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Do incapacitations count as a soldier's kills?



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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 8:47 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

continuation of the previous post...


In the beginning of the batt;e FJs attacked to recapture the road St-Come-Du-Mont and important Bridge.Yank attacked toward Garisson Barracks .Both attacks succeded...

Another US attack on the Church meets dense MG34/42 defensive fire and 12cm barrage...

Brave and scareless gallschirmajagere recaptured Garisson Barracks!

German counterattacked all over the front! But treacheous ABs killed FJ squad near Church.

And another german squad dissapears in explosion of Gammon Grenade...

US attack toward road to Vierville wasstopped by fallschirmajagere who acted beyond call of duty and repulsed 2 simultaneous attacks from different direction....

...w/o loosing 1man!!! Twisted Evil



Full scale US attack toward Strong Point H-15 and road to to Auvelle-Sur-Le-Vey caught grenadiere of III./1058./91.LLD completely by surprise....as only sMG42 and PzSchreck covered that approach...

Batallione commander ordered to move PaK40 and MG42 to stop american advance...right in time!

PaK40 KO Stuart with first shot.

Results, III./1058./91.LLD is out of supplies.


FJ attacked toward Cathedral and further to capture road to St-Come-Du-Mont.

12cm mortars suppress defenders...

...and the ASSAULT begins!

All paratroopers annihilated!!! Cathedral is OURS!!!!

Another house taken after bloody assault....

but on western flank of Carentan front all is not so good...ABs attacked toward block of houses, annihilated MG42....

and proceeded toward road to Auvers. FJ tried to stop them...but failed...

In the very end of the battle fallschirmagere captured the road to St-Come-Du-Montdespite hvy defensive fire from surrounding buildings Razz .

Results of the turn:

So ends the 3rd day of the Battle of Contentin Peninsula...
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Rep: 11.7

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2005 2:28 pm Post subject: 06.09.44 Reply with quote


06.00 in the morning the war between AT_Dima and AT_Red_Scorpion continues...

pushed back the AB in monteburg still keeps the krauts busy. dima isnt letting me go anywhere, and still in lack of heavier support than zooks and 60mm mortars im not yet able to break the tide.

grenadieres supported by befehlspz 39H 736(f) and gun takes 2 story building close to road vl azeville.

keeping zooks on ambush waiting for dima to get uncareful. befehlspz 39H 736(f) goes up in flames.

flak38 gets too close for my taste, and zook hands out card of death

lone commander of befehlspz 39H 736(f) still alive, providing to be a tough target for rifle team.

as too often, no ground gained. attacks being countered. still another gun and light tank down. Wink

or "battle for the gun battery". the ost795 battlegroup is stuck in the gun battery. the AB waits outside. dima asked me will it be human wave? i told him, it wont, it will be tsunami...

calm before the storm...

15 units in a bunker isnt a easy task to handle without and strong support such as guns or naval.

however strong the AB is they are seriously outgunned wherever they try to attack. not even gammon and tnt seems to do the job as i see my wall of armed to the teeth killas perish from maxim and ppsh.

georgians take chance of breaking out but god forbid! im prepared for such and AB counter attacks

rifle team retaking bunker.

with only 1 command team left in bg... morale failure, the AB start to surrender... cowards! the osts have now picked up the weapons of the dead paras :mur

engineers make another assault into building and i hope for heroism. still totally outgunned with 5-6 teams still left defending bunker.

either i reinforce next turn to get guns to flush the georgians out, or i come up with some better tactics.

1057/91 escapes GB onslaught in merderet to secure supplies through amfreville. thanks to bugs dima is somehow furnished with ammo and fuel in battle despite not yet having taken road vls. rrrrr :angry1

mortar barrage takes out pak40

pathfinders secure ground down south and rifle teams comes to fortify new front.

not much of a battle. :zzz

chef du pont,
the battle weary AB is still up against the brutal FJs in chef du pont. no matter what i do this is a battle i cant win. 12cm mortars make my stay totally impossible.

taking a little ground in north to take road vl to vierville

12cm shells torment my every move

AB isnt supposed to be here clearly

exposing my hotel du pont by sacrificing so many men by vierville road, the FJs gather up for a total assault. i run 2 teams to counter, and 12cm mortars just blow the men up... not even the wooden ruins of du pont hotel can provide any cover from these giant detonations.

time to leave this map... Crying or Very sad

to be cont...

