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Are abandoned vehicles and guns lost or captured?

Lost if Captured


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Anonymous - $100.00

Anonymous - $15.00

Anonymous - $100.00

Anonymous - $20.00

Anonymous - $10.00

Anonymous - $1.00

ZAPPI4 - $20.00

ZAPPI4 - $20.00

__Creeper__ - $10.00

Bazookajoe - $25.00

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Download Profile: LSA_Patch_v60003.zip

 Download Profile: LSA_Patch_v60003.zip

v6.00.03 - May 19, 2021

• Fixed potential crash caused by duplicate weapons firing during airstrikes in multiplayer games.
• Armored fighting vehicles with light damage (damaged, immobilized, or main gun out) are now tallied as ‘Damaged’ on the debrief screen.
• Armored fighting vehicles with light damage must pass a repair check to be recovered and repaired between battles.
• Halftracks, armored cars, and towed guns with light damage are automatically repaired between battles.

v6.00.02 - October 13, 2020

No patch notes released. Reportedly previously reported flickering issues have been fixed.
Launcher Screen updated

v6.00.01 – September 03, 2018

Bug Fixes

• Fixed working folder lock-in.
• Runs in 32 bit to work correctly on Windows 10.
• Fixed a bug that could cause a crash on battle exit.

Features Changes

• Moved options from registry so does not need admin permissions to run (Options are now in a file in My Documents/My Games/CloseCombatLastStandArnhem).
• Smoothed out key scrolling and added WASD.
• UI scaling in battle (requires restart).
• Option to obey DPI or not (requires restart).
• Can lock mouse (requires restart or tab in/out to activate).
• Can scale frontend UI.
• No longer has option for fullscreen, but can run in a borderless window.
• All new saves and custom user battles are saved to a local folder too (My Documents/My Games/CloseCombatLastStandArnhem/Games).

Version: 6.00.03
Author: Matrix Games
Filesize: 80.75 Mb
Added on: Wed Oct 14, 2020 4:16 am
Downloads: 161
HomePage: http://www.matrixgames.com
DIRECTIONS: To download the file "LSA_Patch_v60003.zip", you may need to retype the displayed passcode, and click the button below. In a few moments you will receive the download dialog or you will be directed to the appropriate site.

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