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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Shout Box History
Atlatlman: How do you download? I cant find a button or anything. Yes, I'm a n00b
18-06-2024 1:06:pm
Antony_nz: Most on discord
04-06-2024 2:44:am
Privateryan1: Hello All.Wonder who is still remanig here ?
13-05-2024 7:28:am
vobbnobb: New Wact am Rhein patch v5.50.34 not added in forum
19-01-2024 3:56:pm
Pzt_Kanov: try right click the installer and choose"run as administrator"
04-01-2024 2:08:pm
Hetser: LSA won't install using compatability mode Win 10, any help?
03-01-2024 11:39:am
SwissAdmiral: how do you people still play? I cant download it and get it to work. I've tried to edit the registry and everything.
28-12-2023 12:01:am
ivan88: TLD_Patch_v55032.zip is not suitable. The code 1111111 is not suitable.
29-10-2023 2:32:am
ivan88: ?? ???????? TLD_Patch_v55032.zip ??? ??????????? ? 1111111 ?? ????????!
29-10-2023 2:32:am
Antony_nz: Welcome all.
02-09-2023 4:05:am
Troll69: Hello, I´ve out from here since many years ago, just coming here again to see what´s going on.
13-08-2023 4:14:am
Dani-0TB: Summer Sale on the north, winter break on the south, playing this old game my dad liked so much
11-07-2023 1:34:am
jimarsul: the return to playing the game is real
29-05-2023 12:45:pm
Edward75_: [URL]
21-05-2023 3:07:am
Antony_nz: On Gold Beach, do you put your 1 AT gun inland or risk it in the café?
20-04-2023 7:36:pm
ke_mechial: The Eathquake in Türkiye
09-02-2023 7:15:am
vobbnobb: coo
26-12-2022 7:25:pm
mooxe: CCS turning out 340GB per month in mod downloads and traffic.
03-05-2022 10:43:pm
AFMRAYAN: Syrian Warfare
23-02-2022 6:20:pm
FreeKing: Anybody else have a problem changing their avatar? The image for mine won't show up. Does it need apporval or something before it shows?
01-02-2022 3:49:pm
ScnelleMeyer: Happy to see you back in the game Mooxe!
04-01-2022 2:57:pm
KG_Loki: Mooxe come back we all miss you
27-12-2021 8:17:pm
Peter386: For classic LAN Play, use the program IPX Wrapper.
06-12-2021 9:14:pm
Digs: @evilwebster: Try resetting your monitors settings, or check your graphics cards control panel regarding aspect ratio.
27-09-2021 1:58:pm
Digs: @Von_Wold: Purchase the titles from Matrix Games, GOG, or Steam, and they should be perfectly safe to install.
27-09-2021 1:47:pm
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