Ceci tuera cela
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Rep: 11.7

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 1:18 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

final two battles of 9th morning round.

st come du mont,

amassed to take western location.

area was empty as far as i saw, and as it was too troublesome to shift forces eastwards dima accepted my offer for truce.


airborne in war with eachother.

schreck duelling a zook in western carentan. called upon airstrike to hurt the schreck teams!

massive infantry assault on city hall. the AB defends with gammons and everything they have.

rushing my reserves to counter the deadly FJs

killed all teams in city hall and lost all i had. my last mortar team took care of final 2 FJs in area but didnt manage to recapture flag before timer stopped

end of 9th AM turn.

Ceci tuera cela
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Rep: 0.1

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2005 5:00 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

me neither !!!
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 11:18 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

09.09.44. 14 o'clock


2/8/4ID attacked II/919/709GD.
Main attack was toward the road to St.Pierre Eglise.
Grenadiere failed to stop attack,took losses and retreated.

Results of the battle:

Lost 1 PaK40,destoryed 1 M3A1 HT and M4.

3/508/82AB continue it's desperately with glorious II/921/243GD.
Red tried to take 2stry building from the very beginning of the battle by means of 2 Assault Squads and 1 Recon team.But grenadiere were waiting for abs-flanking fire of 2 MG34 and 2 8cm mortars stopped that pathetic attemt.

Abs lost faith in their commander and began to surrender Twisted Evil .

grenadiere attacked toward road to Mederet.

Red called for A-26 airstrike to stop victorious grenadiere!!! Shocked

After the smoke has dissapeared 1 KIA Grenadier and 1 immobilized H39 was reported Very Happy.Grenadiere continued to push forward.

Last Bazooka team was annihilated and Marder IIIM captured road to Mederet.

Results of the battle:

to be continue with Azeville...
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 10:19 am Post subject: Reply with quote

continuation of the previous post...


Spaher of the 795.OST spotted tanx comming to reinforce ABs so it was oredered to remnants of the battalion to retreat.
Small rear guard remain in Gun Battery bunker to give their last battle.

Abs assaulted from all directions under smoke curtain and covering fire of 2 75mm How and 1 Stuart.

Georgians fought fearless but forces were unfair...

Results of teh battle:


Grenadiere of the I/1057/91LLD slowly push abs of the 1/507/82AB off the map.
German main attack supported by 2 Ft-18(c) was toward the Hotel. That area was defended by several US squads that were annihilated.

Losses: 1 Ft-18(c).
Results of the battle:


1/12/4ID attacked fallschirmjagere of the I/6FJR that successfully defends Chef-Du-Pont against countinuos enemy attacks.
Red's main attack was toward Hotel-Du-Pont supported by 2 Stuarts,1 Dozer and 1 M4A1. M3A1 HT was destroyed on the street by merciless 12cm granatwerfere.

Advancing Stuart was stopped by single shot of PaK40.

Results of the battle:


2/22/4ID pushing III/1058/91LLD toward Carentan...

Americans attacked throught the field under cover of 2 M5A1, 1 Dozer, 1 M4, 1 57mm M1.Flak36 destoryed 57mm AT gun.

Command M4 is KO by FlaK36 Twisted Evil

M5A1 is busted by Pak40!

Losses:1 FlaK36.


ABs and FJs fought for the road to Auvers.

Finally FJs managed to take the VL!

Abs retreated from Carentan.

End of 09.06.44 results:

to be continued...
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Rep: 11.7

PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 3:44 pm Post subject: 10th of June 1944 Reply with quote

hostilities on western front commences anew!

14PM: 8/4 engages enemy in St. Vaast-La-Hougue

attack on centre and north, infantry with tanks

lost three tanks in exchange for 3 guns!

6AM: 4th Cav Reacon moves into Monteburg to relieve GB that sustained horrible casualties constantly outgunned and unable to achieve a break through!

despite horrible losses in stews and infantry we still kill 2 marders and achieve objective of cutting german support off!

14PM:. the german battlegroup has been exchanged for another one with supplies, but it faces serious problems with the reacon teams going for the kill!

light guns and ad hoc infantry defends the church and northern vls.

the allies encircle and destroy the german forces along with their 2 Pak35/36

operation was succesful!

