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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Category: Main -> Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far -> Mods
 1940 One of the oldest mods for CC2, made by Frantz Fritz Pergolini in 1998. It was published on a CD of a French computer magazine. The 1940-mod introduces new teams for Axis GE, IT and Allies FR, BR, BEL, PO with new vehicles and new vehicle graphics, covering the time of 1939 until 1940. No changes to the Intrface.cc2 file was made. A suitable Terrain file was added by Mafi. No changes to battles, ops or campaigns, no new sound file.
 1945 CC2 Late war Eastern Front mod based on the CC3 mod by Eicke.
 Afrika Mafi's full modification of CC2. 52 desert maps, new vehicles, weapons and operations.
 Anglo War 
 Damn Yank Damnyank is a variant of the RealPara mod, for the game Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far (CC2). Where RealPara posed the question: "Can we game out what actually happened at Arnhem?"
 Dieppe Raid A small, but complete mod for CC2: 4 new maps Casino, Harbor, Town and Berneval, new vehicles, new teams, new graphics, new 'Terrain'-file, new story line with suitable ops/campaign play. Made by Wouter Pinkhof and David Bourchanin.
 Eastern Front Das_Fuchs made a total conversion of CC2 to get CC3 feeling. New teams and vehicles with new vehicle graphics, changes to the interface, but no changes to battles, ops or campaigns. Germans vs Soviet.
 Greek Patch George Thanos's Greek Patch
   Individual Maps 
 Op Fubar A mod by mickxe5 that reenacts the final battle of Saving Private Ryan
 Operation Just Cause The American Ivasion of Panama began on December 20, 1989, at 0100 local time. The operation involved nearly 30,000 U.S. troops and over 300 aircraft —including the AC-130 aerial gunship, OA-37B observation and attack aircraft, and the F-117A stealth aircraft and AH-64 Apache helicopter which were both used for the first time in combat. These were deployed against the 3,000 members of the Panama Defense Force (PDF).....
 Operation Market Garden Operation Market Garden is Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far mod.
 Pacific Front A total conversion of CC2 made by Taki: new teams Japanese vs. US & BR, new vehicles, new graphics, new sound file by Mizuchi, new 'Terrain'-file by Mafi. Taki added user created battles to play his mod on original CC2 maps. Later on special PF-maps were created by others mainly converted CC3-Pacific-maps. One additional ops for Guadalcanal is added to the package, but this is not approved by Taki.
 Project Reality The theme of this mod is Balkan crisis 1999 (NATO vs. Serbia). Still in Beta version.
 Real Para 
 Special Forces This mod is for fun only. I'm aware that neither Spetznaz or the Delta Force operated during WW2. SF and SOF teams like Gurkhas, Chindits and SAS operated in other theathers of war in WW2. But units like Commandos (Operation Jubilee - Dieppe) and Rangers (Operation Overlord - Pointe du Hoc) fought on the westfront. Have that in mind.
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