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TRIVIA: Are soldiers credited for killing surrendered troops?



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  Topic: Picture thread..

Replies: 35
Views: 87692

PostForum: The Mess   Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:32 pm   Subject: Re: Picture thread..
Baing a big fan of operation market garden , I visited the Hartenstein hotel musem in Oosterbeek, Holland , in june 2004. Here are some of the pictures I took there, sorry about the poor quality and blurry shots ahead of time...

  Topic: Mods to be converted to TLD

Replies: 10
Views: 11750

PostForum: Close Combat The Longest Day   Posted: Thu May 14, 2009 8:28 pm   Subject: Mods to be converted to TLD
dday/west front based campaigns, eastern front campaigns, even battle of the bulge have all been remastered for xp/vista , but market garden has been neglected for far too long. I think there are enough fans of the CC series who would love to see a market garden mod for longest day
  Topic: Tactics: AT guns + tanks

Replies: 27
Views: 13684

PostForum: Close Combat Cross of Iron   Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:17 pm   Subject: Tactics: AT guns + tanks
if possible , before the battle starts, deploy AT guns inside a house/bunker,etc. way back from the front line , yet with a good view of the frontline, and issue the ambush/defend command , best to get off flank shots at tanks, unless its a heavy flak cannon.

I wish someone would remake CC5 compatible with windows XP/vista ,I miss it so much
  Topic: Differences in cover from other versions

Replies: 5
Views: 4039

PostForum: Close Combat Cross of Iron   Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:51 am   Subject: Differences in cover from other versions
Are you keeping a commander with large enough radius close to the troops when they take fire? Because even if their experience is good, a squads morale may drop at any second in battle due to a number of reasons , 1 being if they are shot at/bombarded, and so they may panic and do something rather rash like what you said.
  Topic: Possible to get rocket carriers back into the game?

Replies: 7
Views: 4095

PostForum: Close Combat Cross of Iron   Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:38 am   Subject: Possible to get rocket carriers back into the game?
hmmm yes I agree, the rocket carrier for the German side was a bit overpowered in the sense that it wasnt expensive enough , but could destroy just about anything. Sure the damage staticstics are realistic and should stay that way , but its cost should definetly increased. As for giving the Russians an equivalent , it would either be some sort of katyusha truck unit with the same (indirect) fire mode/damage stats as the sherman calliope in close combat 4: battle of the bulge , OR a forward observer that can call in a katyusha barrage directly or indirectly. And thats another thing, there should definetly be more artillery/air force support foward observers in CC3/CoI
  Topic: Differences in cover from other versions

Replies: 5
Views: 4039

PostForum: Close Combat Cross of Iron   Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:08 am   Subject: Differences in cover from other versions
glass houses? nah.. just houses constructed differently , most 'peasant' houses made out of wood will not even stop machine gun bullets, let alone some kind of shell. There are some stone houses(grey walls), but even stone will not stop a continuous barrage of 82mm mortars or a well placed tank shell.
As far as soldiers coming out of cover when under fire , I have encountered this annoying bug too , i guess its the realistic unit behavior in CC trying to say to the soldier, "im in cover but i cant get a clear shot , so ill scoot around a bit and maybe get shot at in the process until i can see the enemy", in short , you deploy a squad inside a house facing a wall , some can see the enemy , this is probbably because half the squad has found holes/windows to shoot out of (invisible to the players eye) , but some are hugging pure wall and dont have x-ray vision. It just a random dice roll I guess , who can shoot out of a house and who cant. General rule of thumb , the larger the squad, the less amount of soldiers will be able to shoot at any given time.

There are some mods for CC3/Cross of iron that feature artillery observers and air strike controllers, sadly I dont recall any in der ost front or gross deutschland, I know for a fact west front and commonwealth summer have these special units to help out your weak shermans combat the heavy panzers. Also poland 39 mod has arty spotters and air controllers for both sides, though you dont actually see any planes fly , their bombs are damn accurate.

oh and about early war germans lacking penetration for t-34/kv's, I noticed even an early war stug has a chance to immobilise/damage, etc. a soviet heavy if ordered enough shots , even if they complain about 'we cant penetrate that armor'. I surprised myself recently in gross deutschland , when my weak and puny 37mm pak'door knocker' shot continuously ( about 20 shells Rolling Eyes ) at a kv2's side, and actually managed to immobilise it!

German side; 41, possible AT power to use against soviet armor :
-50mm PAK AT cannon = if possible, buy this above all else, this is the best chance to take out t34/kv's until heavier weapons come along
-Stug = despite having a weak short barelled 75mm cannon, it still has a chance to knock out a kv if given the opportunity to have enough ammo and place enough shots
- Mark 3 panzer with 50mm short barrel = can work in a pinch against a t34 and a kv if given side shots
- flamethrower teams (best infantry at counter early on)= if given the possibility to sneak up to a t34/kv, a couple salvos can destroy it or make the crew panic and abandon the vehicle. Watch out for those rear MG's on the kv's though! Time the tank/turret rotation for best results
-infantry teams with molotovs/grenade bundles/magnetic mines = effective , but unreliable , as you do not know which soldier in the squad has the at weapon, and they miss half the time. infantry/engineers with explosive charges miss the targeted tank 90% of the time, making the charge go off NEAR the tank, with a chance of immobilising it, or not. Compared to the soviet 14.5mm PTRD at rifle, the panzerbusche 39 at rifle is a lot weaker.
  Topic: map error while playing Cross of Iron

Replies: 2
Views: 2546

PostForum: Tech Support   Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 4:57 am   Subject: map error while playing Cross of Iron
thanks, that did it.
  Topic: map error while playing Cross of Iron

Replies: 2
Views: 2546

PostForum: Tech Support   Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:47 pm   Subject: map error while playing Cross of Iron
When trying to play either the Auv west or Auv east custom maps(converted from CC5 to play on CC3/cross of iron) , it shows an error message that says : "close combat error Rectangle provided was invalid", and crashes back to desktop.
Anyone know what this means or how to get around it? any help would be appreciated.
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