6AM: 507/82AB continues to hold out in the ruins of Amfreville.

the road to St Saveur is being heavily assaulted by german vets, but the USAF strikes with lightning!

the german attack has faded

14PM: the airborne fighting perhaps their last fight before reinforcements

fought mainly in the bocage around the merderet road area

as in history, the allies have a terrible hard time advancing through the bocage!

6AM: 12/4 continues its push into enemy territory of Chef du pont, laying in the hands of german Fallschirmjager

objectives were simple, church and crossroads vls, within allied grasp and an important juncture for further fighting!

at end of battle both objectives were reached.

14PM. the battle against the FJs continues!

both objectives, road vl and bridge in east were met early on, and tank and infantry continued to press killing späher team. schreck team however nailed the tank, and i dropped my A-26, but it didnt do its job! meanwhile a schweres ripped through the ad hoc and rifle teams advancing along west hedge.

realising i could press in the centre too i started moving up suppression and infantry move up. tank got nailed by other schreck, but was hunted down and killed and more buildings were taken.

14PM. the now rested gilder battalion of monteburg defends against incursion actually from monteburg by bg escaping from encirclement by reacon BG.

german infantry has amassed behind hedge and my howitzer cant reach it, and my assault is deadly exposed to 2 IGs providing support. my attack is stalled eventually

the results

14PM: St Come-du-Mont. no screenshots available. meeting vs FJs were 12cms immobed my tanks and i got pushed back basically to starting point Mad

14PM: Carteret. 22/4 attacking into Carteret.

the assault begins from north. tanks supporting infantry helps kill at least 1 schreck and pak40, Schweres and some infantry

a pleasing result only possible thanks to tanks! Wink

that, gentlemen, was all the fighting of 10th of June 1944.

Ceci tuera cela
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 3:20 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Overall results on 10.06.44, 2pm.

Last edited by Dima on Sat Nov 19, 2005 12:08 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 7:12 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

11.06.44, 6am.


US Cavalry unit entered Valognes and II./922./243.GD was ordered to commit counter attack.

Grenadiere met strong resistance and took hvy casualties. Flakpanzer and 3 StuGIIIG were sent out to support attack.

Yanks loose positions 2 Stuarts destroyed! But Flakpanzer was KO by trecherous bazooka and StuG40G was destroyed by US air mission.

Keep pushing kameraden! Another StuG40G was KO by bazooka!2 other immobilized.Damn these hedge battles Sad .



II./921./.243.GD escaped from US glidermen leaving only small rearguard.


I./1057./91.LLD was ordered to defence against overhelming hordes of US paratroopers .

Grenadiere prepared to meet attackers

First wave of attackers repulsed!

Counter attack began despite enemy light resistance and air mission!

Grenadiere attacked Hotel Amfreville held by group of yanks.


III./6.FJR defends w/o supplies against 1st/359st/90thID.

FlaK36 KO Sherman at first shot at 689m.

American attack continues despite of hvy casualties.

Another Sherman tried to cross hedge and was KO by PAK40!



III./1058./91.LLD defends against combined armour and infantry attacks of 4th US ID.

Americans start battle with hvy suppression fire provided by several Shermans and 1 Stuart.

US Infantry sustained hvy casualties but took Bishop Rectory with support of tanx. Stuart was KO by FlaK36.

US planes missed FlaK!

Grenadiere counterattacked toward road to La Varimesmil annihilating US engineer squad. But were stopped by HMG(survivors reported water cooled 30cal on hvy tripod).

Tankdozer tried to flank FlaK but missed...FlaK didn't Twisted Evil


overall results by 1pm, 11.06.1944.

to be continued...
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 1:42 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

11.06.1944, 2pm.

St.Pierre Eglise,

2nd/8th/4thID with support of 15-20 tanx attacked I./729./709.GD .

Yanks tried to steamroll german defence bringing 6 Shermans on battlefield, but brave grenadiere were rdy for that and deployed ATGs wisely.

M4 received 7.5cm PzGren39 hit! Next shell blasted it to hell!

Tankdozer is KO by side hit of PaK38!

DD Sherman is KO by HEAT rifle grenade deployed by glorious grenadiere! Prior to that one more M4 was destroyed by Pak38.



4th Recon retreated and 3rd/39th/9thID took it's place on outskirts of Valognes to attack III./739./709.GD.

