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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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Shout Box History
KG_Brandenburg: guess i should clarify what version .. I prefer CC III/COI for online single battles and ops.. I prefer CC5/TLD for campain play online and vs the AI.. I have mixed feeling about GtC..
18-04-2018 5:47:pm
KG_Brandenburg: ive been playing online here lately.. WF, RR, and PAC.. hell ill do nam too)
18-04-2018 5:42:pm
ke_mechial: considering playing online. Probably, friday, saturday nights. Hopefully soon.
18-04-2018 10:50:am
KG_Loki: Curious why more people don’t play online? It’s 100% better than playing the mindless AI ????
06-04-2018 5:40:pm
Pzt_Kanov: LSA is not listed on GoG?
28-03-2018 1:33:pm
mooxe: To get mods working on your GOG CC versions click this URL [URL]
24-03-2018 11:37:pm
mooxe: Mick need your BTD expertise on CC5 Stal VL Bug!
15-03-2018 8:23:pm
mick_xe5: You can kill POWs but Incaps are immortal.
25-02-2018 4:05:am
mooxe: Yes, Good Old Games, [URL]
24-02-2018 7:29:pm
trippy44: where can i download the full game
24-02-2018 6:07:pm
mooxe: Mac, dont know. Very few Mac users. Try asking Mafi.
21-02-2018 8:52:pm
Plugger: I only see 800x600
20-02-2018 10:21:pm
Plugger: Can I increase screen resolution on Vanilla installs on Mac?
20-02-2018 10:19:pm
KG_Loki: TLD? Mod installers like Stalingrad can they be played H2H?
12-02-2018 1:02:pm
VVarlock: Help! Getting error when installing cc1 close combat the program could not launch make sure your cd rom is inserted correctly
10-02-2018 10:59:am
VVarlock: close combat the program could not launch make sure your cd rom is inserted correctly
10-02-2018 10:58:am
mooxe: Compatibility settings, run as administrator. Working fine here on Win10 64b.
01-02-2018 9:08:pm
MarkusAur: For Win10, an someone post how you were able to get the cfg manager to work?
29-01-2018 7:40:pm
mooxe: I installed Win10 for free through Microsoft a few weeks ago, there are still free upgrade paths, make sure you search before buying.
28-01-2018 8:55:pm
mooxe: Yes, all working in Windows10.
28-01-2018 8:51:pm
KG_Loki: curious if the cfgv13 works with win 10?
28-01-2018 5:43:pm
mooxe: Increase your resolution to cut down scrolling. I use 1440x900.
28-01-2018 12:30:pm
__Creeper__: ya that's what I mean. I cant get used to that. I need to be able to push the screen around with the arrow.
27-01-2018 10:34:pm
mooxe: You mean scroll speed? I use the arrow keys now for small adjustments, and the click the mini map. I rarely scroll with the mouse cursor anymore.
26-01-2018 6:47:am
__Creeper__: How do you guys get around the mouse speed. I haven't been able to enjoy this game on any machine made after like 2003
25-01-2018 10:09:pm
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