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Shout Box History
mooxe: Anyone seen Dima?
04-01-2017 12:54:am
platoon_michael: Or you can make your own.....heres how I did [URL]
01-01-2017 12:35:am
ScnelleMeyer: SPEARDan - You can open the Axsteams and Alsteam.txt and see all the teams. Or download the workbook in spreadsheet format for easier viewing.
30-12-2016 10:59:am
mooxe: There is not.
30-12-2016 1:18:am
SPEARDan: Hi guys, is there a complete unit list/descriptions somewhere? (GTC)
29-12-2016 12:00:pm
mooxe: 2015 visits to CCS 52,840, 2016 visits 48,000. Stats are here [URL]
23-12-2016 8:40:pm
mooxe: If he's gonna play... Haven't seen him around much at all.
23-12-2016 6:27:pm
platoon_michael: Grunt needs a counter part..............som eone on his time zone
23-12-2016 5:49:pm
mooxe: Oh well if Grunt wants to play I don't mind.
23-12-2016 4:11:pm
platoon_michael: sorry Grunt after conversing with Mooxe we decided to not include anyone
23-12-2016 4:08:pm
platoon_michael: are you in Grunt? Did you find someone on your time zoone?
23-12-2016 3:32:pm
platoon_michael: I got CCIV working now....After Boxing Day (Whatever the hell that is) Its Game ON!
23-12-2016 3:31:pm
platoon_michael: I still havent found my CCIV disk.....I think it might be gone with the cpu I threw away
23-12-2016 2:26:pm
mooxe: All printable strat maps @ [URL]
22-12-2016 2:00:am
mooxe: Stalingrad exit VL at Dolgiy Gully fixed @ [URL]
22-12-2016 1:50:am
mooxe: Printable Stalingrad strategic map updated @ [URL]
22-12-2016 1:49:am
mooxe: Torturing myself playing through CC5 crashes in Utah/Stalingrad.
20-12-2016 9:36:pm
mooxe: Michael. Where are you?
19-12-2016 9:39:pm
mooxe: Fixed forum image size... that was annoying.
19-12-2016 4:53:pm
pvt_Grunt: Touche Michael
15-12-2016 7:14:am
mooxe: Dunkirk Trailer #2 is out, looks awesome!
15-12-2016 12:17:am
vobbnobb: also trenches in high grass can't be seen my tanks that easily i think
13-12-2016 7:38:pm
vobbnobb: cool video notice how the elite team stays calm and hides, wonder if they would use AT stuff.
13-12-2016 7:37:pm
mooxe: Trench and Vehicle Interaction Video @ [URL]
12-12-2016 10:19:pm
Antony_nz: I remember the Stalingrad one. It was awesome! Shouldn't of been stopped. If a game is only played once every 7 weeks, who cares!
12-12-2016 5:31:am
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