US infantry with support of several M4A1 tanx attacked toward Chateau defended by one grenadiere squad. Shot from StuGIIIG destroyed Sherman!

Despite 8cm mortar fire and glorious actions of grenadiere americans took Chateau.

StuGIIIG was ordered to stop enemy breakthrough from Chateau but got immobilized by dense hedge Evil or Very Mad.

Red felt StuG was immobilized and move out Sherman to finish it. But he wasn't awared of PaK40 covered the road!



Battle of Amfreville continues, envolving same units: I./1057./91.LLD and 1st/507th/82ndAB.

Grenadiere lack of active-bayonnetes after several days of non-stop actions so everyone goes to front lines Sad.

Meanwhile ABs receive reiforcement and have guns and sev M10 now, so they decided to make full scale attack.But they didn't expect 8.8cm FlaK to barrage them with mighty HE shells.

Enemy make their way on left flank so reserves were taken from rite flank to support defence.

8.8cm HE shell fragments wipe out AB M8 how pack crew as this gun doesn't have gunshield.

Yanks r met! PzSchrecks and 88 fire inflicted hvy losses on enemy.


to be continued with Auvers...
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 2:22 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

...continuation of previous post.


1st/12th/4thID attacked depleted II./6.FJR.

Tanx and Half Tracks advance under hvy 12cm mortars fire.

PaK40 shot 3 times at Sherman but either missed or shells bounced off(wrong angle of impact). M4A1 was more lucky...

M7 provided hvy supporting fire.

FlaK36 immobilized Sherman.American infantry assaults Chapel de Auvers

Brave Spaher team KO Sherman that tried to capture to Pont L'Abbe.

Ziel Netraliziert!

Brave but stupid Sherman tried to outduel FlaK36 Twisted Evil .

Another Sherman became a victim of PzSchreck!

Despite of hvy losses in infantry and tanx americans captured Chapel de Auvers and 2stry building next to it.



III./6.FJR defends w/o supplies vs 1st/359th/90thID.

Red concentrated 2 Shermans and 1 Stuart next to Cabbage Patch to support attacking infantry.In the very beginning of the battle they destroyed FlaK36.
But neither Red nor his troops knew that gunner Alteweiwer covered that area with his PaK40 with support of PzSchreck team.
Shot! Kaboom! Sherman dissapears in clouds of smoke! Whistle of rockets coming and Stuart explodes!

Another shot and one more Sherman is destroyed!

Red ordered M7 to destroy PaK40...but Alteweiwer was prepared!

American attack is stopped!!!

hvy casualties were inflicted to enemy Twisted Evil

Meanwhile Red called in an air mission upon brave Alteweiwer(who became personal enemy of Red by then Razz ) and KO PAK40.

Fallschirmajagere counterattacked and got all the lost ground back.

Our attack to capture road to Auvelle failed...



III./1058./91.LLD defends against 2nd/22nd/4thID.Both w/o full supplies.

Totally outgunned and outnumbered grenadiere still manage to provide local counterattacks!

but forces r too unfair...

M4 destroys 2cm FlaK38

R-35 is KO by successfull US rifle grenade and americans attacked at full scale.

PzFaust KO M4!

Despite fierce defence american tanx virtually drove into Gendarmerie. Carentan is lost Crying or Very sad


overall results on end of 11.06.44.
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Rep: 11.7

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 5:54 pm Post subject: Reply with quote


hostilities reported from west front, reported by Allied commander!

St. Pierre Eglise

6AM. attack continues!

infantry attack To Bois du Goudray VL, but heavily guarded by grenadiere!

14PM. dima's ambush tactics pays off well this battle.

GzB39 knocks out 2 tanks in 30 seconds and i cant even see where he is firing from.

the team is hiding by the destroyed Flak it turns out!

too many tanks go up in flames as i try to push with full force, being unable to clear out every hedge and house by infantry! pioneere throw TNT on my approaching men...

and result is a nightmare, despite map is virtually mine!

Bois du Goudray,

6AM. 39/9 attacking into the heavily fortified Bois du Goudray, defended by 739/709

the bocage area is defended well, by an able commander. i run into small ambushes immediately!

veteran scouts assault Chateau du Goudray butchering the grenadiere holding it!

stuart is knocked down by french tank, but attack resumes!

first BIS tank is taken out as it displays its flank south of house!

later in battle, 2nd BIS is knocked out!

