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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Download Profile: CC5_Utah_v1.3_plugin.zip

 Download Profile: CC5_Utah_v1.3_plugin.zip

Made by AT_Dima. This mod will let you using all the units who were historicly on the Utah sector. New units, new weapons and new graphics. Many of the new units are German heavy calibre weapons with stunning sound effects. 4.2" Mortars also added for each side.

Main Changes from Classic CC5

All battlegroups force pools reorganized. Several new BGs added to both sides. Many new teams, vehicles and weapons introduced(many stock CC5 units removed). Much less Panzerschrecks around, much more PzFausts and Faustpatrones around. Much less MG42 for Germans.

New ‘historically correct’ grand campaign. Guns are invulnerable to mortar fire (as in GJS) and much less vulnerable to small arms fire (u need to provide flank/rear fire to take crew down) besides US M1A1/M8 How Packs that had no gun shields. Open-topped vehicles are less vulnerable to mortar fire.... and more

To install, run the EXE file and point it to your plugins folder. Run Config Manager afterwards to install the mod.

Forum | Screenshots | Install Guide

Version: 1.3
Author: AT_Dima
Filesize: 31.95 Mb
Added on: Mon Jan 02, 2006 4:21 am
Downloads: 6212
HomePage: Not Listed
DIRECTIONS: To download the file "CC5_Utah_v1.3_plugin.zip", you may need to retype the displayed passcode, and click the button below. In a few moments you will receive the download dialog or you will be directed to the appropriate site.

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