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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Download Profile: Western Front Plugins

 Download Profile: Western Front Plugins

Although there has been an effort to include many British units in WF, the main focus is U.S. forces. So rarity settings are such that there is one rarity setting (summer 1944) when British units show up. In non-rarity play (see scenario maker options), all teams (British, American and German) show up in the requisition screen for selection before a battle.
Also in non-rarity play, indirect fire units such as the Sherman Calliope and Sturmtiger show up (look for INDIRECT FIRE in all caps under "elite, support" in the requisition window). These units are there for fun. You will also have to babysit these units when their indirect rounds are spent, to make sure they keep firing direct weapons such as MGs at the enemy. In rarity play, these units use only direct fire.
You will find a mortar battery (three mortars) for U.S. and German forces, available when rarity is on.
Observers who call in air strikes are in the game too, but there has been mixed reaction to these units from players who have tried earlier versions of WF. Before online play, it might be a good idea for players to agree on whether they will use these teams.
Also, take note that aircraft graphics were added to WF (a first for CC3 and all its mods) through editing of explosion files. The end result is a decreased range of explosion sizes available in the game for regular gameplay (a graphical effect only). Observers can be selected under the command menu in the requisition screen. These teams act like commanders.

Version: 9.10
Author: Zonbie
Filesize: 38.60 Mb
Added on: Sat Aug 21, 2004 10:52 pm
Downloads: 2231
HomePage: Not Listed
DIRECTIONS: To download the file "Western Front Plugins", you may need to retype the displayed passcode, and click the button below. In a few moments you will receive the download dialog or you will be directed to the appropriate site.

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