14PM. the attack continues...

with a strong armour movement through wooden areas, with support teams.

engineers toast the remains of Pak38 crew!

pleased with results, as i am able to fend off a last minute counter attack in the north, apart from loosing control of Chateau du Gourday! the most succesful part of attack was KOing both Flammer BIS without them even killing an allied soldier!!! Twisted Evil


6AM. the 358/90 continues its attack into Valognes.

as main threat here to allied advance on this map is StuGs, i decide to set up a defensive line of 57mm guns, and bait the germans with a M7 halftrack.
the krauts take the bait, and my 57mms KO a Stug, Flak halftrack and 2 Pak40s at out set of game. then dima realises the threat, and takes out first gun. i try move gun over hedge to get LOS on 2nd StuG, but StuG sees it and the 57mm refuses to turn in the thick hedge, and is KOed too.

a sherman goes down the drain too, but in the end the result is a success with merely 1 StuG left!

14PM. hostilities resume in the afternoon after lunch break!

infantry assault along northern houses, supported by M5A1!

last StuG is knocked out by 57mm as it tries manouver in the open terrain!


6AM. this bloody map is giving the AB a great deal of pain; along with St Come du Mont its the mapwhere the allies have suffered the worst losses. however, the grinding machinery of attrition is wearing the krauts down to Schrecks and MGs and heavy Guns. dima is forced to use his precious AT units against my infantry!

the attack is spearheaded on the Chateau building, under a heavy smoke screen!

despite the power of a howitzer to suppress house, mortars and a mg makes mince meat of my troops!

things starting to go real well, first schreck is killed by infantry attack! nades and bayonetts!

USAF is called upon, but does a lousy job! however, infantry continues to kill a 2nd hero schreck!

at this point a third schreck is killed, and tanktrap VL is in allied hands!

14PM. Amfreville under continuous assault. germans without supplies, cornered!

in previous battles, dima placed his Flak36 south by crossroads, inflicting heavy casualties on me, but

this time i was prepared and had 57mm ready for it!

Chateau is retaken!

situation is clearing up for allied troops, but still lots of fighting to be done.

Pont L'Abbe,

6AM. the 1/6 FJs are under attack by armoured 357/90!

12cm mortar do their job stopping assault by immobilising and totally screwing 4 tanks!

the bait, aka M7 Halftrack, is immobilised, but reacon spots schreck team in field, and its finished off by tank on north flank!

14PM. the attack continues!

heavy mortars and schrecks! death in abundance for allied soldiers!

the blood runs in the green grass...

little progress... but i will turn the tables soon!


6AM. II/6 FJ still defending Auvers in morning! last Flak is destroyed by barrage and 30cal HMG!

12cm mortars and schreck makes this path to victory strewn with corpses...

14PM. german sends in reinforcements, 38/17SS as FJs were out of guns, and running low on schrecks!

the infantry is stopped by mortars...

and 2 StuGs are knocked out by tank and ATG, yet 2 guns are lost!

2 more StuGs immobilised on hedges, later i found out 1 of them was gone. dima lost 40% of his StuGs in

1 engagement! Very Happy

St come du mont,

6AM. i am not going anywhere here. despite FJs are out of supply, they put up a wall of defense.

attrition is still working well, and they are down to 1 gun and 1 schreck.

in afternoon i asked for truce as i ran out of ideas here...

end of 12th of June 1944

Ceci tuera cela
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Rep: 87.3
votes: 16

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 6:25 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Overal results by the end of 12.06.44:

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Rep: 11.7

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 1:36 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

give us day 13, dima!

Ceci tuera cela
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:22 am Post subject: Reply with quote

great reports! cant wait for next
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Rep: 5.1
votes: 2

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:30 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Dont hold your breath while doing so Wink
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Rep: 11.7

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:29 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

yah this gc has been dropped in favour of a fresh TRSM v097 one. Which should also appear in AAR format any day now.

Ceci tuera cela
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Rep: 63.1

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:46 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

RedScorpion wrote:
yah this gc has been dropped in favour of a fresh TRSM v097 one. Which should also appear in AAR format any day now.

Darn it Mad , this was good fighting and I enjoyed the AARs and especially
all the pics... Thanks :Cool .

Sports Freak/ CC Commander/ Panzerblitz Commander
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