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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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Shout Box History
Bel8910: Mooxe, did you get my email about mods to load up? (googledrive link?)
22-09-2017 10:17:pm
KG_Loki: Mooxe where are you?
20-09-2017 12:44:pm
gittigidiyor: türk arkada?lar numaram5554918443
08-09-2017 3:16:pm
gittigidiyor: türk oyuncu arkada?lar
08-09-2017 3:16:pm
MajorFrank: I'm not a fan of American History X. Tony Kaye, the director, is an admitted racist.
02-09-2017 6:41:pm
mooxe: Dunkirk was good. Go and watch!
28-07-2017 9:42:pm
KG_Loki: Looking for CCV gamers, I play on GameRanger CC_infected_x_X
16-07-2017 12:23:pm
Pete: Hey Chessmaster, ofcourse that mod is any good! Try it! There are only a handful of LSA mods outthere.
14-07-2017 12:27:pm
mooxe: Just rewatched American History X (1998). Its like the movie was made yesterday.
13-07-2017 9:44:pm
Bel8910: Hey, Mooxe, am I able to upload a mod to this site?
12-07-2017 5:51:pm
SheytanArba: Salutations my dear friends. I came back from army duty of 6 bloody months and i am up for some grand campaing, anyone up ? maybe Ebro mod for CC5, or something similar? PM me if interested.
11-06-2017 4:19:pm
chessmaster: is that rhineland MOD for LSA anygood? want to play the campaign with my brother, or if someone else is interested let me know
07-06-2017 11:13:am
mooxe: Stalingrad GC Unedited [URL]
03-06-2017 10:24:am
platoon_michael: your link sucks Mooxe
29-05-2017 7:44:am
mooxe: Then and Now https://vsco.co/artsa ndculture/journal/the n-and-now
25-05-2017 8:00:am
blinddog14: Remotesville Alaska has internet! Who knew? World Wide Web indeed! Not strong enough for file downloads (maybe overnight), but certainly enough to annoy through email. Already set up another campaign whilst viewing the Chugach mountains (from the other side) from my window. Alaska, CC2, and cocoa... perfect day.
24-05-2017 4:01:pm
Digs: "Insomnia"
14-05-2017 12:17:pm
blinddog14: Apparently the sun doesn't set in Alaska. I can work, fly fish, play music (mandolin), and wage war pretty much 24/7... please send coffee...
08-05-2017 2:32:pm
blinddog14: Just purchased "Gateway to Caen" through Matrix. And downloaded some old fav mods for CC2.
08-05-2017 2:29:pm
mooxe: Dunkirk, new trailer out here [URL] July 21st!
05-05-2017 6:00:pm
PHOENIX82: Hi guys, Someone have ever played to Road to Crimera?
04-05-2017 10:59:am
mooxe: cya dude! Take some mods with you.
23-04-2017 1:59:pm
blinddog14: I've played everyday since resuming... but I'm off to Alaska for seasonal work.. it's a long way from Az... and no internet...
21-04-2017 7:46:pm
blinddog14: I'm looking forward to working my way through all the scenarios! One of these days I'll get up on gameranger....
21-04-2017 7:44:pm
Digs: Happy Easter!
16-04-2017 12:08:pm
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