hetzer is the primary light tank destroyer for the German army. With its thick frontal armor, you should be able to push through America's lightly armored lines, especially early in the Grand Campaign. Keep in mind that the side and rear armor of the hull is very thin. As such, the Hetzer is very vulnerable to flanking fire. The fixed main gun only compounds this vulnerability.

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Published on: 2004-11-27 (1987 reads)

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